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We just had to have a celebration cake to say well done for his Nomination for Volunteer Of The Year.

Wonderful to be recognise for all the time and effort he spends with the Amber Community counselling and supporting people affected by road trauma and address the attitudes and behaviours of road users through education.

Fabulous Ian, all the best from your Rotary family for November 15th where the achievers for this award will be announced.
CONGRATULATIONS PRESIDENT IAN Peter Kavenagh 2024-04-27 14:00:00Z 0

Mental Health - Cassie

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Was the topic of our Speaker presentation and we heard from health professional Cassie McColl.

Cassie graduated from Deakin Uni has a Bachelor of Nursing with Post Graduate studies in Mental Health. She has worked In an Acute
Inpatient unit for 6years also on a Community Psychiatric health team which included Children and adolescent mental health and was also the Senior Psychiatric nurse at Barwon Prison. What an amazing resume for someone so young.
Cassie was introduced by President Ian and throughout her presentation the passion for what she does shines through.
Cassie spoke about the different areas of Mental Health that is mostly caused from a chemical imbalance in the brain, causing issues like
• Anxiety disorder
• Depression
• Bipolar,
• Schizophrenia,
• Eating disorders,
• Disruptive behaviour
• Dissocial disorders.
Mental Health - Cassie 2024-04-27 14:00:00Z 0

Days for Girls Program

DAYS FOR GIRLS: one of Bayside’s long-standing programs.
Over ten years or so, RCBG has produced 1552 kits for distribution to underprivileged communities around the globe.
At a value of $20/kit that would equal $31,040 going out into the world.
What is the value of a better education due to being able to attend school while menstruating, to help defuse the stigma and shame the girls often feel, to improve their health education and to develop their own sewing enterprises.
Days for Girls Program Telsa Stubna 2023-10-23 13:00:00Z 0

District Governor Ian McKay Visit

story thumbnail
What a great District Governor visit on Tuesday night.
As you all saw Ian is a very friendly man who cares very much about clubs big and small. He also was impressed with how friendly and welcoming we all were to himself and wife Sherril. Thank you, AG Chris, for making the time to spend the night with us also.
We welcome you all back whenever you have the time.
Well, I think we managed to spring a few surprises on the night.
Congratulations firstly to Brian Burch on receiving a letter from Rotary International President Gordon McInally in recognition of over 40 years of service to Rotary. Well-deserved Brian, with many more to come.
Secondly congratulations to Judy Eyles on receiving her Sapphire Paul Harris Pin. You are a tireless worker who just gets it done, thank you Judy.
Lastly but by no means least, Jo White. Not sure where to start. Jo, not sure if ever slowing down is in your blood, your energy and enthusiasm is never ending. What you do for our club, its members and especially me is above and beyond. I thank you very much. Your work over a long time certainly makes you a most worthy recipient of The Royce Abbey Award. Congratulations and well-done Jo.
How nice was it to welcome Cath Murphy into Bayside.
Cath is a lovely, caring, and friendly person who will enhance Bayside Geelong in all our projects.
Cath is very passionate about the environment and will be a great help to Aileen, I’m sure.
It was great that her partner Colin was able to make it to Cath’s induction.
Welcome to Bayside Cath.
District Governor Ian McKay Visit Peter Kavenagh 2023-10-09 13:00:00Z 0

President Ian

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Ian's Whereabouts with Organ Donation and Road Trauma

I have been asked to let the club know what I have been up to as far as some speaking engagements I have been doing and some coming up in the next few months.

On Monday the 11th Oct. I went to Melton to speak at a road trauma seminar for Amber Community where there were 8 offenders, then this Thursday morning I was asked to accompany Luke Elliot to give a presentation to Corrections Victoria on behalf of Amber Community to help the case workers there understand what we do so then they can follow up after their clients complete our seminars.
Then that night we did another seminar with Luke as the facilitator and I was the lived experience speaker, at Eastern Hub in East Geelong. There were 9 participant’s that night.
I was able to have my daughter-in-law sit in as an observer as she wanted to see what I did. She is also a police officer, so it was great to get her feedback after the seminar. I will also be going to Laverton this coming Monday night for another seminar.
I think after that I may have a little break until, in November I’ve been asked to speak at Parliament House in Melbourne to a few hundred people at a Remembrance Service for people from all Emergency Services, Politicians and many people who have lost loved ones through road trauma. Quite nervous about this one.
President Ian Peter Kavenagh 2023-09-18 14:00:00Z 0

Natalia Proshchenko

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What an interesting presentation we had on Tuesday evening from Natalia Proshchenko.

Natalia is from Ukraine and has many family members living near the front line of the war with Russia.
We heard about Natalia’s Ukraine. It is the second largest country in Europe after Russia.
It’s favourite holiday pastime is painting eggs, and Natalia said that is where the tradition of egg painting started.
She shared with us the beauty of pre-war Ukraine and a few photos after.
Ukraine had the first University in Eastern Europe, with 47% of woman and 36% holding university degrees.
Also- Read how a Rotary club provided modular housing to a Ukrainian family that lost their home.
click here

Natalia Proshchenko Peter Kavenagh 2023-09-11 14:00:00Z 0

Lese Oalai Update

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Classroom Development Project in Lese Oalai, Gulf Province, PNG.
The committee continue to wait to obtain accurate numbers of students enrolled at the school and daily attendances so these can be added to the Business Case.

The latest 40’ container of educational materials etc. was shipped to Port Moresby, PNG, by DIK Geelong.
The Australian High Commission in Port Moresby have awarded a Direct Aid Project to our Lese Oalai program to fund the conversion of the container into a library at the school.
The container arrived at the LO Village on August 25th. Students from Lese Oalai, Kavi and Kaea Primary Schools and their teachers were present to receive the container and put on a special performance.
The villagers worked to prepare the foundations in readiness for the container. (See photo below)
Lese Oalai Update Peter Kavenagh 2023-09-04 14:00:00Z 0

Daryll Webb Story

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Daryll started his training to become a Marriage Celebrant in 2004 and his application was approved.
Then because of restrictions in the number of Celebrants in one area at one time, his full application was finally approved in 2006, after applying to the Attorney General with 2 references.
Since that date he has performed 109 Weddings, 5 naming Ceremonies, and 4 Renewal of Vows Ceremonies.
He then became a Council of Churches Chaplin in 2015, and in 2021 Daryll added to his training and became a VCC Emergency Ministries Chaplain, and an Ambulance Victoria Chaplain, Attending Relief Centres, after floods, fire, and tragic accidents supporting SES workers.
He attends Municipal Emergency Meeting with the Geelong Council.
He is a member of the Pandemic Influenza Sub Committee and Deputy Chairman of the Relief & Recovery subcommittee.
Daryll Webb Story stu 2023-07-24 14:00:00Z 0

Story Dogs

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What a great night Tuesday night.
How good was it to again meet Vanessa and meet Sally and cute little Baxter.
What a great program they are running.
The benefit to those year two students that are lucky enough to be selected could change their lives.
All of us at Bayside should be very proud that we support Story Dogs.
How cute is Baxter’s little jacket.
Who doesn’t like a cute puppy story.
Story Dogs Peter Kavenagh 2023-07-10 14:00:00Z 0

What does the Rotary Club do?

Someone asked this question once and this is how Jack Matrow, Ellinwood Rotary Club of  Ellinwood , Kansas responded
The time was February 10, 1997 but you will have to click on Read more to find out.
What does the Rotary Club do? Peter Kavenagh 2023-07-04 14:00:00Z 0

Welcome President Ian

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Welcome to New President Ian,
Over to you
Welcome to my first message from Pres.
I hope everyone is well as there is a lot of sickness going around at the moment.
Thank you again to Jo for her hard work that she and her team have put in over the last year.
Continuing from last Bollard, I would also like to thank the End Trachoma team for their efforts.
Just one hurdle to overcome now, the freight to get it to N.T.
Welcome President Ian Peter Kavenagh 2023-07-03 14:00:00Z 0


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I have heard it said, what is trachoma?

It is an infectious eye disease that is caused by the bacteria Chlamydia that can lead to blindness if untreated.
Australia is the only developed country in the world that it still exists, and it is so easily treated by
  1. Education campaigns like End Trachoma and
  2. Good hygiene, washing hands and faces regularly, using clean towels and face washers.
To help stop the spread, educating people why they shouldn’t be sharing these items.
So, when each member of the family has their own special bag it can make a difference
To find out what Bayside is doing click on Read More
Trachoma Peter Kavenagh 2023-06-26 14:00:00Z 0

Judy's High Tea

A Fund raiser for Cancer Research
This event went very well, with the support of so many of the members, thank you everyone.
Special mention to Rick Brown for joining Ian and helping transform the hall into a garden, with borrowed plants from the Wesley Church Garden.
Thanks to Keith Fagg and "Stewie" the caretaker at the church for helping with our hall decorations.
We had a very successful day raising approx. $2000+
Judy's High Tea Peter Kavenagh 2023-05-27 14:00:00Z 0

Donate For Life

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Donate For Life in Kerang

I was on a zoom meeting with our DG last Sunday afternoon and he mentioned that I was going to speak at the Kerang Rotary Club this coming week.

Opps, I had forgotten to put it in my diary. Then had a call from Sid at Kerang. Shirley and I headed off Thursday morning following Mrs Google through parts of Victoria I never knew existed, but she got us there. It was a combined meeting of Kerang Lions and Rotary Clubs.
We meet a lot of very friendly people, and we were treated like the King and Queen for the night. The Donatelife talk went quite well and we signed 2 new donors and checked 8 more.
We were invited around to a lovely lady Irene’s home on Friday morning to see her craft work and her beautiful garden.
Shirley is apparently going to attempt to knit a Scarf out of second-hand Teabag strings, and I left with a jar of homemade Quandong Jam.
Thankyou Kerang for a great time.
Donate For Life Peter Kavenagh 2023-04-26 14:00:00Z 0

CoGG Composting - Lara

Our Green Queen Aileen informed everyone that last Saturday was the second session of the Protect the Plant Project program.
This month was at the COGG Composting site in Lara.
What a very interesting morning discovering where the contents of our Green Bins go too, after the truck does its fortnightly pick up at your home.
The first stop is to be sorted, yes, I said sorted, I couldn’t believe that my grass clipping and cutting were in need of sorting.
Unfortunately some people don’t understand that glass, plastic and fish don’t qualify for green waste and as they say if it doesn't grow, it doesn't go!
After sorting it then can be delivered to the compost making facility.
CoGG Composting - Lara Peter Kavenagh 2023-04-14 14:00:00Z 0

Christ Church Free BBQ for the Needy

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Our Christ Church Free BBQ for the needy was on Monday and work commenced at 3pm, thank you team for giving your time and making a difference to some less fortunate of our community.
We feed about 60 guests with many seconds and take-aways as well.
It felt good to be able to offer extras and not run out of supplies.
Jan, Ruth and Bayside members also ate, and we were each given a chocolate heart from Jan as thanks
Christ Church Free BBQ for the Needy Peter Kavenagh 2023-03-19 13:00:00Z 0

Where do peoples problems start - Lauren  Salajan

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We were very fortunate this past week to have Lauren Salajan as our guest speaker with the topic of WHERE DO THE PROBLEMS START, referring to some of our young people at present.
Lauren is a Cyclical phycologist, and at present working with primary school aged children, 5-13 years of age.
Many questions and comments through Q&A time and it was obvious the passion that Lauren has for her work.
A delightful young mother of 2 herself, Lauren understands the daily balance of work and family.

Some of the issues these children have is Depression, Lake of Resilience, Obsessions and Suicidal Tendencies.

I can remember at that age all I was interested in was having fun feeling safe in my home and knowing I was loved.
What has happened?
Where do peoples problems start - Lauren Salajan Peter Kavenagh 2023-02-27 13:00:00Z 0

The Fyansford Paper Mill Tour

story thumbnail
What a lovely way to spend a Sunday morning.

Thank you, Telsa, for organising the Fyansford Paper Mill Tour for our members.
I think we all enjoyed hearing the stories and wandering through this remarkable place.
Fabulous, so much information about the beginning and the end of the life of the paper mill, when it was closed and production move to Fairfield. 
We heard about the part it played throughout WW2 and the community it is today.
Casual eating plus winery and restaurant.
The Fyansford Paper Mill Tour Peter Kavenagh 2023-02-27 13:00:00Z 0

Update on Lese Oalai

Dr John also provided an update on Lese Oalai in PNG which is supported by our Rotary Club together with Rotary Club of Geelong and Torquay and now others in Australia.
Lese Oalai is in the gulf province of PNG and gets remarkably wet.
Lucy Loko whose family comes from there and is involved with their culture with a relation who is the supreme chieftain of the village and was the chief interpreter with the Fuzzy Wuzzy angels in WWII.
The school has no classrooms and most lesson are done under a tree.
It was established in mid-20th century and has no windows, supports have fallen and the community does not have the finance to rebuild.
They have 6 pit toilets to cater for 1000 children which is not enough and provides no privacy.
The project is replacing the pit toilets with composting toilets and an adequate water supply.
The Rotary club of Manly NSW and Taylor Bridge Qld have taken up the challenge.
He also spoke about a water project to bring water to the village and school with a cost of US$300000.
The classrooms are going to be in kit form by builders in PNG.
Click Here for more details
Update on Lese Oalai Peter Kavenagh 2023-01-23 13:00:00Z 0

Dr John Oswald - Interplast

Ian introduced our speaker Dr John Oswald from Interplast
He is an anesthetist and does marvelous work with Interplast and has done over 24 overseas trips to assist those in need.

Dr Oswald titles his presentation “Repairing Bodies and Rebuilding Lives”

John said most of the trips had been to Indonesia, PNG, Fiji, and Vanuatu.
Interplast provides reconstructive surgery, nurses, and teaching.

Most teams consist of plastic surgeons, registrar and nurses and result in good relations between the country and Australia.
His Interplast journey began in 1983 when he visited Fiji.
He saw children with cleft palate which in Australia would have been treated at birth but had remained untreated.
Dr John Oswald - Interplast Peter Kavenagh 2023-01-23 13:00:00Z 0

Christmas Time

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Ariston House Christmas Break Up

So pleased to say the rain held off and we were able to have a very successful Ariston House Christmas party once again.
This has been a regular item on our fundraising calendar for many years now and we always seem to have some fun while we are kept very busy.
Dan received a call from Ariston House on Thursday to say how pleased they were with the outcome, and “where do we purchase out hamburgers”, because they are delicious.
All the “party guests” enjoyed the day, and the beautifully decorated Christmas muffins looked so good with the red and green icing, thanks to the decorating elf, Aileen, great job! they went down a treat with the children.

Christmas dinner and More

Christmas Time Peter Kavenagh 2022-12-13 13:00:00Z 0

Luke Elliot

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At this week’s meeting we were fortunate to have Luke Elliot with us reporting back for the road safety conference he attended in NZ with the help of Bayside and Bellarine North Rotary clubs.
Chairperson Ian Aranyosi introduced Luke, inviting him to share the information he brought back from the conference.
Luke spoke about some very interesting facts about road safety from a South Australian study that was done recently.

54% of road deaths are with just a single person in the car.
80% involve speeds over 100k.
30% have no seat belts. (that surprised me)
And 22% involve drugs.
Luke Elliot Peter Kavenagh 2022-11-28 13:00:00Z 0


As he is a little housebound at present, Peter Kavenagh joined us on Zoom for some important information about Cyber Security.
Peter introduces us to a Westpac site that gives good information, when you are face with the question, scam, or not scam, how do we know sometimes?
Go to this link and answer 5 simple questions, you might find it will help you the next time you are a little concerned with that “interesting” email .

Peter also suggested going to You Tube to see that sometimes the scammers don't win.

The Angriest Scammer I ever called”, it shows how angry these scammers get when the tables are turned against them.
Its worth watching!
SPAM Peter Kavenagh 2022-11-28 13:00:00Z 0

Insurance Night

It was a small but very enthusiastic group of members at the last meeting night at the Naval club.

Chairperson Telsa introduced our guest speaker for the night, Insurance District Chair & president of the Rotary club of Geelong Central, Don Shields. Telsa thanked Don for taking the time out of his very busy life to spend a few hours with us and take us through the Insurance Guidebook.
Seems, we as a club do ok in this area, as we do the right thing regarding club insurance and information that needs to be delt with quickly. I think we have Telsa, Peter K, Dan and Daryll to thank for that. Well done guys.
Insurance Night Peter Kavenagh 2022-11-21 13:00:00Z 0

Trivia Challenge Night

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Our amazing, Miss Judy and Friends of Bayside, Anne & David Cotsell were in fine form, producing a fun packed evening.

With a wonderful selection of questions that David organized, and with a fabulous amount of silent auction items that is Anne’s domain, we were set for a great night raising funds for our community.
We have to thank our supporter for the evening, making for a very interesting auction, plus a big thank you to PDG Stephen Lamont for taking on the job of Auctioneer this year, he kept the bids rolling in and also kept us all laughing, even our Man of the Moment, question man David.
Trivia Challenge Night Peter Kavenagh 2022-11-17 13:00:00Z 0

Remembrance Day

This week’s meeting was all about remembering, as Remembrance Day is this week, and we wanted to mark the occasion by sharing stories, and I have to say we heard some wonderful stories of loved ones past and some still with us.
We traveled across the world from PNG to Borneo and then to Egypt France and Normandy, and not forgetting Hungary Italy & Darwin.
Remembrance Day Peter Kavenagh 2022-11-17 13:00:00Z 0

Dept of Justice and Community Safety

This week we had the pleasure of listenint to: 
Madonna Morton, Acting Deputy Secretary, Corporate Governance and Support.
Michelle Wood Executive Director of the West Area
Paul Fitzpatrick, the Assistant Deputy Secretary of Justice Service in Victoria.
The Topic was  “Issues on Housing for People leaving prison”

Justice Services is the part of the Department of Justice and Community Safety that looks after people who have left prison.
There are 11 Public Prisons and one transition centre; 3 Private Prisons in Victoria, with 6,600 people currently in prison consisting of 6,300 men (95%) and 300 (5%) women (at a peak there is around 8,200 people in prison)
Dept of Justice and Community Safety Peter Kavenagh 2022-10-24 13:00:00Z 0

Story Dogs

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Our Guest Speakers Karen and Vanessa from Story Dogs. The ladies joined us with the beautiful little King Charles Spaniels Poppy and Libby.
The Story Dogs Mission is to make reading fun for children, so they become confident lifelong readers.
No child should be left behind in literacy.
Formed in 2009 in northern NSW, Story Dogs has expanded to now be operating in six Australian states, partnering with 224 schools, with 374 volunteer Dog Teams helping over 1880 children every week.
Their purpose is to help primary school children (aged 7 - 10) learn to read.
Story Dogs Peter Kavenagh 2022-10-10 13:00:00Z 0

Another Bunnings BBQ

story thumbnail
Although very wet and windy the Bunnings BBQ went ahead as planned.
Not too many people around in the morning but the happy band of campers kept it all going well with a welcoming smile to those that did venture out.
I heard BB decided to go for a walk and fix the problem that is always there on a wet day, the gap between the to gazebos.
Coming back with his purchases of a roll of plastic and fixings, went to work to make it a dryer environment for all. I heard it worked well.
Then Aileen decided she had stood in water far too long, so another trip inside returning with a mat to stand on, well done team.
The sun came out in the afternoon and the PM team reported that it was slow but constant, but on a positive note, gave a little extra time for cleaning.
Not too sure that is a good idea Ian with shoulder surgery coming up again on Thursday, but I’m sure the next team will appreciate the shinning surfaces.
Another Bunnings BBQ Peter Kavenagh 2022-10-06 13:00:00Z 0

Visit to Transfer Station

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Well as they say a change is as good as a holiday, so this week our 6.45pm mix & mingle prestart to our meeting, was replaced with a 9.30 am start at the Transfer Station in Druro St North Geelong, better known as The Tip.
We were all there bright and early including past member Robin Hunt, and friend of the club Bev Burch.
All in our very attractive, high vis jackets ready to meet our tour guide, Greg Price.
Visit to Transfer Station Peter Kavenagh 2022-09-26 14:00:00Z 0

Rationalisation - Leslie Shedden

story thumbnail
What is Regionalization?
Lesley answered the question for us.  It is about a restructure to better inform people what we do in the community.
How interesting it is that we all seem to be on the same page.
We all understand that people (the community) just don’t seem to get who we are. Ask the question who or what is Rotary and even today people will answer the question. It’s a men’s club for older wealthy business owners. It is not!
Although everyone will see a group of men and women of all different ages cooking sausages at Bunnings to raise funds for their community every weekend.  
It is a lot more. 
Look at this website.
   Look at Shelterbox
   Look at Days for Girls
   Look at our Annual Reports
   Look at the Stories Menu item
Lesley’s presentation was easy to follow, and most members had comment of agreement not too many questions, as all was explained well. Thank you, Lesley.
Find out about Rotary International
Find out about our District
Rationalisation - Leslie Shedden Peter Kavenagh 2022-08-29 14:00:00Z 0

Charles Brownlow Retirement Village visit

story thumbnail
This week was Social Tuesday, and we went for a visit to the new Charles Brownlow retirement village in South Valley Road Highton.
How appropriate to name the village after one of Geelong’s favorite sons
What a beautiful place, it is a Ryman Healthcare property and they made us all very welcome while showing us around.
The centre has been open for 2 years and the last stage is nearly finished. Lovely 2-bedroom home, independent living apartments and then medium and high-level care.
So, something for everyone.

The residents are all involved with knitting Yuri bears for children in Ukraine.

Charles Brownlow Retirement Village visit Peter Kavenagh 2022-08-15 14:00:00Z 0

District Governor Visit

This week we had DG Kathy, AG David Sykes and PDG Phillip ,join us for a dinner meeting, along with friends of the club Susan & JT Paulley.
The Board had a quick meeting with Kathy first, great to get to know her and we were given so many wonderful ideas regarding community projects and membership.

During the meeting Cathy spoke about her journey in Rotary and what her club and District 9780 have been doing to help our friends up north in Lismore.

District Governor Visit Peter Kavenagh 2022-08-08 14:00:00Z 0


What an interesting meeting we had this week.
District Chair for Shelterbox Peter Kavenagh, was invited along to speak about this fabulous program. Shelter is a human right and the first step towards recovery after a disaster.
Sometimes projects like this start by one person saying, “There has to be a better way” and that what happened. The first deployment was to India after an earthquake, and Shelterbox was originally always packed with the same items.
Now it has been refined to the needs of the people receiving them and the situation of the disaster they are going to.
Where once was sleeping bags, now is ground cover, where once was a solar light now there is a solar light with charging abilities for a phone, how clever is that?
Every disaster is different and so is every community, so they spend time with those affected to make sure they can offer the right support at the right time to help them recover

Shelterbox Peter Kavenagh 2022-07-25 14:00:00Z 0

Donate Life - Ian Arayyosi

story thumbnail
We also heard from Ian Aranyosi District Chair for Donate Life.
This week is Donate Life week, but as Ian said, every week should be.
We need to make sure firstly we are personally registered.
So many times you hear the reasons why people are not registered the most common is
1. I am too old, No, you are never too old, so let the doctors make that decision.
2. Everyone is registered on their drivers licence, No, that was when it was done by state, when it went national so many were lost from the data base, so you need to make sure you are registered.
It takes a simple check with your Medicare card. Waurn Ponds Shopping centre have very kindly let the team set up an information table, at no charge, to meet the people and make those quick checks.
Did you know, at any one time there are 1,850 people on the transplant waiting list. But this is only the tip of the iceberg – there are 13,000 people on dialysis who could benefit from a transplant.
Donate Life - Ian Arayyosi Peter Kavenagh 2022-07-25 14:00:00Z 0

40 Years of Service - Brian Burch

First board meeting for the new year was held face to face and at the Great Western hotel this month. 
Nice to be able to chat over an early meal before our regular meeting at the Naval Association at 7.30
We covered reports from all and made some positive decisions, a great start to the new year.
A nice surprise for member PP Brian Burch with a letter of congratulations from Past International President Shekhar Mehta to commemorate and celebrate Brian’s 40 years of Rotary Service.
40 Years of Service - Brian Burch Peter Kavenagh 2022-07-04 14:00:00Z 0

Days for Girls

Posted on Jun 14, 2022
Aileen chairperson for the night welcomed Telsa to talk about the Days for Girls Program. 

Telsa said that the program began by Celeste Mergans in USA.
She found that in most African countries when most girls menstruate, they are shunned by their community and not attend school and they are not aware of the dangers to their health and wellbeing.

So, she designed a girls hygiene kit that can be used by teenage girls at the time of menstruation.
If is important that the kit contains material that is strong, and reusable once washed and uses very little water to clean. Over 2.5 million girls in 144 countries have benefited from the kit.
Days for Girls Peter Kavenagh 2022-06-13 14:00:00Z 0

Green Night

Posted on Jun 06, 2022
story thumbnail
Wow, what a fabulous night that the Group 9&10 environment team champions put together on Monday night.
From the minute that you walk in the door the fun began with a wonderful way to find your table, “pick a herb” we were told, so all the thymes, mints and the rosemary’s sat together, meaning that there was a wonderful mix of club members meeting each other.

Our Green Queen Aileen was very successful with her Bee Houses, she with the help from Rick made one for each table, 10 in total, and first in could purchase it for $25 each, Bayside profit from them was $250 to add to our Ukraine Seed Selling day at Westfield Shopping centre.
Rick Brown was a little excited about having to help make 6 more bee houses as Aileen took orders for those that missed out, so total being $550, fabulous effort to the Browns, and if anyone has any spare hand crème, I’m sure Aileen would appreciate it, apparently bamboo can be hard on the hands.
Green Night Peter Kavenagh 2022-06-05 14:00:00Z 0

Larissa is Back - RYLA

Posted on May 24, 2022
story thumbnail
Larissa thanked the club for allowing her to go to RYLA.

It was lifechanging. Now think more about different topics.
Each day had reflections on leadership and every reflection went back to the learning on the first day when they arrived at Kangaroobie and to RYLA.
She shared that they had a catch-up last week in Ballarat where they shared presentations that they had made to the Rotary clubs.
Each day began with a 7:45am breakfast and then seminars and activities throughout making it a full day.
Larissa is Back - RYLA Peter Kavenagh 2022-05-23 14:00:00Z 0

James Harrison - Graham Hobbs

Posted on May 10, 2022
story thumbnail
This week we were fortunate enough to have Guest Speaker PP Graham Hobbs join us, sharing his knowledge about Invertor, printer, journalist, and Mayor of Geelong in 1854-1856 James Harrison.
What an interesting man he was.
But as Chairperson Ian made comment, Graham must come back at some time and share the Life of Graham, he is involved with and very passionate about so many things.
James Harrison, being one of them, and yes, we have a bridge named after him.
James was born in Scotland in 1816 and had a life of extraordinary achievement.
Harrison invented refrigeration, and as Graham said, can you imagine today not being able to have a cold beer?
James Harrison - Graham Hobbs Peter Kavenagh 2022-05-09 14:00:00Z 0

Dr John Birrell Police Awards

Posted on Apr 26, 2022
story thumbnail
On Tuesday evening we had our annual joint project with the Rotary club of Bellarine North, the Dr John Birrell Police Awards.
What an inspiring evening, PDG Phillip Beasley open the evening with a toast to Rotary International and the Victorian Police.
We heard from last year’s recipient of the $3000 donation, Luke Elliott from Road Trauma Support Group. Senior Sergeant Sean Drew spoke about the achievements of Dr Birrell and the many lives that have been saved because or the introduction of seat belts and the .05 campaign.
Acting Superintendent Peter Nicholls informed us about the current road policing, and Senior Sergeant Craig Stevens introduced us to this year winner of the award, Leading Senior Constable Geelong Highway Patrol, Rob Nuske.

Rob’s father, retired Senior Sergeant Colin Nuske, also joined us, and it was an emotional presentation from Rob while excepting his award as he spoke about the enjoyment of the job he does
Dr John Birrell Police Awards Peter Kavenagh 2022-04-25 14:00:00Z 0

Kelly Taylor - Geelong Youth Engagement

Posted on Apr 05, 2022
story thumbnail
What an interesting speaker we had this week.
Kelly Taylor from Geelong Youth Engagement join us and shared what this remarkable organisation is doing here in Geelong.

GYE is the umbrella organisation with The Geelong Kokoda Youth Program and Spring Back. 
All areas engage with young people from 17 schools in the Geelong region, and helps young people work through challenges they are facing in their lives.
The reason for disconnection can include truancy, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, suicidal tendencies, self-harming, anti-social behaviour, or family violence.
Kelly Taylor - Geelong Youth Engagement Peter Kavenagh 2022-04-04 14:00:00Z 0

Larissa Dixon - RYLA

Posted on Mar 29, 2022
We heard from Larissa Dixon our RYLA participant for April 2022.

What a remarkable young woman, and I feel we are very fortunate to have Larissa and her parents Glenda & David involved with the club.
Larissa is in her third year at Deakin Waterfront campus, studying Digital Communications.
She also has an internship with Social Media Tribe, I was so impressed when she stated, they weren’t advertising, but I called them anyway and applied. Love it!

It is very apparent that Larissa is a caring sharing and positive person and will enjoy her week at RYLA.
A comment from one member, she will be running RYLA in a few years, and I would suggest, if she wanted too, she would.
Larissa Dixon - RYLA Peter Kavenagh 2022-03-28 13:00:00Z 0

District Conference 9780 - Port Fairy

Posted on Mar 19, 2022
What an amazing District Conference last weekend.

Some stand out moments for me was Port Macquarie midwife and registered nurse Louise Harper working with the Humanitarian organisation Australians for Women's Health.
Louise spoke about the dreadful situation with young mothers to be, usually birthing their children at home and the problems that this creates.
To put it in perspective, to lose a mother in pregnancy in Australia is rare, it's about six per 100,000 births.
District Conference 9780 - Port Fairy Peter Kavenagh 2022-03-18 13:00:00Z 0

Wantoks - Lucy Loco

Posted on Mar 08, 2022
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Lucy is a member of the Geelong Rotary Club, of DIK Rotary Geelong 9780, Fundraising & Campaign Coordinator Rotary Interplast Australia Committee, Rotary Passport Club of Melbourne, Associate member PNG Wantoks Group of Victoria, Papua Woman’s Group and Founder and President of the Peter Nathan Loko Foundation PNG.
John, a member of the Rotary Club of Torquay has been involved with helping less fortunate countries with 24 trips with Interplast since 1992, (three to PNG, 2 to Fiji, one to Vanuatu, two to the Philippines and 16 to Indonesia (East Kalimantan, on the Island of Borneo. John was awarded the Order of Australia Medal for services to Anaesthesia in 2011.
He has done so much more, so John with Lucy certainly have the expertise to complete this current project regarding the social situation in Lese Oalai the needs of the people, the solutions and how to achieve a school plus teacher accommodation.
Building of composting toilets, providing water to the school and the community and the continuation of supplying educational items through DIK. It’s a very large project with the approx. cost of $500,000.
It will change so many lives for the better, and through education will change the next generation.
Wantoks - Lucy Loco Peter Kavenagh 2022-03-07 13:00:00Z 0

Bunnings BBQ

Posted on Mar 04, 2022
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The BBQ this week was a hot affair, well the weather was very uncomfortable with very high humidity.

We, as always managed to have a successful day and enjoyed each other’s company.

Thank you to new friend of Bayside, Susan Paulley for being part of her first Bunning BBQ and I learnt from Susan and Aileen, that a crust is not a crust? so I ask you, when is a crust a crust?
Members, Aileen Brown, Ian Aranyosi, Telsa Stubna, Andrea Patterson, Judy Eyles and FOB, David White, volunteered to be part of the day and as always Peter Kavenagh organised the day plus had to be forced to leave after setting up, but soon returned to help with the afternoon shift, just no stopping this man! Well done everyone, great job.
Bunnings BBQ Peter Kavenagh 2022-03-03 13:00:00Z 0

Donations In Kind

Posted on Feb 22, 2022
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This week we were pleased to have Rotarian Ewan Urquhart from DIK join us with some interesting information about Donations in Kind.
Ewan spoke about the history of DIK. In 1993 with the FAIM team that travelled to locations with building materials and the differences of today, with containers filled with items for many different locations such as, Fiji and PNG supporting displaced people, natural disasters, villages with no amenities, poor or no water supply, schools, and hospitals equipment.

A typical wish list from communities is long, from medical equipment to brooms and mops, and DIK endeavour to fill all those needs.
Donations In Kind Peter Kavenagh 2022-02-21 13:00:00Z 0

Freshwater Fire Brigade

Posted on Feb 15, 2022
We once again visited our friends at the Freshwater Creek Fire Brigade.

We have enjoyed a few visits over the years and its always good to hear how the club is getting on.
Matt the fire chief gave us a demonstration for the new hose drying tower. If the hoses are not dried out correctly, they can rot, previously the hoses took a week to dry as they were laid out on the ground, now they take a couple of days depending on the weather.

The guy’s shared information about the safety of fire extinguishers, which ones to use for what kind of fires, and how important it is to have a fire blanket in your home, but also how to use them correctly.
It was an interesting presentation and finished up inside with a Q & A session from the members while we all, firemen included, enjoyed a
delicious supper supplied by the members and friends.
Freshwater Fire Brigade Peter Kavenagh 2022-02-14 13:00:00Z 0

Organ Doner Campaign

Posted on Feb 15, 2022
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On Thursday and Friday this week our Donate life champion, Ian Aranyosi, went to meet the people of Bannockburn. Explaining the importance of becoming an organ doner.
A successful day with many more registrations, I’m sure.

Well done Ian and helpers Telsa and Judy E.
Organ Doner Campaign Peter Kavenagh 2022-02-14 13:00:00Z 0

Shannons Bridge

Posted on Feb 08, 2022
We had a guest speaker from Shannon's Bridge, join us, it’s a charity and volunteer run organisation which helps connect patients and existing palliative care services and supports.

Palliative care is specialist care for people living with incurable and life-limiting illnesses with the primary goal of quality of life. It involves a team approach with a focus on managing symptoms and helping the family unit adjust from the idea of treatment being used to cure their loved ones.
But there is so much more than that, if you would like to hear more from Jeremy McKnight speak about his journey with daughter Shannon with her end-of-life care, click here
Shannons Bridge Peter Kavenagh 2022-02-07 13:00:00Z 0

Days For Girls

Posted on Feb 01, 2022
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Team Leader Telsa report to the board this month that the team has been busy preparing more kits for PNG and was happy to receive a photo from Lucy Loko of some of the young women that received their DfG kits from the last shipment that was sent.
It’s always good to see who receives those beautifully made packs and understand the difference it will make to their lives.
Also Telsa is in the process of working on the possibility of a new project for the ladies of Lese Oalai, of supplying sewing machine to start their own businesses.
The DfG working bee is held on the first Monday of the month at the St Bernard’s Clairvaux Hall in Fryers Rd Highton. Give Telsa a call if you feel like joining the team, everybody is welcome. New member this month was friend of Bayside, Diane Webb, I hear she enjoyed her day,

More information about this very important project can be found here.
Days For Girls Peter Kavenagh 2022-01-31 13:00:00Z 0

Plastic Bottles Recycle

Posted on Feb 01, 2022
Blue Plastic bottles and bags are being recycled into asphalt mixture to produce roads that are kinder to the environment and, manufacturers claim, longer lasting.

The process involves making plastic pellets from bottles and bags that would otherwise be destined for landfill sites.
The pellets are then melted into the asphalt mix to act as a binding agent.
It has been reported it makes the end performance of the road much greater and it replaces part of the bitumen in the mix, that's the fossil fuel. Another great thing regarding Blue Lids, we all know how many different colour blue there are, and they take so long to sort.
Not anymore, All the blues go together, that I’m sure will save so much time.
Save Your Plastic
Plastic Bottles Recycle Peter Kavenagh 2022-01-31 13:00:00Z 0


Posted on Jan 25, 2022
We enjoyed an interesting joint meeting with RC of Geelong Central on Monday evening and had the opportunity to try a new meeting location at the same time.

A presentation regarding our fundraising drone expo from Linda Carr and Gary Robertson from Geelong Central and Peter Kavenagh and myself, with a lively discussion and question time afterward.

We will be following up on this presentation with a walk through of the Beckley Park area on Monday 7th at 5.30.
Drone Peter Kavenagh 2022-01-24 13:00:00Z 0

Welcome to new year

Posted on Jan 18, 2022
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With all the wonderful warm evenings we have been experiencing lately, how disappointing to have a cool breezy one for our social get together last Tuesday evening at the White House.
I don’t think it put a damper on the evening, filled with great food and good company & good conversation.
Thank you to all for the wonderful salad selection and oh my goodness, those fabulous desserts, and a bonus, I was guaranteed they were all low calorie.
It always makes for a special night when we have our partners and friends of Rotary attend our social functions. Sharyn & John Faulkner attended along with Bev Burch. PP of Corio Bay RC Deb Furlan, Alaine Kavenagh, Jan Berry, David Patterson, PDG Philip Beasley and David White.
All have supported the club over the last 12 months either at BBQ, Day for Girls workshops, the Garden Party, or the Trivia Night.
Welcome to new year Peter Kavenagh 2022-01-17 13:00:00Z 0

CoGG Christmas

Posted on Dec 16, 2021
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Thursday this week we catered in a very different way for COGG.
Over many years the COGG family Christmas Party has been our largest fund raiser of the year until recently, when covid brought about some restrictions, so it was so nice to be back there even in a smaller way.
The team did a wonderful job, thank you to Peter K and Dan for organising the trailer.
The cook team, Judy E, Peter K, and David White, and the serving group, Diane, Andrea, & Aileen, made sure everyone was looked after well.
We received many thank you and compliments for a delicious lunch. Good job all
CoGG Christmas Peter Kavenagh 2021-12-15 13:00:00Z 0

Gift Bags for Christchurch homeless

Posted on Dec 07, 2021
A get together last Saturday was held to fill all the Christmas gift bags for Christ Church

Thank you to everyone that contributed to the day. The packing team, to our Shoppers, Shirley Marendaz, Aileen Brown, Ian Aranyosi, and Peter Hynes.

A special thank you to Craig from KFC for the Bucket of Chicken vouchers that were put into every bags
Great job everyone!
Gift Bags for Christchurch homeless Peter Kavenagh 2021-12-06 13:00:00Z 0

Fresh Water Creek New Truck

Posted on Dec 05, 2021
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Thanks to Brian and Telsa for organising a fun BBQ and bonfire last Sunday and giving us the opportunity to see the new fire truck. We have been supporting Freshwater Creek fireman for quite some time. It was interesting to see how they handle the equipment when there is a fire.

The new truck has all state-of-the-art equipment, and I learnt something about the different hoses they have on the truck to fight different fires. For a grass fire the hose they use has tiny holes all over it, so it doesn’t catch on fire.
I suppose that is common knowledge, but I thought it was very clever.
Fresh Water Creek New Truck Peter Kavenagh 2021-12-04 13:00:00Z 0


Posted on Nov 30, 2021
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On Sunday we had the lid sorting day at Aileen Browns home, thank you so much to the Browns for making us all so welcome in their lovely home.
Thanks to members Rick & Jan Berry, Telsa Stubna and her two beautiful grandchildren, plus, Andrea Patterson, Shirley Marendaz, Ian Aranyosi, and Daryll & Diane Webb
Aileen was officially crowned the Green Queen by Andrea Patterson on the day, as Aileen heads up all our Seventh area of Focus, Supporting the Environment. Always great to put fun in what we do.
At Tuesday night meeting we were fortunate to have Thomas Anderson from Replas join us. Recycling is high on the agenda for us all these days, so it was an informative presentation.

Recycling Peter Kavenagh 2021-11-29 13:00:00Z 0

Donate Life Awarness Day

Posted on Nov 28, 2021
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Our Donate Life Day was very successful at the Waterfront Market on Sunday.
Thank you to Geelong Central Rotary Club for allowing us to set up an information table at their Sunday market and speak to the community about the importance of organ donation.
Ian Aranyosi brought along his Sprint Care dressed for Donate Life and it created a lot of interest from the public, and children enjoyed jumping in the seat and having mum’s and dad’s take photos.
Donate Life Awarness Day Jo White 2021-11-27 13:00:00Z 0

Perseverance Pays Off

Posted on Nov 27, 2021
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Third time lucky
We all celebrated as the Bayside Trivia night finally went ahead on 19th November 
Oh, what a night
Thank you to our Terrific Trivia Duo, Judy Eyles and Anne Cotsell and their team, for the wonderful effort and perseverance for the Bayside Trivia Night.
It would have been so easy to have pulled the pin with so many lockdowns from June to November. But they made it happen with 165 Rotarians family & friends joining us for a fun get together.
Quiz master David Cotsell, kept us on our toes with a multitude of questions, some easy some hard, but all fun, thank you David.

Perseverance Pays Off Jo White 2021-11-26 13:00:00Z 0

District Governor Visit

Posted on Nov 23, 2021
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Tuesday evening, we were delighted to have Assistance Governor David Sykes and District Governor John Clue join us for our social evening at the Taste of Philippines restaurant in Bell Park. John spoke about, Rotary in the past, where it is today, and moving forward, what we can look forward to.
We have all learnt to adapt over the last 18 month with covid, it has also brought with it some good changes. There is now no restriction on where a club visit is located and who and where our guest speakers are from. The Rotary training programs have become so simple, being online and as time is one of the things, we are seem to be short of, you can attend in your own time night or day. John finished his presentation with a video releasing district conference in March 2022 in beautiful Port Fairy
District Governor Visit Peter Kavenagh 2021-11-22 13:00:00Z 0
Trivia Night rescheduled again to 19 November 2021 Peter Kavenagh 2021-08-26 14:00:00Z 0

Clean Up Australia Day

Posted on May 02, 2021
It’s been a great week, with a good balance between helping out with our community project, Clean Up Australia Day, and our fish and chips lunch.
Thank you to members Judy Beasley, Judy Eyles, Telsa Stubna, Aileen Brown, Andrea Patterson, Peter Kavenagh, and Friends of Bayside, Anne Cotsell, Cheryl Storr, Greg Storr and Brian Mundy for joining us at Rippleside park and foreshore to collect rubbish.
Lots of laughs and rubbish photo’s (thanks Judy B), and club photographer, Andrea Patterson, did a brilliant job catching all the action.
We had a perfect day to be out and about, cleaning up the park and foreshore area.
And, then a little reward of a fish & Chip lunch at the Boat House afterwards.
Well done everyone, great effort.
Clean Up Australia Day Peter Kavenagh 2021-05-01 14:00:00Z 0

Catch  Up with Jane Myers

Posted on May 02, 2021
Bayside member, Jane Myers this week, all the way from Uluru.
Jane was working in the area with indigenous families and thought she would try to join the meeting on zoom.
Sadly, finally got on and it was too late and we missed her, maybe next time Jane, but what a beautiful office you have.
Jane was telling me about a breast screening activity for August Sept and Oct that she is involved in, and there is a request to find a donation of ladies’ socks for same....
Jane will be travelling to remote communities as part of a support team, and she would like to know, are we interested in supporting this project.
I think it sound like a very interesting and a simple project.
Jane will be sending more information about it.
Catch Up with Jane Myers 2021-05-01 14:00:00Z 0

R100 - Relay for 100 years in Australia

Posted on May 02, 2021
As we all know we will be celebrating on Sunday March 21st 100 years of Service Above Self in Australia.
The official start of the northern relay will start in Lara, and continue to Corio Bay, Geelong West, Geelong, Bayside Geelong and Geelong East, Rotary Clubs.
The two chosen members from each northern club will be in a 100year old, Classic Car supplied from the Western District Historical Vehicle Club and will enjoy the ride to Christ Church Hall.
Bayside will start with a BBQ lunch at the Play space in the Gardens, where past Youth Exchange student Connor Brown will than carry the baton to East Geelong Rotary club.
Afternoon tea will be served and open to all members family and friends of Rotary to enjoy, plus the WDHVC members will be joining Bayside members for afternoon tea. That should lead to some interesting conversation.
It’s going to be a fun day with our Rotary Family.
R100 - Relay for 100 years in Australia Peter Kavenagh 2021-05-01 14:00:00Z 0

Lucy Loko's Collection for School children in PNG

Posted on May 02, 2021
Member Judy Eyles, happen to mention, “Lucy’s Project” to Friend of Rotary, Anne Cotsell, and this is what happened, a very large plastic tub to goodies for the children appeared.
Thank you, ladies, very much.
There are two areas to contact here, The Schools with the information letter, plus asking people you know for help.
The list is printed below of items needed.

Children’s back pack as well as School stationeries i.e., Exercise books, pencils, erasers, rulers, colouring pencils, colouring texta’s, Shapes, objects, colours, signs and symbols, diagrams, numbers, alphabet letters.
Lucy Loko's Collection for School children in PNG Peter Kavenagh 2021-05-01 14:00:00Z 0

Work Place Visit at Fort Queenscliff

Posted on May 02, 2021
Another great evening spent together enjoying a Work Place Visit at Fort Queenscliff.
Twenty-four members partners and friends gathered at the fort at 6pm, where we were met by our guide who explain the workings of the fort in the past and today.
Interesting fact were shared regarding, when the fort was built in 1860, how the first shot in WW1 was fired from that location, also, the part the fort played in mail deliveries at that time to the Western part of Victoria.
We heard about tea dances at the weekend in the drill hall for some relaxation for the solders, and to meet the lovely ladies of Queenscliff, to a cannon fire demonstration in 1988 that broke all the window around the parade ground and left a few VIP being blown from their seats, but so much more as well.
Today the fort is the military record centre for Australia. Up until 9 -11 the fort was open to the public to come and go as they pleased, bringing picnics to share overlooking the bay, but as many things did, unfortunately that has changed now.
Thanks to Telsa for organising this great evening, well done.
Work Place Visit at Fort Queenscliff Peter Kavenagh 2021-05-01 14:00:00Z 0

Garden Party

Posted on Mar 02, 2021
What a team, and what a great day we all had on Sunday.
The Garden Party was a great success and was fabulous working together the RC of Geelong Central, bringing it all together and raising the sum of $2000 + for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.
Garden Party 2021-03-01 13:00:00Z 0

Youth Exchange Rebound Student

Posted on Feb 22, 2021
The Rotary Club of Bayside Inc. would like to recognise the amazing contribution made by Conor Brown.
He received the below certificate recently recognising his contribution to a successful exchange in Germany.
He has taken to Germany what it is like to be Australian.
He has brought home the knowledge of what it is like to live in Germany with some understanding of what it is like to be German.
This knowledge he will take with him and disseminate for the rest of his life.
Youth exchange is about finding out and understanding cultural differences while living a dream! 
Youth Exchange will continue Next Year (2022, Covid willing) 
Youth Exchange Rebound Student Peter Kavenagh 2021-02-21 13:00:00Z 0

Movember Trivia Night

Posted on Dec 08, 2020
A great night was held on Friday 27th to have some fun and raise
some money for a very important cause, Men’s Health.
We had a few Mo Bro’s on Zoom plus some Mo Girls as well, doing their bit. Trivia questions, raffles and auctions.
Final amount raised hasn’t been confirmed yet but the total will be a few hundred dollars.
As soon as the numbers are in, they will be printed in next week’s Bollard. Well done and thank you to some of the guys that stopped shaving for a month to spread the word about men’s health.  
Thanks everyone for helping to raise money for MOVEMBER.
The final figures raised from Members, Family and Friends was $775.00, and a large part of that was raised by Mick Toohey, member Telsa Stubna son- in- law.
Well done Mick. As you can see Mick had quite a beautiful beard happening there, but shaved it off to raise $540 for men’s health,
Great effort!
Movember Trivia Night 2020-12-07 13:00:00Z 0


Posted on Dec 08, 2020
Our Raffle was drawn on Tuesday 1st December.  Thank you to everyone that supported it and help raise the money needed for our community projects.

The winners were:
1st Prize Winner: Simon Empson ticket # 98 - $250 voucher from Jewellery by Sergio
2nd Prize Winner: Lisa Davis ticket # 8 - $250 voucher from Chris Kelly Car Service
3rd Prize Winner: Brett Coleman ticket # 310 - 7piece Comforter Set
4th Prize Winner: David Schorback ticket # 180 - Jamie Durie Bamboo QS Sheet Set.
5th Prize Winner: Diane Lauder ticket # 373 - Handmade Children’s Quilt
6th Prize Winner: Ian Aranyosi ticket # 464 - 3piece Canningvale Towel Set
7th Prize Winner: Peter Hynes ticket # 393 - Kitchen Cannister Set
8th Prize Winner: Aileen Brown ticket # 215 - 12-piece Lustre Glasses set
9th Prize Winner: Willow Aranyosi ticket # 54 - Nail & beauty Set
10th Prize Winner Lauren Salajan ticket # 267 - Aerial 21inch Tennis Racquet

All winners will be notified by Raffle Link - The Monster Raffle raised $1653.75 well done everyone.
CONGRATULATIONS 2020-12-07 13:00:00Z 0


Posted on Nov 17, 2020
Michelle's presentation regarding all areas of Foundation was very informative.
Without foundation the final push to end polio, wouldn’t be possible.
Michelle explained that Rotary members have contributed more than $2.1 billion and countless volunteer hours to protect nearly 3 billion Children in 122 counties from this terrible disease.
Today polio remains endemic only in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
But we need to continue because if eradication efforts stopped today within 10years polio could paralyse as many as 200.000 children each year.
Anthony mentioned how wonderful it was to be part of administering the vaccine himself to children in India while he was on a Friendship Exchange.
It makes members small weekly donation seem very worthwhile, but also to know in a small way we are part of the big picture of eradicating Polio.
Foundation Rick Berry 2020-11-16 13:00:00Z 0

End Polio Now

Posted on Oct 11, 2020
Please click on this link to see the latest update on Polio
See what you can do to support the world wide campaign to end its existence on this Planet
View this video
End Polio Now Peter Kavenagh 2020-10-10 13:00:00Z 0

A Can for the Needy

Posted on Oct 03, 2020
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A Can for the Needy in September was completed with the delivery of over 400 cans to the Salvos for distribution to Geelong's homeless.
This project involved four drop off points where people were encouraged to purchase a can or two extra with their shopping and to drop off those extras.
This came about because the Salvation Army are spending so much of their charity money on accommodation for the homeless leaving them somewhat short on food.
As a result Bayside Rotary Club took up the challange of finding lots of food with the September drop off.  
Thanks go out to any of you who were generous enough to add to that pile of cans.   
It is all appreciated
A Can for the Needy Judy Eyles 2020-10-02 14:00:00Z 0
Monster Raffle!! 2020-09-30 14:00:00Z 0

Zone 8 Conference

Posted on Sep 30, 2020
This is just a quick update to encourage anyone who might have missed the Zone 8 Conference.
I would like urge you to click one this link and have a look at some of the presentations that have now been uploaded to the internet.
Zone 8 Conference Peter Kavenagh 2020-09-29 14:00:00Z 0

Philippines club mobilizes  

Posted on Aug 21, 2020
It didn’t take long for members of the Rotary Club of Makati West, Philippines, to act once the COVID-19 pandemic reached their country.
Shortly after the local government announced the first case of the virus in January, the club called a series of emergency meetings and mobilized a fleet of vans to get frontline healthcare workers to their facilities during a shutdown of public transportation. Read more
Philippines club mobilizes Jo White 2020-08-20 14:00:00Z 0
A Good Story Jo White 2020-08-10 14:00:00Z 0


Posted on Jul 21, 2020

Change, they say it is not something we all enjoy but there is not too much we can do about it at the moment, just embrace it and learn to handle things differently.

And sometimes change can be a good thing, it can force us to think outside the square, and not to rely on doing the, same old same old.

Because of Social distancing, we cannot run our, money raising BBQ, so what can we do? Raffles seem to be a good solution to start with, quick snappy and all members involved.

This is our first $5 a ticket raffle, only 200 ticket will be sold, great chance of winning. If you would like to purchase a ticket, please get in touch, contact details are on this page.

Raffle Jo White 2020-07-20 14:00:00Z 0

Catherine Eagleson - Puzzling Mental Health Initiative

Posted on May 26, 2020
Peter Welcomed Catherine
She is chair of Australia Rotary Health (ARH) for this district.
It was created to fund SIDs
ARH  has has funded $45 million in research and General Health since 1981.  
ARH now has current programs in Mental Health 
Mental Health costs Australia up to $20 Million a year and will affect over 50% of Australians at least once in their lifetime
Since she had left her job she discovered that she liked and could do crossword puzzles and as a result in 2004 set up the Clue Detective
Puzzle Agency and has an online portal to promote it.
It contains Crosswords, Copewords, Cryptograms, Sudoku and Trivia Quizzes.
Each Membership to the Clue Detective of $59 a year through our club will attract a donation of $11.80 to Australian Rotary Health and a donation of $11.80 to Bayside RC.
To join click here
Catherine Eagleson - Puzzling Mental Health Initiative Peter Kavenagh 2020-05-25 14:00:00Z 0

The Mallacoota Fires

Posted on May 12, 2020
After silencing everyone Rick and Aileen started the story of their Christmas in Mallacoota where they were surrounded by the massive fire now known as the Mallacoota fires.

They travelled there with their son Conor who is our Exchange Student Along with a niece of Aileen’s who was out from Ireland visiting.
There were two other children but they were off to a Music festival and intended to join them later.
The Mallacoota Fires Peter Kavenagh 2020-05-11 14:00:00Z 0

Ian Aranyosi’s Story

Posted on Apr 28, 2020
story thumbnail

Organ Donation

As an Introduction to Ian he was invited to present as he is passionate about organ donation.
Sadly Ian’s his wife Heather was involved in a car accident about 12 months ago and was faced with these options.
Ian began with a conversation he had with his wife some time before about organ donation and reflected on her statement that she wanted to be an organ donator, if the chance presented.
She want to hold the exception of keeping her eyes as she explained “To keep an eye on you buggers while I am up there”!
It was a conversation that no one really wants to talk about it, as it is a bit like insurance and funerals.
Ian now thinks it was extremely good to have had his experience (with organ donation) and now understands the recipients side as well.
If you are interested then go to this site and register.
Ian Aranyosi’s Story Peter Kavenagh 2020-04-27 14:00:00Z 0

Second Zoom Meeting

Posted on Apr 07, 2020
In my want for 100% meeting I am claiming that for this meeting. It is 100% the two small execptions are the two health pro’s not appearing.  They not only have a good reason but also our thoughts go with them in their jobs.
Peter opened the meeting with some discussion around whether we have a motion on the books related to our donation.
Since there is no evidence of the same then a motion was moved to donate $2,000 to the cause.
See previous Bollards for information around sky hydrants.
We then talked about social media and its use along with Face book and how we can use it at this time.

Barwon Health

Judy then talked about the changes to an option for us with other clubs to apply for a one off grant for the
Barwon Health Foundation to use for equipment that might be able to be used for combating Covid19
Pres added that there was a need for bedside equipment like ventilators Personal Protective Equipment
(PPE) blood pressure thingys. Also they were talking about wellbeing activities.
At this point all discussion was interrupted by the arrival of Jane everyone very excited to see her! David
slipped in the back door with no video.

Second Zoom Meeting Peter Kavenagh 2020-04-06 14:00:00Z 0

First Zoom Meeting

Posted on Mar 31, 2020
The Cofvid 19 virus has certainly caused incredible havoc in our society. This is our first "Zoom" meeting as a result of the advised separation or social distancing. 
Yes I have to admit that President Peter Hynes came to the meeting twice. Once for the video and a second time on a separate device for sound. Well done Peter for ingenuity.
The meeting started quite slowly with almost everyone attending. Only small hiccups.
We had an 86% attendance for this meeting with is the highest we have had in a long time but I am looking for a 100%
It was good to see so many turn up for the meeting and although new it seems that Zoom worked well the 40 minute limit was far too short.
Once the meeting started I was able to warn people of the short time slot so we considered the first item was to upgrade our Zoom access to be a longer time allocation.
First Zoom Meeting Peter Kavenagh 2020-03-30 13:00:00Z 0

Membership Night

Posted on Feb 25, 2020
This week was our latest membership drive night.
The evening was to give an insight into Rotary and specifically into some of the key project that we as a club support.
With Rotary, is about what we do, the differences we make, and the satisfaction we get from being able to make those differences for so many.
The formal part of the evening was a series of short presentation for speakers from club members or the representative from organisations that we have supported financially, giving us short five-minute presentations, sharing the benefits that Bayside has made to them.

Shelterbox – Rotarian Peter Kavenagh

Days for Girls

Christ Church community meals program

Rotary Youth Exchange –( a Parents perspective)

Barwon Health Patient Transport Service (BHPTS)

Final summary from jo was to encourage Bayside to searh for great people to join us.
If you are interested Bayside Contact details are on this page.
Membership Night Peter Kavenagh 2020-02-24 13:00:00Z 0

Friends and Supporters Social Night

Posted on Jan 21, 2020
This week we held a really enjoyable evening with our wonderful band of friends and supporters.
It was decided the club would organise a thank you dinner for all our "friends of the club" that help us in so many ways.
This was our way to spoil our volunteer band a little at this event to say a very big thank you to all our Rotary Friends of Bayside (FOBs)
The evening meeting was held at Eastern Gardens - Geelong
The spread was provided by the club members with David White manning the BBQ.
Friends and Supporters Social Night Peter Kavenagh 2020-01-20 13:00:00Z 0

Brenton Rudd and David Sinclair

Posted on Jan 11, 2020

This week we had guest speakers from Highton Rotary Club, David Sinclaire and Brenton Rudd). They provided information on a couple of unrelated projects that their club are involved in;

Disaster Aid International’s Sky Hydrant water purification project

We were given information on Highton Rotary’s efforts to get a concerted Geelong Rotary clubs project of the ground to purchase multiple filtration units (6) for $ 5000 each, fully installed by Disaster Aid Australia. They are working with the SkyJuice Foundation to bring safe, clean, drinking water to communities in many countries that need safe drinking water.
  • The SkyHydrant water purification unit produces safe drinking water without the need for power or chemicals
  • The SkyHydrant is a low cost, lightweight (16 kg) portable and easy to deploy in the field
  • Operating functions are simple and manual, with virtually no consumables
  • Safe water for less than $1 per person per year
  • Designed to produce water for 500-1000 people as stand alone unit, or can be configured for larger capacity.
  • A single unit can produce up to 1000 litres per hour.
  • Clean drinking water can be produced from the majority of non-saline surface and ground water.

Chef for a Month

The second presentation was “Chef for a month” program for kids which is a programme funded and facilitated by Highton club in conjunction with 6 local schools and the Gordon.
Two grade six students from each school attend a short course (4 afternoons).  The children are introduced to such things as good eating habits, hygiene and food handling, allergy awareness and group participation and cooking.
Brenton Rudd and David Sinclair Peter Kavenagh 2020-01-10 13:00:00Z 0

Chish and Fhips and Conor

Posted on Jan 07, 2020
Fish and chip night meeting.
The Geelong Boat House “Bon voyage celebration for Connor”
As the first meeting of the new year the Bayside Geelong club met beside the bay (actually by the western beach historic boat ramps) to partake of a fish and chip supper and to say bon voyage to Coner Brown.
President Peter presented Coner with his Exchange student blazer which we all acknowledged that although it fitted Coner well at this moment that he would grow and mature into over the year he will be in Germany on Exchange.
There was a great turn out to wish him well with the Rotarians Friends and Family in attendance.
Chish and Fhips and Conor Peter Kavenagh 2020-01-06 13:00:00Z 0

Christmas break up at Gold Diggers

Posted on Dec 17, 2019
The reports from members on the Christmas break up at the Gold diggers Arms have been very positive with President Peter declaring the night a great success.
The evening was interesting with fun, fellowship, eating and drinking plus the obligatory Kris Kringle
This was expected as the Rotary Club of Bayside pride itself on being the fun club and celebrated a very successful 2019.
The theme of the night as proposed by Rotarian Jo White was “Christmas Glam” and members did so!
Christmas break up at Gold Diggers Peter Kavenagh 2019-12-16 13:00:00Z 0

Conner Brown – outgoing Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE)

Posted on Dec 10, 2019
President Peter Hynes opened the meeting and invited Conner to run through his presentation.
He will use when giving his German host club and any other interested parties his Bi0 to showcase Himself and Australia whilst he is away.
Conner is due to fly out to Germany in January and his presentation covered the key points about Australia and many of our quirky customs, sports and wildlife.
The content included a bit about him and has background and family, all very useful to show host family and school.
Conner’s presentation was delivered and he confidently fielded questions.
Conner Brown – outgoing Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE) Peter Kavenagh 2019-12-09 13:00:00Z 0

City of Greater Geelong Christmas catering

Posted on Dec 07, 2019
Notes on the catering for the COGG Christmas celebrations held 7th December at the Geelong Arena.
As you may know this is the annual catering event undertaken by the club and is our major fundraising activity for the year.
Thanks to those members and friend who attended not only the day of the actual event serving but those who were involved in the preparations task on Thursday and Friday, especially David and Jo White Deb & Dan Furlan, Simon Empson, Peter Kavanagh and President Peter for cooking up 25kg of Beef, 25kg of Pork, 30kg of Chicken as well as salads and coleslaw.
City of Greater Geelong Christmas catering Peter Kavenagh 2019-12-06 13:00:00Z 0

John Birrell Award

Posted on Dec 03, 2019
President Peter Hynes opened the meeting and after acknowledging the apologies of John Virgona, Judy Eyles and Leanne Zanghi, he  introduced Acting Senior Sargent Sean Drew who was our speaker for the meeting.
Sean briefly introduced himself as being a Human Source Controller for the Geelong area but it does include as far afield as Warrnambool.
Sean would like to start the John Birrell Award for the region.
This award system will be supported quite significantly by the police department.
He suggested a panel of 3 people who will then be the judges.
John Birrell Award Peter Kavenagh 2019-12-02 13:00:00Z 0


Posted on Nov 19, 2019
The meeting this week was a social meeting just to show those readers who are think Rotary meeting are regimented and designed for a bunch of old curmudgeons you are sorely mistaken.
The meeting was a BBQ at Jo and David White’s abode and the meeting was a gastronomic delight.
Notes relate to the plans for City of Greater Geelong (COGG) Christmas party.
The magnificent support given to the club by our legendary cohort of friends and supporters at recent club activities and fundraising gigs was as raised as part of our general discussion we acknowledged that they always help when invited, support and enjoy our meetings and social nights, contribute to and solicit funds for our club projects and even become part of special committees such as COGG catering planning team.
BBQ MEETING AT JO'S Peter Kavenagh 2019-11-18 13:00:00Z 0

Melbourne Cup at Judy's

Posted on Nov 05, 2019
Thank you so much to Judy & Phil Beasley for opening their home once again and hosting our Melbourne Cup Evening.
I am sure everyone enjoyed the evening with our Back to Front Sweep, (won by Dave the bookie) and the three races (that wouldn’t have stopped a nation), with a very excited race caller, and Fashions on the field.
The bookie taking the money
I think he is crooked
The fashions on the field
Melbourne Cup at Judy's Peter Kavenagh 2019-11-04 13:00:00Z 0


Posted on Oct 15, 2019
Multiple Bayside Rotary members and friends met in Geelong town centre to enjoy a City Art Walk as a fund raiser for Lift the Lid.
The Clubs walk covered only a small number of the art work now in Geelong CBD and the quiz questions covered items such as King Billy & Christy Amphlet, and some rather odd looking butterflies
The evening was topped out with an enjoyable and well deserved meal at the Italian restaurant complete with Hats.
LIFT THE LID - CITY ART WALK Peter Kavenagh 2019-10-14 13:00:00Z 0

Rotary Friendship Trip

Posted on Oct 08, 2019
President Peter was away for most of August
Peter spend one-week solo before joining the other Rotarians from our District visiting Vancouver harbour city like Sydney but maybe a little busier.
A few days enjoying the sights followed by a train trip east across the prairies to Saskatchewan (Rotary district 5550)
The host clubs were Hudson Bay small town of 1500 people (Grain and Forestry)
The club has a good income from growing a grain crop (does anyone in Geelong have a few acres to donate to our club)?
Melfort Rotary club was next is a big grain growing area with a town of 6000 people the team had a visit to tillage tool factory and a great BBQ with the host club were the highlights.
Rotary Friendship Trip Peter Kavenagh 2019-10-07 13:00:00Z 0

Rotary President Visits Australia

Posted on Sep 24, 2019
Rotary District 9780 welcomed Rotary International President Mark Daniel Maloney to Ballarat.
Several club members and a large number of our district took the opportunity to meet our world Rotary International President.
From the reports received back from those club members who attended was that the evening was a great opportunity to meet Mark and his wife Gaye as well as catch up with fellow Rotarians including DG Rosanne Kava and DGE Phil Beasley
Rotary President Visits Australia Peter Kavenagh 2019-09-23 14:00:00Z 0

Ride like a Girl

Posted on Sep 20, 2019
The normal club routine is to use our 3rd Tuesday meeting for Fun/Social evening (of course we still chat about Rotary things)
The club chose this weeks meeting to attend a Polio plus fund raiser for Group 9 and 10 clubs.
Nearly 200 Rotarians and friends attended a fund raiser ($2100 was raised from the event)
Ride like a girl is the story of Michelle Payne, the first female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup.
Ride like a Girl Peter Kavenagh 2019-09-19 14:00:00Z 0


Posted on Sep 10, 2019
Schizophrenia is complex incurable (but treatable) lifelong affliction that affects approximately 1% of the population plus impacting sufferer’s family and friends.
Schizophrenia symptoms are often classified as negative or positive symptoms.
These symptoms are grouped based on whether they reflect diminished or excess function.
Negative symptoms in schizophrenia refer to a decrease or absence of normal function.
An example of this is a loss of interest in everyday activities, neglect of personal hygiene, Social withdrawal, decrease in talkativeness and loss of motivations.
SCHIZOPHRENIA - LEANNE ZANGHI Leanne Zanghi 2019-09-09 14:00:00Z 0

Bowls and a Meal

Posted on Aug 20, 2019
Bayside bowlers
This week was our monthly social meeting (a great time to enjoy fellowship and fun with friends) at Belmont Bowls followed by a meal at Cucina One12 High St, 
We had two teams and Dan F was team one’s winner and Brian B was the other team’s winner
Dan (107) Brian (103) with Jill on (45) getting the wooden spoon.
All members and guests had a great time and dispelled the rumour that Rotary is all about old men doing BBQs
Bowls and a Meal Peter Kavenagh 2019-08-19 14:00:00Z 0

Robin Hunt - Trip and YE catchup

Posted on Aug 13, 2019
This week the club was treated to a bit of a slide night from Robin and Andrea Hunt who as part of their latest holiday tour to Spain Portugal and France (really nice photographs by Robin) caught up with one of our ex inbound exchange student from France, Gladie Tallin sponsored by the RC of Montmelian)
Gladie was with the club in 2007-2008
The catch up had a happy reason, Gladie was married in a lovely outdoor setting with lots of singing and fun.
The fact that Robin, Andrea and Jannette were invited to attend the wedding is a testament the power of the relationships that are developed with the kids in the Rotary Youth Exchange program.
Robin Hunt - Trip and YE catchup Peter Kavenagh 2019-08-12 14:00:00Z 0

Rosanne Kava - District Governor

Posted by Peter Kavenagh
The normal Bayside Geelong Club meeting (if anything we do is just normal) was replaced with a smashing combined meeting to meet our District Governor Rosanne Karva with the other Rotary Clubs in Group 10 of District 9780.
For info about the clubs (go here to find out) about all the clubs in the district.
The meeting was well attended with about 100 Rotarians in attendance DG Rosanne gave insight from Rotary international and her own thoughts. The scope of the DG’s  presentation was:   
1 Increasing our Impact
2 Expanding our reach
3 Enhancing participants engagement
4 Increasing our ability to adapt.
Rosanne Kava - District Governor Peter Kavenagh 2019-08-04 14:00:00Z 0

Knitted Knockers 

Posted on Aug 04, 2019
Jenny Upton was guest speaker for our meeting at Belmont library (as you know we have our 5 meeting of any month at the Library)
Jenny is president of the Geelong Branch of Knitted knockers Australia which is associated with the knitted knockers in the USA

Knitted Knockers Australia as championed by Cheryl Webster of Burwood, who did the hard work in setting up and running Knitted Knockers Australia
Knitted Knockers are just that: cotton knitted boobs designed to be a comfortable and cost effective alternative to Silicon based prosthesis
Knitted Knockers Simon Empson 2019-08-03 14:00:00Z 0

Interplast & ROMAC - Amanda Hough

Posted on Jun 11, 2019
story thumbnail
President Peter Hynes wasted no time in introducing us to our presenter in Amanda Hough to the podium.


During the first few minutes without PowerPoint Amanda explained to us about a trip she had undertaken to Borneo.
She went with a number of other health personnel who worked non-stop on patients
  • A little back ground is that the people of this area supported the Aussie troups in WW2
  • This area restricted the supply of oil to the Japanese during this time
  • She candidly mentioned that the area had head hunters. I presume she meant historically.
  • The hospital was near the jungle and was built in 1950’s style with equipment of about the same era
  • There was an amazing “Jungle Telegraph” when the Doctors arrived people turned up with their patients
  • The patients were typically burns and cleft pellets. The burns were a consequence of life style. Ie lots of gathering around the camp fire for cooking or warmth.
Interplast & ROMAC - Amanda Hough Peter Kavenagh 2019-06-10 14:00:00Z 0


Posted on May 28, 2019
President Peter Hynes introduced Jake Van Eggelen who is one of his employees who went to the Leadership Camp and Kangaroobie which is near Princetown.
  • Jake first and foremost wanted to thank Rotary and Tenon Joinery for what he considers one of his best experiences in life. He couldn’t speak more highly of it.
  • It was a great setting for something so motivational.
  • He thanks Claire (last years RYLA) for not telling him too much about the experience as he believes that approaching the “unknown” was valuable
  • The days were all different presenting the unexpected which he considered valuable.
  • There were games, motivational exercises Meditation and lots of self reflecting.
  • One exercise which was a type of Iceberg taught him to be really less judgmental. He quoted the concept of not “judging a book by its cover”
  • One particular person to whom he was chatting about his daily challenges informed him he has diaphragm cancer. He said that was a stunning to him by was immediately encouraged to think his life was important. His lesson here was that “Each persons life is important”.
  • Another challenge was working in a team where one girl had claustrophobia and together they encouraged her to crawl through a tunnel.
  • In all RYLA was about team working, Networks, developing, Self-esteem and resulting in leadership abilities.
Jake was asked at the finish what RYLA stands for? It is Rotary Youth Leadership Awards.
RYLA Peter Kavenagh 2019-05-27 14:00:00Z 0

Our Trivia Night

Posted on May 03, 2019
story thumbnail
It has been a few busy months since the idea to hold a Trivia fund raiser was put forward.
Funds going to Barwon Health Patient Transport, a very worthwhile cause and a fabulous service for people in need.
Who knows when we might need this service ourselves.
Each year, Barwon Health’s Patient Transport Service completes over 16,000 patient trips for community members to get to their important Barwon Health medical appointments including weekly dialysis and chemotherapy appointments.
This program help take the stress away and just makes their days a little easier.
Our trivia night was a fun way to raise some funds to help support this service.
There is a great need for a new bus and another car to help with the volume of transportation needed.
Apart from the evening being a very worthwhile fundraiser, it was a fabulous social evening and an amazing team effort.
Our Trivia Night Jo White 2019-05-02 14:00:00Z 0

Defying the Drift – Helping potential young farmers

Posted on Apr 30, 2019
Peter offered a special welcome to Dale McIntyre
Peter then offered the floor to Dale to let us know about the “Defying the Drift” project.
Defying the drift is a program that is trying to stop the movement of kids to the city after their schooling.
  • Dale has been the bus driver for this project and now has been co-opted to the committee.
  • The committee is mostly associated with Beaufort Rotary Club
  • Drought have pushed the kids to the city
Defying the Drift – Helping potential young farmers Peter Kavenagh 2019-04-29 14:00:00Z 0

Youth Exchange Applicant – Conor Brown

Posted on Apr 09, 2019
Peter Welcomed Conor and invited him to tell us about him self
  • Conor is a student at Geelong College
  • He is just back from a long trip to the outback where he learnt a lot about indigenous peoples. One of the towns was Amata where he visited the Amata Anangu School and mix with the students from the area. The area is the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands
  • He learned about their value system, history and culture
  • He has travelled to Ireland France and the UK and USA
  • He would like to go to France on exchange but is quite open to other countries
  • He studies Latin and French at school
  • His mum comes from Ireland and his dad is a Vet, He has a brother and sister.
  • He hopes to get into Media or Movies as a career.
We wish him well in his application
Youth Exchange Applicant – Conor Brown Peter Kavenagh 2019-04-08 14:00:00Z 0

Days 4 Girls packing night

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Mar 12, 2019
A big well done to Telsa Stubna for her continued effort and commitment to this project.

Turning Periods Into Pathways

Days for Girls increases access to menstrual care and education by developing global partnerships, cultivating social enterprises, mobilizing volunteers, and innovating sustainable solutions that shatter stigmas and limitations for women and girls.
Together, we're creating a world with dignity, health, and opportunity for all.
Days 4 Girls packing night Peter Kavenagh 2019-03-11 13:00:00Z 0

NYSF – National Youth Science Forum

Posted on Feb 12, 2019
Peter H then introduced Alex to talk about his NYSF experience in Canberra in January.
  • The dates Jan 16 to 26
  • Some of last year’s students were on hand to help with lots of enthusiasm and energy.
  • Alex did mention that the buss took 9 hours to get there but choose not to complain when he heard that others took 24 hours to arrive from other parts of Australia
  • Again Alex felt we all needed to know that he arrived in Canberra with 42degrees temperature.
Maybe he needs to study Climate Change (Ed)
  • A photo or two of the accommodation showed that the Experience would be rough!

Parliament House

  • Alex talked about the experience at Parliament house and the mock discussions they have. Groups represented the houses of parliament. Alex did note that the opposition (either side) performed the role of not agreeing to anything!!
  • They did discuss Climate Change and the Science Building
  • They looked at IT apps. Angry Birds was a favourite game for studying. It was fun and taught them about AI (artificial intelligence) Alex did reassure us that AI is not ready to take over just yet.
  • Alex then raised the consequences of these apps and how they relate to instant gratification and delayed gratification

Quantum Commuting

  • Alex said this was very exciting and was indeed very impressed. For those who would like to know more try this you tube link.

Biomedical Engineering Workshop

  • The challenge in this workshop was for students to provide a solution for a person having a hole in the head. What can be used to fill this hole in. eg a Jell or animal product or non living material. Quite a challenge

Robot Workshop

The task in this workshop was to get the robot to draw people. All this while listening to music. Or was it meant to play? Not sure.
  • The CEO of Lockheed/Martin came and spoke to the students. This really I pressed the student. Particularly with all the career advice he had to offer.
When asked about where his life is headed he quickly talked about doing Electronic Engineering He did add that he loved the designing of Computer chop cards.
Judy thanked Alex and wished him all the best in with career.
NYSF – National Youth Science Forum Peter Kavenagh 2019-02-11 13:00:00Z 0

Combined with Ocean Grove RC

Posted on Feb 05, 2019
Pres. Graeme Chamberlain
The first item on the agenda was the induction of a new Member. This person was transferring from Port Fairy.
We then moved to the main item on the Agenda which was the presentation by Rom Threlfall and John Fitzgerald.
Important items were
  • New Building to be built at the West side of Deakin Waurn Ponds Campus
  • It would be for End of Life Care
  • Partners include
  • Australian Government
  • Victorian Government
  • City of Greater Geelong
  • Deakin University
  • Hospice Foundation Geelong
Local public and private health service providers
Local leadership
  • Frank Costa
  • Mary Lewis
  • Barry Fagg
  • Diana Taylor
  • 5 Million Federal Government
  • 5 Million State Government
  • 8 Million Philanthropy (In progress) this will be divided up but we as Rotary may have a role in this figure
The building will have two arms.
Beds Dining and Living 20 Beds
Community Hub
It will be a homelike environment for Hospice Care
It will be used at a Teaching environment but Deakin Students as well
There is an information book provided and available through the club.
The meeting closed with a lot of networking from all the club members present
Combined with Ocean Grove RC Peter Kavenagh 2019-02-04 13:00:00Z 0

Emma Zanghi – Rotary Exchange

Posted on Jan 29, 2019
story thumbnail
Judy Eyles the chairman for the evening welcomed Emma to present to the club.
Emma gave an excellent presentation in video and powerpoint of her time in Germany as a Rotary Exchange student.
Emma stayed in Bad Sigeburg in the north of Germany near Hamburg.
In the town she found many attractions such as the Lake and a theatre show amphitheatre held every Summer.
She had 3 host families who welcomed her into their home and to various places in Germany and Europe.
Her first host family took her skiing in Austria where unfortunately she had an accident and was on crutches for a short time.
One of the highlights of the year was the Eurotour where they visited Prague, Vienna, Berlin, Venice, Brussels, Paris and Amsterdam. She enjoyed being with all the other 47 exchange students and seeing different places in a 2 ½ weeks.
She has made many friends for life.
Emma Zanghi – Rotary Exchange Peter Kavenagh 2019-01-28 13:00:00Z 0

Ellen Hynes – Humanitarian Logistics

Posted on Nov 27, 2018
Pres Peter Hynes
He welcomed all and invited his daughter Ellen to the podium to tell us about her work in Humanitarian Logistics.

Logistics involves the 7 R’s –
  • right product,
  • right time,
  • right place,
  • right condition,
  • right quantity,
  • right customer
  • and right cost.
Humanitarian Logistics is not driven by cost however finds the best means to use the money donated to them.
Her main work is with the World Food Program with the United Nations which transports food in times of disaster to people around the world.
Their main aim is to deliver to save lives.
They are not involved in the transport of the food but the rehabilitation of areas so the delivery can take place.
Since the Tsuanami of 2005 there has been a call for a new approach because we saw emergencies occur in different countries at the same time.
Ellen has worked in
  • Syria 
  • Lebanon
  • and also Bangladesh.
In these countries she was also working with UNICEF because if children are not healthy then others in family are also not healthy.
So fuel is provided for the heating of schools, insulation of schools and tents.
They also provide winter clothing for children.
President Peter thanked Ellen for her excellent presentation
Ellen Hynes – Humanitarian Logistics Peter Kavenagh 2018-11-26 13:00:00Z 0

District Governor Visit - Anthony Olsen

Anthony talked about
  • Attending lots of meetings and seeing lots of variations on how the meeting is run and how the club does things.
  • There is a move to less formality.
  • Advised us on dealing with Corporate Affairs and advised if over $10,000 then an application to them might be required. Renewable every 3 years.
  • The need for a public officer
  • The concept of WHY Rotary and not WHAT Rotary.
  • A friendship exchange to India where polio can be highlighted as the success story of Rotary (almost).
  • Aiming for a net gain of members.
  • Some clubs are doing really well with member numbers.
  • Rotary Central.
  • Leadership is important. RLI is being revamped this year and will be scheduled for 2019.
  • We need to look at our bylaws and get them updated.
  • We need to think about Rotary Legislation and to understand that “we” can make changes.
  • Raffles. South Ballarat is fine but we need to be aware of legal issues when running raffles.
  • The South Ballarat raffle is two cars (CX5 and CX3)
  • Global Grants. He is going to look at dealing with the “How” on writing grants. The actual process is on My Rotary website.
District Governor Visit - Anthony Olsen 2018-10-15 13:00:00Z 0

Dan Furlan – Slovenia

Posted on Sep 11, 2018
President Peter Hynes welcomed Dan to the podium to tell us about his recent trip “home” to Slovenia.

Dan then educated us on Slovenia.

Slovenia is situated between Austria, Hungry, Italy and Croatia.
Only 146 Km north south and 248 Km east west.
Speeds car travel are in the vicinity of 145 KPH or even higher 50Kph in built up areas.
Population of 2 Million with another half million outside Slovenia.
Home to the oldest grape vine at 400 years old. (Ed: ”I want to drink that wine!” ).
The ability to Ski and Swim on the same day (in May).
Only 46 Kms of coast line.
Had a 10 day war at the end of the iron curtain era in about 1992.
The euro is the countries currency.
Beautiful in every way. Trees, Valleys, Rivers, Bridges, Villages, Lakes, Churches and of course
Bled Lake and Soca River also beautiful.
The churches have many parishioners and they are the centre of community life.
Farming is Cattle and cropping. Animals are in sheds and mostly not seen out and about Castles, lots of castles.
Check this one Predjama Castle it has a large cave system or this list of Castles in Slovenia Lipica Stud Farm is very impressive Click here.
A country of Villages and forests and Valleys and Food and Wine and Beer and Relatives and Friends and Family and if Dan was allowed he may have talked all night about his Slovenia.
Thanks Dan
Dan Furlan – Slovenia Peter Kavenagh 2018-09-10 14:00:00Z 2

Nyasha Muchochomi

Posted on Aug 28, 2018
Pres. Peter Hynes got the meeting rolling by welcoming Nash back to Bayside.
Nash then proceeded to give us an update on what he has been up to since leaving Australia a number of years ago.
He has started a Sports Management Company called Kyros Sports which seems to be doing well.
It is the largest in Zimbabwe.
It helps many Students with the last project looking after 64 Students on an excursion to South Africa and UK.
At a Grass roots level they are responsible for about 4000 kids and about 24 coaches.
Nash is the national manager for the U18 rugby team.
Nyasha Muchochomi Peter Kavenagh 2018-08-27 14:00:00Z 1

Tom Broadman Returns from IYSF

Posted on Aug 14, 2018
President Peter Hynes welcomed Tom to present to us, all about his International Youth Science Forum.
Tom was one of 500 students from around the world.
He presented a number of Highlights of his trip.
  1. Getting to meet Mark Miodownik. He is a British Materials Scientist, Engineer, Broadcaster and Writer at University College London. Click his name. Tom noted the use of plastics and added the comment working with it not wasting it.
  2. Scientific Communication and Batteries – The lastest technology surrounding it.
  3. Meeting Astro Physics Professor Ken Brown who talked about the Luna Rover, particularly how it was designed and how it was meant to work to do the experiments.
  4. The National Space Research Centre where they did a master class on Space physics and Gravity. Also comets and how they might be the basis of life on earth.
  5. The exercise to build a “rocket”. Tom’s group’s rocket was one of the best staying up over 6 seconds. Tom did explain the time and materials were limited.
Toms concluding remarks were “I still like material science”
Questions covered Comets, life, the rocket, the other students and the rover.
Lots of interesting chatter followed.
President Peter thanked Tom for his presentation.
Tom Broadman Returns from IYSF Peter Kavenagh 2018-08-13 14:00:00Z 0

Jan Walsh - Palliative Care Volunteer Coordinator to Barwon Health.

Posted on Jul 31, 2018
Jan gave us a brief history of the Barwon Health Volunteer programs and how they were divided up. 
Categories like Respite, Hand and Foot Massage and more.
Jan then told us of an approach from the East Geelong Football Club who like Rotary wanted to give back to the community.
As a result of this initiative the Backyard Blitz concept was born.
It is based on simple and practical support for those people who ae under palliative card and have had a need identified.
A need could be as simple as pruning the roses but it could be clearing an overgrown backyard.
A number of teams are needed.
Teams can be as small as one or up to a lot (The number has not been identified).
$12,000 has already been donated by some philanthropic groups for the purchase of utensils.
This includes gardening tools and power tools and also a complete trailer that is fit for purpose.
Although the declared objective would be the actual work there could be considerably more benefits. 
Comfort in a time of need or an “ear” that is listening.
A number of questions followed and then Peter H thanked Jan for her presentation.
Jan Walsh - Palliative Care Volunteer Coordinator to Barwon Health. Peter Kavenagh 2018-07-30 14:00:00Z 0

Our Youth

Posted on Jul 10, 2018
SAA Simon — Simon welcomed everyone and offered a vote of thanks to Zoe Waters for the access to the Andrew Love venue. And offered the Invocation
Chairman Judy — She then introduced our Students
Tom — Current NYSF student Tom gave an update on the upcoming trip to London for the International Youth Science Forum (IYSF). He is really looking forward to it and He hopes to meet material scientist, Mark Miodownik. He will tell us all about it when he returns.
Alex — next gave us an update on his application which is that he is waiting on an invite to an interview which we believe will be in August.
Anthony — He took to the lectern with a few slides to give us a day by day description on this recent trip to Canberra for Rotary Adventures in Citizenship (RAIC)
  • Sunday. He got to be the “Mace” man in a mock demo of parliament.
  • Monday. Learnt about the role of the press and the lockup on budget week. Meet the president of the Senate and House of Reps. Saw the high court and had a debate on the Vietnam War
  • Tuesday. Discussions with Senator Claire Moore and learnt how the Senate works.
  • Wednesday. Had his picture taken with Senator Pauline Hanson and noted it was the 30th anniversary of the opening of Parliament house, saw the National Library, the war museum and Duntroon College.
  • Thursday. They had to prepare a 90 second speech. (SEE example below) He got to see the institute of sport and met his local Member of Parliament, Honorable Richard Marles and saw question time in the House of Representatives.
  • Friday. Saw the USA embassy and went to the Foreign Affairs Department and met the Honorable Julie Bishop.
  • Saturday with a heavy heart he returned home but carried some amazing memories and a great education on politics.
Claire — She talked on the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA). She talked about an awesome week of team building activities. She said the other people with her were also an extraordinary group of people. She didn’t want to elaborate on the activities as she was advised to maintain the “Mystery” of the event but certainly wanted to reinforce the fact that RYLA was an incredible week and that she has transformed from a very quiet person to a confident person.
She confided with us that had she known what was involved she would not have gone but having gone she would do it again. She loved it.
President Peter — He thanked all the presenters noting the wonderful programs we have in Rotary.
Our Youth Peter Kavenagh 2018-07-09 14:00:00Z 0

Presidential Changeover

Posted on Jun 26, 2018
Pres. Peter K.
Peter opened the meeting with a reference to the year being a Year of “Making A Difference”.
He welcomed the Guests: PDG Christopher Sims and Christine, AG Judy Beasley, PHF Jan McGowan, PHF Bev Burch, NYSF student Tom Broadman and Mum Coralie Nash, RIAC student Anthony Zanghi and his Dad, Ben. Peter K also welcomed past members and current members. Peter Hynes introduced his guests.
Judy toasted to RI as Assistant Governor and Past DG Christopher Sims responded to that toast.
Judy also presented to the club citations from Rotary International (See Below)
Peter K then Presented the Annual Report which can be viewed at this location. CLICK HERE  (It can take a while to download).
Presidential Changeover Peter Kavenagh 2018-06-25 14:00:00Z 0

Zoe Waters — Andrew Love Supportive Care Centre

Posted on Jun 12, 2018
Zoe explained that the Andrew Love Centre provides a service for patients attending for their cancer treatments.
There is a large waiting area catering for people waiting for consultations, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and/or ancillary services.
The hospital now has an area known as the Supportive Care Centre which is designed to provide a range of programs to assist the patient to recover and come to terms with their illness. Some of these are:
Support groups for patients and carers
Education sessions
Art therapy
Hand and foot massage
Private spaces to talk with clinicians or volunteers
Network opportunities for patients to meet patients similar to themselves especially at the kitchen and dining space.
Look Good Feel Good program which introduces patients to wigs, makeup and specialist clothing.
Plans stated to have a portable electronic call system so the patient can relax or be involved anywhere in the centre without missing their call to consultation or treatment.
Zoe Waters — Andrew Love Supportive Care Centre Peter Kavenagh 2018-06-11 14:00:00Z 0

Kim Lim — Biomechanical Veterinary Treatment

Posted on May 29, 2018
President Peter Kavemagh: Welcomed Kim Lim who is the mother of Emily and Alex Kinross-Smith who both attended NYSF under the sponsorship of rotary
Kim spoke while demonstrating her techniques on Gordon — an Irish Wolf Hound pup (4 months) who was presented with a limp by her owner Anne McGregor.
Editor:— It seems that Kim had not ever seen this pup prior.

First Kim checked the dog’s gait by observing the dog walking back & forth.
Then she gently moved each limb and each part of each limb to check which joints moved freely and which did not.
Kim checked the flexing and rotation of the neck diagnosing muscles and joints.
Kim checked the health and soundness of the chest structure and the muscles surrounding.
Kim checked the flexing of the ankles and toes of each leg.
Because this was a LARGE pup (Irish Wolfhounds grow to 50Kg plus), diagnosis of joint problems is difficult with x-rays because of the large growth plates each side of a joint.
Kim isolated the troublesome or painful joint in one shoulder and proceeded to massage the joint.
She also treated the joint with a red-light torch used to reduce inflammation.
After treatment, Anne McGregor said that the extension of the left foreleg was farther than she had seen in the previous three weeks.
Kim said that she offered a consulting service to Vets in Geelong who administered conventional treatments.
And she referred the patients’ owners back to their referring Vet if she felt conventional treatment was required.
She said that about 24 people in Australia are able to provide biomechanical and complementary services for veterinary purposes.
Their work is most valued in the rehabilitation therapies used after accidents and/or surgeries where instructions are provided to the owners to administer or complement the treatment.
Peter Kavenagh thanks Dr Kim and wished her well in her career
Kim Lim — Biomechanical Veterinary Treatment Peter Kavenagh 2018-05-28 14:00:00Z 0
HappyBirthday Peter Kavenagh 2018-05-20 14:00:00Z 0

Zoe Waters - Barwon Health Patient Transport Service

Posted on May 08, 2018
Geelong has a great Community Spirit with numerous volunteers associated with Barwon Health.
The Transport service provides travel assistance to outpatient clinics for those patients that do not have the means or family support to get to the hospital and to return to home.
Often patients require daily trips to the hospital — especially those attending Oncology clinics.
Many of the patients donate $4 for their trip.
60% of the patient trips are for Oncology, 20% for Renal Dialysis and 20% for the remainder.
Drivers provide support to patients in crisis and share the celebrations for good outcomes of the treatment.
Four vehicles operate 364 days per year, ferry 1600 patients per year and average 54,000Km/year each.
There are 80 volunteers drivers that participate in the driver roster; the median age of drivers is 60-65 years, 80% of them are male and most drivers participate for about ten years.
The cost of vehicle consumables and maintenance is $10,460 per vehicle per year.
Replacement vehicles are supplied from the retired Barwon Health fleet.
The ongoing costs of the service has already reduced the number of vehicles from five to four; now the fourth vehicle is financially at risk.
The vehicle sponsored by Rotary (our Club and other Clubs in the Geelong Bellarine area has done 30,000 patient trips since 2015.
Hospital staff can book trips with a phone App.
Zoe Waters - Barwon Health Patient Transport Service Peter Kavenagh 2018-05-07 14:00:00Z 0

Emma McDonald - Nepal

Posted on Apr 10, 2018
Emma spoke at the Club about her fundraising and planning to build a school for children from a slum area of Katmandu.
Emma had taken time-off from journalism in 2014 to work a volunteer.
This school had been started in 2002 and was run by a team of local volunteer teachers and was the subject of an article submitted at that time. Emma returned in 2015 after the destructive earthquake that wrecked the school and caused serious damage to Kathmandu.
Over the next three years she raised money in Australia and internationally to rebuild the school and re-establish the service it provided.
With the assistance of Crowd Funding, NGOs and fundraising through events in Australia the school reopened in May 2017.
Her fundraising of over thirty thousand Australian dollars was completed in November 2017.
The school provide free lessons and lunch for children 4 to 8 years-old to start them on the path of literacy and numeracy so they can attend a government school later.
Emma McDonald - Nepal Peter Kavenagh 2018-04-09 14:00:00Z 0


Posted on Mar 27, 2018
Previously worked for Barwon Health and the Geelong Port Authority.
  • Awarded Order of Australia in 2017. (Emphasis by editor)
  • An active member of Zonta International for 35 years.
  • Ran a successful public relations company for thirty years.
  • Founder of Laughter Clubs Victoria Inc.
  • Founder of Geelong Region Cancerians.
  • Spoke of the importance of FUN as expressed in laughter.
  • Our first successful communication with someone is a smile, the precursor of laughter
  • Laughter raises serotonin and endorphin levels within us. (The happy hormones)
  • Demonstrated some exercises to induce the endorphins by leading laughter in a group..
  • Explained how it is useful for cancer survivors to involve themselves with this activity.
  • Mentioned that she is in demand in the corporate sector to encourage group-think and team building.
  • Phillipa responded to a number of questions from the meeting.
PHILLIPA CHALLIS — Live Life Loving Peter Kavenagh 2018-03-26 13:00:00Z 0

Geelong Rainbow Inc. - Andrew Coon

Posted on Mar 13, 2018

Geelong Rainbow Inc. is an umbrella group for groups in the LGBTIQ community
Group formed in January 2017; much of 2017 taken up with the marriage equality debate and plebiscite.
Thank you RC Bayside for your assistance at the BBQueer at the Geelong Queer Festival recently
Funds from the BBQ will be used for a Safe Spaces project where businesses (principally) will be encouraged to provide a safe space in times of crisis — similar concept to the Safe Schools project.
Geelong Rainbow Inc. and its associated groups provide counselling, meet-up groups and social opportunities for those who openly recognise their sexuality AND for those who are struggling to recognise their sexuality, gender and communication with their families and the community.
They also provide support groups for the families of those associated with the LGBTIQ community.
Andrew accepted a cheque from RC Bayside; proceeds from the BBQueer and a small donation.
Geelong Rainbow Inc. - Andrew Coon Peter Kavenagh 2018-03-12 13:00:00Z 0

Our Youth Programs Update

Posted on Feb 13, 2018

Tom Boardman

Tom recently returned from NYSF at Canberra and spoke of the highlights.
  • One of 200 students interested in STEM
  • Many exciting activities, exciting students with unusual hobbies, energetic supervisors and enlightening lecturers and tutors.
  • Welcoming lecture from Dr Brian Schmidt — Nobel Laureate for detecting Dark Matter.
  • Visited RAIJIN — Canberra’s Super Computer.
  • Lots of entertainments and fun
  • Confirmed his goal to study Engineering
  • Made many friends that he will cherish.

Johanna Fischer

Johanna is an Exchange Student from Germany and attends St Ignatius College at Drysdale.
She recently attended the District Mini-Safari and spoke of the contrasts between Germany and Australia.
  • On arrival the SIZE of Australia is difficult to appreciate. The many countries of Western Europe occupy a total space of about 60% of Australia.
  • Contrasting weather between countries; no freezing temperatures or snow here and 25 degrees plus in Germany is a heat wave.
  • Missing good Bread & Cheese. And Vegemite is NOT like Nutella!
  • Difficult to understand the jargon and slang despite a good knowledge of English. (e.g. Tea meaning Dinner)
  • School is different; no uniforms in Germany.
  • Strong emphasis on pastoral care in school here with continual encouragement to be a leader.
  • The mini safari was during the recent very hot weather and much emphasis was placed on water based activities; swimming, canoeing, boating.
  • Visited Warrnambool, Mt Gambier, Cape Bridgewater, Port Campbell, The Apostles and Loch Ard Gorge.
  • Many of the International students on the trip have agreed to attend a reunion later this year in Denmark (after they return).

Anthony Zanghi

Anthony was introduced and he expressed his desire to attend Rotary Adventures in Citizenship.
This is a trip to Canberra in May to observe the mechanisms of Parliamentary Government and meet some of the politicians involved.

Claire O’Callaghan

Claire was introduced by her sponsor Peter Hynes and he told of her opportunity to attend RYLA — Rotary Youth Leadership Award — in April this year.
Claire is a second-year Apprentice Joiner at TENON.
Our Youth Programs Update Peter Kavenagh 2018-02-12 13:00:00Z 0

Emma Zanghi - Exchange Student

Posted on Dec 05, 2017
story thumbnail
Emma will leave for Germany in January and her presentation planned for her host Club and School was delivered with aid of photos and English and German commentary on screen.
She spoke of Australia, Geelong, her family and friends and the RC of Bayside Geelong.
Her presentation was well received and members contributed hints to improve it.
President Peter Kavenagh officially presented Emma with her Youth Exchange Blazer.
We wish her a very happy exchange
Emma Zanghi - Exchange Student Peter Kavenagh 2017-12-04 13:00:00Z 0

Science and Offspring of Chickens

Posted on Nov 28, 2017
story thumbnail

Combined meeting with The Rotary Club of East Geelong

Tonights meeting was held at the Hub in east Geelong and was a combined meeting. Both the East Geelong President Brian Humphry and also Peter Kavenagh chaired the meeting
Lots of togetherness was the order of the night.
The presentation tonight was from Mark whose reputation is recognized around the world
He spoke on the latest developments in sex selection in relation to Chickens. 
Differentiating between males and females pre-hatch, by adding a biological marker to the sex chromosome, is a new gene technology set to impact the poultry industry.
Mark spoke about how this latest inovation will provide the ability to identify the sex of the little chicks long before they hatch. 
This step alone could offer massive efficiencies in the chicken industry. ie the ability to detect and remove male chicks pre-hatch.
Mark went on to explain how the sex selection works and also how gene makers are used and how the knowledge of Gene editing can possibly have enormous ramifications in the control of animal pests.
He believes we have had our Industrial Revolution, Our Electronic Revolution and that it is now time to have our Biological Revolution. 
With what he presented this all seems possible
Science and Offspring of Chickens Peter Kavenagh 2017-11-27 13:00:00Z 0

Delta Dogs

Posted on Nov 14, 2017

Vanda Iwanowski and Rosy Harris

Vanda founded Delta Dogs in Geelong to provide Therapy Dogs for people who are ill, aged, troubled or non-communicative.
It has been operating elsewhere in Australia for twenty years.
Delta Dogs has spread from Geelong westwards to Hamilton & Warrnambool and eastwards to Wyndham.
It is a voluntary organisation that uses volunteers and their pets to visit people in one type of care or another.
Delta Dogs Peter Kavenagh 2017-11-13 13:00:00Z 0

Jacqui Bennett — Humans in Geelong

Posted on Oct 31, 2017
Humans in Geelong – Jacqui Bennet
Peter welcomed Jacqui back to update us on the activities on “Humans in Geelong”.
Since Jacqui last spoke there has been a very successful Humans in Geelong expo which was held in October with approximately 1,500 people attending.
There were 44 exhibitors and a large number of keynote speakers representing a wide range of community interests indicated by the large number of attendees.
The feedback after the expo was very positive and there will be one held again next year.
They currently have over 7000 followers on face book and post about 2 stories per week on the website.
The number of questions from the audience indicated the interest in “Humans In Geelong” and I am sure the Expo will be larger next year.
Peter thanked Jacqui once again for her talk.
Jacqui Bennett — Humans in Geelong Peter Kavenagh 2017-10-30 13:00:00Z 0

Hero Town — Sylvia Gray

Posted on Oct 24, 2017
SYLVIA GRAY is Convenor of Hero Town — a volunteer organisation and President of the Rotary Club of Geelong Central.
Hero Town is an active and training organisation that aspires to create Everyday Heroes; people who do not stand by but step up to help to offer physical help and mental health first aid.
  • What makes a hero
  • How can we train heroes
  • How do we build self-awareness and insight?
  • How do we prepare for heroic adventures?
  • How do we build the right mid sets for action?
  • How do we overcome the bystander effect?
  • How can mindfulness help us to be more present and aware of opportunities for action?
Presently it is focussing on MENTAL HEALTH FIRST AID for
  • Youth (including Suicide Prevention) and
  • Suicide Prevention
Hero Town believes that crises can be allayed by the early intervention by people who recognise the early signs of problems.
Signs include loneliness, risky behaviour and inappropriate use of alcohol and drugs.
Hero Town — Sylvia Gray Peter Kavenagh 2017-10-23 13:00:00Z 0

Mav's Greek Restaurant

Posted on Oct 17, 2017
Greek food is the food of the Mediterranean.
Ruled by the Persians and the Turks during the previous millennium, the Greeks have developed a cuisine that that reflects their geography and their history.
The food is all about olives — as olive oil and contemporary food uses the olive flavour and the flavours of fish, meat and vegetables endemic to the area.
On the coast fish, squid and shellfish are the highlights.
Inland it is goat, lamb and aubergine.
Our Greek restaurant is a pleasant venue; room inside and out for up to 80 diners.
The décor screams GREECE — shiny royal blue tiles and polished concrete.
The artwork reminds us of the blue and white villas on the Mediterranean.
The menu has a selection of Greek foods available as either an entrée or a full course.
Strangely the number of options is matched by a host of normal Australian café items served with chips.
Mav's Greek Restaurant Peter Kavenagh 2017-10-16 13:00:00Z 0

District 9780 Governor - Ray Herbert

Posted on Sep 26, 2017
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After an earlier meeting with the Board DG Ray congratulated the Club for its involvement in projects within and outside Rotary.
RI Governor Ian Risley has directed that Rotary involve itself in sustainable projects; if every Rotarian in the world plants a tree this year 1.2m trees will be started. D9780 has 1,745 members and can plant that many — or more — trees to fulfil the goal.
Rotary has three major programs to foster international understanding:
  • Rotary Youth Exchange. Our district has sponsored approximately 20 students per year for 50 years — 1,000 students have seen Australia and taken home their new views and experiences.
  • Vocational Training Teams. One or two teams of about six to ten have been hosted here each year
  • Rotary Peace Scholarships. Each year students are supported at a University to study Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution. Presently we have a Rwandan student studying in Queensland. She will be at District Conference in April.
The success of a Club is no longer being measured by Attendance but with the Club’s engagement with the community. It is hoped that when this can be quantified each Club and District will be able to attract sponsors to assist.
District Conference in April at Mt Gambier will feature James Morrison musician extrordinaire.

Deidre Herbert — End Trachoma 2020

It is usual for DG’s partner to champion a project. Deidre Herbert’s project is End Trachoma 2020.
The WHO has a global goal to eliminate trachoma by 2020, and recommends all affected countries adopt a simple and effective strategy known as the SAFE strategy.
This incorporates: Surgery, Antibiotics, Facial cleanliness and Environment improvement. Australia is the only developed country to still have this problem which exists among the indigenous community.
The RC Melbourne has directed a large budget for personnel and transport to treat this problem.
District 9780 Governor - Ray Herbert Peter Kavenagh 2017-09-25 14:00:00Z 0

Fr Nestus

Posted on Sep 26, 2017
story thumbnail
Father is visiting Australia having established contact with David Butler at St Bernard’s Parish in Belmont.
Together they have contrived a scheme suitable for a Rotary International project to provide a water supply to the village of Nabbunga in Uganda.
The proposed project is to use solar pumps to pump water through a 50mm pipe from a reliable well to Nabbunga which is on a hilltop.
This means pumping the water over 4 km laterally and upwards to a height of 330 metres.
Some of the pipes will be underground and most will be above the rocky ground that surrounds the village.
From Nabbunga water can later be provided by gravity feed for up to five other villages also.
Fr Nestus Peter Kavenagh 2017-09-25 14:00:00Z 0

PP Daryll Webb — Behind the Badge

Posted on Sep 12, 2017
Pres. Peter K introduced Daryll for his Behind the Badge.
My father Neil and mother Joyce (Oliver) both had ancestors from South Australia.
They were married in 1954 while Neil was a trainee Methodist minister.
I was born in 1956 while Neil was posted to Swifts Creek in the High Country of Victoria and afterwards we shifted to serial postings in Penquin (Tas), Preston and Meethakara (WA).
I began primary school there and later we moved on to Pakenham, Eaglehawk and Geelong. While at Pakenham I started piano lessons to improve my finger movements and in Eaglehawk I almost completed my secondary education.
The last two months of my education there was by correspondence at home while recuperating from a car accident.
While in Eaglehawk I worked in a butcher shop after school.
PP Daryll Webb — Behind the Badge Peter Kavenagh 2017-09-11 14:00:00Z 0

Andrew Katos MP

Posted on Aug 29, 2017
Andrew is the scion of Greek immigrant parents who arrived in Australia after WW2.
His father owned fish & chip shops and expanded into wholesale fresh fish supplies and scallop fishing.
Andrew was elected to the Geelong City Council in 2008 and to the State Parliament in 2010 and 2014.
He became involved in politics when the government planned to increase the fish business’ registration fees by over one thousand percent.
He is the member for SOUTH BARWON and is currently Government Whip in the Lower governing House.
Andrew spoke of his work day as a politician.
When Parliament is Sitting the day has a set sequence of activities according to a timetable agreed beforehand but sometimes subject to change.
Andrew Katos MP Peter Kavenagh 2017-08-28 14:00:00Z 0

Andrew Boyd and Model Ships

Posted on Aug 22, 2017
Andrew Boyd. Andrew arrived in Australia as a child migrant in 1954.
He was apprenticed at Pilkington’s as a machinist and went on to work at International Harvester and Ford.
The newly arrived Boyd family lived at the Norlane Hostel for six months and were then allocated a Housing Commission home — a dream outcome for a Scottish shipyard worker like Andrew’s father.
Andrew spoke to his collection of model ships.
Each is pond-worthy and can be controlled by radio control.
All are battery-electric except one which has a working model steam engine.
Twice annually he gathers with other enthusiast model ship builders at Lake Goldsmith in Western Victoria. Here he allows children to sail his models.
Andrew exhibited about ten models to the Club and he explained the history of each model, the construction techniques employed and the history of the vessels on which they were modelled
Andrew Boyd and Model Ships Peter Kavenagh 2017-08-21 14:00:00Z 0

Michelle Cummins — Peace of Mind Foundation

Posted on Aug 08, 2017
Michelle Cummins

I am 38 years old, a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter and a scientist. And I have Brain Cancer.
I have a Grade 2 Tumour that is growing about one millimetre (diameter) per year. A faster-growing Grade 4 Tumour limits life expectancy to about 18 months.
This was diagnosed in 2010 after my first seizure and detected in the Motor Sensory area of the right front area of my skull.
I suffer a range of physical and emotional responses; the seizures persist albeit less serious due to the cocktail of drugs I ingest each day.
My diagnosis coincided with my first pregnancy and our child CHELSEA is now five years old.
About 1600 persons are diagnosed with Brain Cancer in Australia each year and about 1200 persons die each year — many of them children.
I am actively involved with the Peace of Mind Foundation which aims to raise awareness of Brain Cancer in the Community and support the patients and carers affected by this disease in various ways:
  • A Support Group that meets monthly and provides a caring social opportunity for patients and carers
  • Small financial grants up to $500 to assist families and patients
  • Household help e.g. gardening and working bees
  • Separate Annual Retreats for Women and Men attracting patients and carers from all Australia.
It is not the primary role of PoMF to raise monies for research but it does need donations and volunteers to assist.
I hope that research will enable me to see Chelsea grow to be a teenager and that the Peace of Mind Foundation continues to raise awareness in the community and to help me and my family.
Michelle Cummins — Peace of Mind Foundation Peter Kavenagh 2017-08-07 14:00:00Z 0

Membership — PDG Jesse Harman

Posted on Aug 03, 2017
There are three topics I wish to cover tonight:
  1. Changes in Volunteerism.
  2. Responses to the volunteerism changes within Rotary Clubs.
  3. The Pillars of Rotary.
In a recent United Nations State of the World Volunteering Report:
  • There has been an increase in Digital Volunteering (online) where (potential) volunteers are able to locate opportunities that interest them, donate funds and approach organisations to volunteer per se.
  • There has been a rise in the number of people seeking opportunities that require volunteers with specific skills that match their own skills.
  • There has been an increase in workplace-base volunteering. This enhances team-building and professional development within the group at the workplace.
  • Cause-based volunteerism has attracted more interested people. Persons responding to this call for volunteers are less likely to be attracted-by or become interested-in the organisation than the activity targeting the Cause.
  • Some people become Episodic Volunteers; they dip-in and dip-out of activities or discussions. They are not interested in regular attendance as represented by the classic Rotary model for a Club.
  • In summary: Rotary has to offer more meaningful and more flexible roles to volunteers
Membership — PDG Jesse Harman Peter Kavenagh 2017-08-02 14:00:00Z 0

Social Night Meeting at Brunenzo’s

Posted on Jul 18, 2017
Thanks are due to Jo White and her Membership (aka Fun) Committee who organised tonight’s Club Social Night Italian dinner at Brunenzo’s Pizza Restaurant. Well Italian Food is much the same as Australian food these days — but who is looking?
It was exciting to be accompanied by a prospective member Janet who was welcomed warmly by our group.
Social Night Meeting at Brunenzo’s Peter Kavenagh 2017-07-17 14:00:00Z 0

Strive 2 Thrive

Posted on Jul 11, 2017
The speakers came in tandem they were Dr Karen White who elaborated on
  • Strive 2 Strive is an exercise program to encourage cancer survivors to ‘get back into life’.
  • The provided venue is free, private and comfortable to clients.
  • It is a 12-week program two days per week.
  • One day each week is exercise under individually-guided supervision and the appearance of a guest speaker.
  • The second day each week is a social meeting at a coffee shop preceded by a a long walk together.
  • Recently Program #25 started with 17 persons.
  • There have been 300+ graduates, 2/3 of whom CONTINUE TO EXERCISE.
  • Donations to Thrive 2 Thrive are now tax deductible.
  • Seed money for the program was provided by GMHBA. Other Corporates have made donations in cash or in-kind.
  • Cost of the program is about $7,000 per 12 weeks.
The next speaker was  Angela McDonald. She is a cancer survivor and joined the program in 2012 as a participant and afterwards as an officeholder.
  • Angela recognised that the program relieved the ‘weak and tired’ feelings’ after therapy.
  • That the exercise program matches the ability and intent profiles of the patient/client.
  • This leads to a heightened confidence-to-cope for each client.
  • An enhanced social interaction and fulfilment for each client is developed by sharing his/her story with others who have shared his/her journey.
  • Angela now walks and RUNS regularly to maintain her exercise regime.
Strive 2 Thrive Peter Kavenagh 2017-07-10 14:00:00Z 0

Visit to TENON Joinery & Club’s 20th Birthday

Posted on May 23, 2017
The Site Visit to Tenon Joinery was hosted by Robin Hunt, Peter Hynes and Rhys Hunt.
Peter gave the guided tour with relevant input from Robin and Rhys at each station.
Peter explained that TENON is a Commercial Joinery:
It manufactures and installs built-in fixtures to commercial buildings such as schools, universities, offices and hospitals.
Peter showed the Club Members the three basic substrates that are used to manufacture joinery; chipboard, MDF (medium density fibreboard) and ply.
These are purchased as large panels or boards and cut to the necessary shapes in the factory.
Each of these may be used raw or skinned with laminate or veneer.
There are subsets of each including moisture-resistant, chemical resistant and fire-resistant.
Ross Dow made the point the size-for-size PLY has more extension strength than STEEL.

Visit to TENON Joinery & Club’s 20th Birthday Peter Kavenagh 2017-05-22 14:00:00Z 0

Behind the Badge — Judy Beasley

Posted on May 09, 2017
Chairman David F: Introduced Club Past President, Assistant Governor (1917-18) Judy Beasley.
After retiring in 2016 Phil & Judy Beasley have taken time to remember their fruitful life and enjoy their state sponsored superannuation.
Since 2006 they have travelled extensively to the Northern Territory, Thailand, western and middle Europe, Alaska and western Canada.
Judy (neeꜚ Baker b. 1956) met Phil in the early seventies at the Geelong Young Farmers Club and they were married in 1978.
Prior she had worked as a Primary Teacher for the Education Department at Balliang in a one-teacher school.
Her secondary education at Geelong West Technical School and Bell Park High School had progressed her to the Geelong Teachers College and Balliang was her first appointment.
Behind the Badge — Judy Beasley Peter Kavenagh 2017-05-08 14:00:00Z 0

Freshwater Creek CFA Site Visit

Posted on May 09, 2017
For this meeting the Club members visited the Freshwater Creek CFA Station.
HOSTS: Third Lieutenant Craig Muller acted as Chairman. Chairman Les Grossman, First Lieutenant Matt Trickey, Sarah Trickey, Donald Grimmer, Malcolm Iver and Tim Smith.
Guest Speaker — 3rdLieut. Craig Muller
Craig introduced us to the many types of fire extinguishers available.
They are classified according to the types of fires for which each is effective.
Fires are classed as Class-A to Class-F and the appropriate extinguisher is named using the same nomenclature e.g. ABE extinguishers are suitable for three types of fires — Classes A, B & E.
Craig distributed copies of the chart linking each type of fire to each type of extinguisher — water, foam dry chemical (2types) and carbon dioxide.
The CFA raises funds by performing Fire Equipment Maintenance for local businesses every six months.
The fees raised are added to their account reserved for replacing their firetruck in the future.
We adjourned to the yard outside and different fires were lit to demonstrate each type of extinguisher.
Fire at night is always spectacular and we were not disappointed. Lots of action for the Club as the fires were extinguished by Craig and Tim.
The most common type of extinguisher is ABE as it is appropriate for most type of fires.
We were then served a delicious supper by the CFA.
Over Supper the members of the Brigade answered questions from the Club members.
Pres Daryll: Thanked the CFA for the educative session with the extinguishers.
Freshwater Creek CFA Site Visit Peter Kavenagh 2017-05-08 14:00:00Z 0

Humans in Geelong - Jacqui Bennett

Posted on May 02, 2017
Jacqui was born in Geelong and teaches at Highton Primary School. Jacqui reluctantly joined Facebook about 12 months ago after pressure from her children.
She found there was a whole new world of people out there.
“Humans in Geelong” was set up to allow good news stories to be published on the internet.
Word soon spread and stories focussed on people taking action with aims to inspire.
They consist of a small group of people who receive and post stories on to their website and facebook page.
They have a following of over 5,000 people and have posted over 100 stories to date.
They have had an official launching and are holding an event later in the year to publicise their Facebook page and what they do.
They also have a volunteer photographer and by October 2017 would like to have published 150 stories and have 10,000 followers.
To fund the site and the forthcoming event they will seek community grants from Bendigo Bank and City of Greater Geelong.
They are currently looking for team members, especially writers.
The interest in the subject was demonstrated by the number of questions from the audience.
Chairman Judy thanked Jacqui for her interesting talk and presented her with a gift of appreciation for her presentation
Humans in Geelong - Jacqui Bennett Peter Kavenagh 2017-05-01 14:00:00Z 0

World War One Nurses — ‘A Sense of Duty’

Posted on Apr 18, 2017

Guest Speaker Magret Stowers, Researcher from Queenscliffe Historical Museum

Margret is a retired nurse working as a voluntary researcher at the Queenscliff Historical Museum.
She researched the WWI wartime life of Queenscliff nurse Violet Duddy who joined the AIF and later returned to Queenscliff. Magaret showed many photographs that illustrated Violet’s life.
Violet Duddy is now memorialised in Queenscliff Cemetery after it was discovered that her ashes had been buried or scattered without any headstone.
This was remedied by Margret, the Victorian Nursing and Midwifery Federation and the Geelong Cemeteries Trust in 2015.
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SAS — Support After Suicide Geelong

Posted on Apr 11, 2017
Chair: Telsa Stubna introduced two Guests from SAS
• Danny Keating — Chair of the Management Committee
• Melinda Hopper — Community Development Co-ordinator.

Danny Keating

• SAS Geelong stated January 2017 after much preparation following a public meeting in October 2015.
• Alliance with Hope Bereavement Services and SAS Melbourne (Jesuit Social Services)
• Initial support and funding from Freemasons Lodge Geelong.
• Mission to support the bereaved.
• Free counselling available two days per week — Counsellor Annie Norish.
• Intent to expand into other regions eventually.
• Mental Health facilities not coping with clients requiring care to prevent suicide.

Melinda Hopper

• There are 3,000 + suicides in Australia each year plus hidden suicides in the statistics for single vehicle road deaths and the elderly dying alone.
• Suicide is the leading cause of death in the 15-44 age group and for males 80 years and over.
• Counsellors from Barwon Health and SAS refer clients to complementary services — many operated by Barwon Health.
• SAS has a resource library.
• SAS support for the bereaved is also Suicide Prevention because there is an elevates suicide rate among the bereaved without any intervention.
• Decisions to suicide are not usually made on the “worst-coping” days; the decision is made in advance as a rational decision and the act postponed until another “worst” day occurs.
• The catalyst to act is often the perfect storm — the last straw.
• Counsellors and GPs are often not trained to assess the risks nor counsel grief.
• Gold Coast Health has a comprehensive approach to prevent and handle suicide.
President Daryll thanked our guest and presented them with a cheque
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Bill Furnish - US Consulate Office

Posted on Mar 21, 2017
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President Daryll introduced the Guest Speaker Mr Bill Furnish, Public Affairs Office of the US Consulate in Melbourne.
Chuck it in the Bin
Did you know that “Chuck it in the bin” is an Australian expression?
Our guest revealed this while explaining the Australian-isation of his children after three years in Melbourne; they have mastered this and other expressions like “No Worries” during their residence in Melbourne.
In a relaxed, informative and witty talk Mr Furnish spoke of his career at various diplomatic posts prior to arriving in Melbourne.
His wife is also in the State Department Foreign Service and it is a priority to align their careers and also take into account the welfare of their children.
The posting in Melbourne was selected to allow for good education opportunities for their children.
His prior appointments included Korea, Vietnam and Columbia.
His most recent appointment before Melbourne — without family — was in Afghanistan and his next appointment will be in Pakistan.
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Days for girls - Working bee

Posted on Mar 14, 2017
Tonight was set aside as a working bee for finalising "Days for Girls' product.
All members were enthusiastic in their effort
Thanks to Telsa for her continuing effort at keeping this project organised
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Benind the Badge - Peter Hynes

Posted on Mar 07, 2017
Chairman Jo White introduced Member Peter Hynes for Behind the Badge
• Born & raised in Colac — third generation pharmacist
• Educated at St Joseph’s school Colac, St Patrick’s College Ballarat and South Australian Institute of Technology.
• Irish heritage on both sides of the family — HYNES and DARCY
• Started TENON Joinery in 2009
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Geelong Mums - Sue Swan

Posted on Feb 28, 2017
Chairman Judy Beasley introduced Sue Swan to talk about Geelong Mums.
Geelong Mums started in 2014 modelling its service on that of St Kilda Mums.
Another offshoot is Eureka Mums in Ballarat.
It was initiated by Kate Kent. Its role is to collect essential materials for babies and toddlers from individual donors and to prepare the items in packs that are then distributed by social service agencies in Geelong and in the region to disadvantaged families.
In 2014 they provided goods to 370 families. In 2015 — 900 families. And in 2016 —3000 families.
This exponential growth is continuing in 2017. There are now 450 volunteers associated with the service including those that check nursery items for safety and some who repair items before they are shipped out.
Donations received are used to purchase new items especially baby cots & mattresses that are difficult to source because many older versions are deemed unsafe.
Items collected for use and reuse include:
Nursery Equipment and Clothes
Child clothing up to 16 years.
Books and Toys especially for babies and toddlers.
It is the goal of Geelong Mums to provide new or as-new items to help uplift the recipients who do not see many high quality goods.
Sue fielded questions from Simon and others.
Judy B. Thanked Sue for her presentation.
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And now for something completely different

Posted on Feb 18, 2017
This week Pres. Daryll Webb, John Spiteri and John Virgona presented a commercial can opener to the Christ Church Meals Program.
(L-R: John Virgona, Jan McGowan, Julie Herd, Pres. Daryll Webb, John Spiteri)
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Cemetary - Fyans, Hitchcock and Harrison

Posted on Feb 14, 2017
On February 14 the Club visited the Geelong East Cemetery for and instructive walk throughout the grounds.
We were led by a costumed actor portraying Captain Foster Fyans, the first representative of legal government in Geelong. Another group of participants was led by James Harrison. Both characters had contributed greatly to the history of Geelong during the 19th Century when the settlement was established (Fyans) and growing to be very wealthy due to the production of Gold in Ballarat and wool in the hinterland (Harrison).
These two actors led a group of confident and competent actors who portrayed various characters from Geelong’s past. We learnt of the origins of many of the social and architectural structures in Geelong and the stories of the people who created them.
Each actor was able to portray his/her story in the first person communicating the joys and tragedies of life in the city.
There is a tour scheduled for 11am Saturday February 25 and each Club member can highly recommend the two-hour tour to you.
When you take the tour you will be in a group that brings the number of attendees during the last fourteen months to 1,000. Congratulations to the Geelong Cemeteries Trust.
The trust was originally established in the 1870s and now cares for eighteen cemeteries extending from Lara to Queenscliff and to Colac.
The trustees and its staff are responsible for the operation and perpetual maintenance of the memorials for all the people buried and the operation of a Crematorium at Armstrong Creek.
To wet your appetite for the tour on February 25 — did you know that: - Read on
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NYSF - Emily Kinross-Smith

Posted on Feb 07, 2017
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Emily attended the Rotary National Youth Science Forum at Canberra’s Australian National University during January.
Students were housed at ANU’s Burgmann College and from there attended functions, lectures and forums throughout the University and at other Scientific Institutions in the region.
The 196 students were each assigned a buddy to lookout-for and each was assigned to a floor group that reflected the location of their accommodation.
Each floor group was assigned a supervisor chosen from students from previous years.
The supervisor was known as a staff-y.
Emily was pleased that there were a large number of girls present; there were six in her floor group compared to two in the physics class at Oberon.
Emily’s favourite ‘awesome’ moment was to meet Professor Brian Schmidt who was awarded the Nobel Prize for physics in 2011 for the discovery of the accelerating expansion of the Universe through observations of distant supernovae (and shared with Saul Perlmutter and Adam G. Riess.)
This has sparked her interest to study physics and astrophysics in the future at either Monash University or Swinburne University.
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ENCOMPASS - Jan Daniels

Posted on Jan 24, 2017
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Encompass started 31 years ago as Geelong Employability.
It’s role then was to provide employment for physically and/or intellectually disabled persons.
A strategic review of its activities recognised that there was a serious gap in the availability of training-for-employment for the post-High School person to complement the excellent services in Geelong provided for the school-age child with a disability.
It operates without Government funding but with great support from the Give where you Live Appeals and all the other organisations dealing with disabled people in Geelong.
To facilitate the training and employment of their clients the organisation runs many businesses including:
  • Two Opportunity Shops — providing retail training and experience and free goods to the needy
  • A second hand furniture store — experience and training for the staff in retail skills and restoration skills
  • Recycling business — dissembling bulk white goods for resale
  • Catering service — an important client base is the clients of the NDIS.
  • Farming operation — growing and selling fruit and vegetables
  • A training service for skills — some students can attract a government subsidy but many are receiving training in simple life skills that we take for granted among the able population.
  • An employment service
The skills-training has been expanded to Bannockburn Werribee and Melton.
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Behind the Badge - Jo White

Posted on Jan 17, 2017
SAR Simon introduced our member Jo White for her Behind the Badge talk.
Jo was born in 1946 at Andover on Avon in the UK to Doris and Arthur.
Arthur had been a police superintendent before the war and in the period 1939-45 served with the Red Berets (aka the Paras) in North Africa,
France, Italy and Germany.
Her mother had cared for her own wheelchair-bound mother in the years of the blitz.
Before marrying Doris had been ‘in service’ in a stately home.
When 13 years old, Jo and her family became ten-pound-poms and emigrated to Australia and they took up a house in Little River.
She attended Norlane High School for a short while but then started a job in Coles Variety Store in Melbourne (Nothing over 2/6) — the site is now occupied by David Jones Menswear in Bourke St.
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First Meeting for 2017

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Jan 10, 2017
The first meeting for 2017 was a dinner meeting on January 10 at the Fyansford Hotel.
It was the first ‘anniversary’ of the wedding party held there when Bayside RC had a murder-mystery night.
You will recall that the bride was bumped off and the groom was left wondering.
Thank you to those who donated items for the Auction and thank you to Simon Empson for acting as auctioneer.
The Auction raised Ninety Dollars.
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Christ Church Meals Program

Posted on Jan 02, 2017
On Monday January 2, 2017 members attended the Christ Church Meals Program to serve meals to those in need.
It was lovely to see ex-Rtn Trish Slack there to help.
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The White House

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Dec 16, 2016
On December 16 Bayside held its Christmas Breakup at the NEW home of the Minister for Fun Jo White.
Thank you to Jo and David for a very pleasant evening.
Thanks also to Judy Beasley who assisted with the organisation.
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COGG Outdoor Staff Christmas Celebration

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Dec 09, 2016
On Friday December 9 Club Members gathered for our major work and fund-raising event — catering for the COGG Outdoor Staff Christmas Celebration.
Congratulations John Virgona and John Spiteri for a faultlessly-run event for the benefit of COGG and Bayside RC.
Thank you to all who helped at this event.
A special thank you to the Friends of Rotary who helped also; spouses, friends and relations of members and a few retired Rotarians including Charles Spiteri and Frank Ianuzzi.
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Rotary Action Group Against Slavery

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Nov 22, 2016
There are about 46 million slaves in the world, more than at any other time in human history. The slaves work for little or no recompense and have their lives controlled at every hour.

78% of them (36 million) are enslaved to situations involving labour and 22% (10 million) are indentured to the sex trade and sex trafficking.
26% of them (12 million) are children: They are enslaved to both labour and the sex trades.
The Rotary Action Group Against Slavery was represented by Rtn. Malcolm Baird (RC Brighton) at the RC of East Geelong’s meeting this week and he spoke carefully and thoughtfully to raise awareness of this world-wide evil.
One organisation that is fighting this evil is the Walk Free Foundation sponsored by Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forest a mining magnate from West Australia. It publishes the Global Slavery Index each year that quantifies this problem and maintains awareness to the decision-makers of the country.  
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Days for Girls

The Working Bee

Club members took places to assemble about 25 kits for Days for Girls and apply fasteners to a similar number of fabric substrates for use at the next working bee.
See and the previous Bollard for important information about this program.
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Days for Girls

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Nov 15, 2016
A Celebration and Education Evening at Belmont Library about Days for Girls

Jo White (Minister for Fun)

To break the formality Jo organised a fun game of pass the chocolates dependent on a witty essay on erecting the BBQ gazebo. Congratulations Jo — very entertaining.

Jane Myers and Telsa Stubna

Explained the organisation of Days for Girls in Geelong; there is a Chapter that supports a number of teams.
These teams manufacture and prepare kits for distribution internationally. Most teams meet once or twice monthly for a working bee; some participants contribute by working at home and bringing-back their work at the next team meeting.

Guest Speakers — Diane Looker and Pam Timmins — Geelong Chapter Directors

The AIM of Days for Girls is to provide sanitary kits for girls so that they are not absent from school.
Each kit has eight cotton trifold liners and shields, a washcloth, two panties, some soap, two zip lock bags, an instruction slip and a sponge bag to hold all. When in use they last for about three years — or longer.
The instruction slip has two parts; and explanation of menstruation and instructions for the care and use of the kit.
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Melbourne Cup Celebration on ‘The Hill’

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Nov 01, 2016
All Australia welcomes the celebration of the Melbourne Cup.
Traditionally it’s held on a hot spring day at a venue bedecked by thousands of fragrant roses and populated by beautifully dressed people attracting others with their short skirts and pheromones.
They share their joy with lots of bubbly drinks, lots of laughs, a few bets — all with a few horses in the background.
This year the weather was not so kind.
The crowd gathered in the carpark at The Hill known as Bellbrae or Burchy’s Paddock for a post-cup picnic in wild and windy weather that mad the Fashions on the Field clothing somewhat inadequate for the night.
To keep everybody warm the host had organised a bonfire: a four-metre-high pile of five pallets, seven pianos and a collection of industrial and agricultural refuse.
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Visit from District Governor — Stephen and Gaye Lamont

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Oct 25, 2016

District Governor - Stephen Lamont

Congratulated were given to Jo and Steve thanked Rotarians for the novel dress code.
Thanked AG Ross who helps him to look after a band of Clubs including Bayside.
Commended Club on the number of projects managed by RC Bayside Geelong including Peter Kavenagh with SHELTERBOX and Phil Quick with District Youth Exchange Committee.
Rotary is important for friendships and fun. These lead to productivity, good management and collaboration.
Collaboration between Club Members, Clubs and Districts is important to create the critical mass for larger projects and attracts a multiplier effect for funds allocated to those projects through Direct and Foundation funding from District and International levels.
Gaye Lamont’s DG-partner project is to solicit donations from Clubs for the Indigenous Nursing Scholarships Fund managed by Australian Rotary Health. Funds raised will be directed to a student from this Rotary District.
The Conference will be limited to Friday Night and Saturday. The Theme on Saturday Night is JAMES BOND. The prizes for best-dressed include an expensive model Aston Martin. (That’s a SCALE model — it is an electric powered model that is pedal-car sized).
On Sunday Rotarians are invited to a hands-on activity preparing baby and child packs with GEELONG MUMS. This is a giant business run on FACE BOOK that passes on the gifts to at least five Social Service organisations for distribution to less fortunate Mums and Dads.
Speakers include an awardee of the Indigenous Nursing Scholarship Laura Alsop who is now studying Medicine and the father of Heath Ledger on the wise use of medicines. He is the Patron of Script Wise which is an education campaign to prevent accidental injury or death involving prescribed medicines.
Rotarians are asked to offer their home as a billet for visiting Rotarians as happened in 2016.
DG Stephen offered to attend and assist at one of our activities if schedules can be matched.
Bond: 'The name's Bond. James Bond.'
Fire Captain: 'Yeah, and I'm Dick Tracy and you're still under arrest.'
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Workplace Visit to National Tiles courtesy of President Daryll

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Oct 18, 2016
Pres Daryll welcomed us to his workplace and introduced the Store Manager Joseph Dalziel.

Joseph Dalziel

National Tiles is a leading Retailer in Victoria, NSW and SA.


Ceramic — traditional fired clay that is then painted and fired again. Because the tiles are cut before glazing their size can vary by 1% on each edge.
Porcelain — traditional fired clay with a digitally printed patted printed before a second firing. Edges are trimmed after firing for uniform size.
Uncoated Porcelain — the colour is impregnated throughout the original fired tile.
Polished Porcelain— 2 mm colour coat that is fired on the polished and sealed.
Natural Stone — Travertine sedimentary stone which is sliced to tile-size and the imperfections ‘bogged’ with matching grout.
Timber-look — digitally printed tiles printed with a woodgrain on plank-shaped tiles.
You can have any colour — as long as it is grey!


Joseph showed us the essential tiling tools; notched trowel, grout press, spacers and levelling systems.
JOSEPH generously answered the questions of the Rotarians and Guests.
Someone asked the Diana Fisher question: Does it come in other colours?
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Michael Coghlan - Magistrate

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Oct 11, 2016
The Chairman — Russell Sarah — introduced Magistrate Michael Coghlan; one of three magistrates serving the Magistrates Court of Geelong. He has served this role for fourteen years. Russell says he is the guest is gifted with clear thinking and wisdom in his role at the Court.
There is a tendency for the media to complain about sentences as too light whenever convictions are reported.
The sentences handed down by magistrates are determined by the maximum sentences proscribed by the Sentencing Act, the Governing Principles and Sentencing Guidelines reviewed regularly by the Government and the expectations of the Prosecution and Defence representatives in the Court.
In Victoria there is an IMMEDIATE Right of Appeal which if exercised by the Defence often leads to defendants being released on bail.
Sometimes certain convictions are subject to Mandatory Minimum Sentences
Many trials are held up or postponed due to the delays with forensic reports relevant to the trial although some issues such as sexual and domestic violence have priority at the back-office stage (including forensics) which leads to further postponement of other crimes in reaching the Court.
His Honour Mr Coghlan generously answered questions from the Rotary members.
His Honour’s presence and instructive speech was thanked by Pres. Daryll.
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Mr Max Beck - A Different Earth

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Oct 04, 2016
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Max, a retired Magistrate and Coroner for the State of Victoria spent much of his time dealing with all sorts of people and issues.
This experience gained developing skills to determine relevance, research authorities and weigh and fairly assess evidence which has served him well as an investigative writer of historical fiction.
A Different Earth is an epic tale based on a true story of a resilient pioneering woman Jane Dunstan who successfully applied for a “free passage” from Cornwall to South Australia with her husband and seven children.
The book which is extremely well written brings to life with very vivid descriptions the trials and tribulations of life in the new country and all the hardships suffered on the goldfields to establish a home and raise a family.
Max answered a number of questions from the audience before David thanked him for his very interesting and enlightening presentation.
The book is available online at:
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JOHN ROWSE — Community Gripped by Fear

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Sep 20, 2016
John has worked for many years in Africa as an Anglican Missionary.
He is about to return to Tanzania for three months to work on a project with the Police Force in Dar es Salaam.
Tanzania is not a wealthy country and there is much corruption extending into the Public Service and Police.
In the community there is a form of corruption that invokes witchcraft:
The witchcraft is not the corruption— rather the corruption is accusing people of witchcraft.
There is sufficient belief in the community despite the law which provokes the population to believe any accusations and to banish or punish (even with limb-amputation or death) any of those accused.
Witchfinders line their pockets by attributing blame on any convenient neighbour for the misfortune of the person who pays him; people use witchfinders to gain power in the community by eliminating others from whom they perceive a threat.
They are much in demand at times of elections.
This means the population is always gripped by fear — fear of being accused and the ensuing consequence.
John is returning to train policemen how to handle the situations as they arise.
The crux of the response is not to denounce witchcraft as unscientific but rather keep asking the question “How do you know?” until each person is forced to conclude that he doesn’t know.
Hopefully that in the future people will be willing to make affidavits that permit people involved in the corruption to be charged in court.
John responded to a few questions from members on the details of his talk.
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Simon Empson - Behind the Badge

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Sep 13, 2016
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Simon comes from a naval family with many members serving in blue.
He was born in Malta while his father was posted there on HMS Forth.
Many years later he served on HMS Defiance — a ship renamed from HMS Forth.
Simon served in the British Navy 1973-1982 and emigrated to Australia and transferred to the Australian Navy to serve 1982-85.
In the UK his rank was Sr. Petty Officer and worked as a Weapons Officer using his technology and computer skills to launch missiles and hide from the population in Scotland.
In Australia he had similar roles and used his electronic skills to survey the seabed around Australia and New Zealand.
No doubt his maps are still being used by our Collins submarines when they go to sea!
Simon has lived mostly in the Geelong region in Australia and transferred to civilian employment to IT, IT Security and IT Risk Management roles at various companies in Australia — mainly financial institutions and banks.
He spent many years in Scouts as a Leader while his children were involved in the movement.
Later he joined Rotary in Bendigo before transferring to our Bayside RC of Geelong.
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Samaritan House - Josephine Barnes

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Aug 30, 2016
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Samaritan House is the only dedicated shelter for homeless men in Geelong.
A successful model has been developed that provides an evening meal, shower facilities and a bed for the night.
The House thrives on mostly donated food and provides an address for job seekers as well as assistance in seeking a job.
The House has two houses.
One is the original 4-bed house that is used for clients starting work and sleeping overnight without supervision.
The main house has nine beds and is the activity hub for the work done for clients.
It is a goal of Samaritan House to find permanent housing for about two-thirds of the regular clients.
This is best achieved if employment can be found also.
The House works closely with service organisations, church groups, social welfare referees, DHS, the Department of Corrections and Centrelink.
The clients often have alcohol and drug issues. Some have acquired brain injury and mental health issues.
House rules prohibit the use of alcohol and drugs on site and smoking is permitted only outside the building.
A group of 70 volunteers principally from Church groups rotate through each week to cook, maintain the House and supervise the clients at night.
A generous benefactor is the Bisinella Family that has contributed to renovation work at the houses.
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Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation - CPR

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Aug 16, 2016
PP Telsa Stubna gave us a small re-introduction to CPR with the assistance of Ambulance Victoria teaching aid of printed pillows.
  • Always call triple zero (000) in an emergency — use hands-free.
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) combines mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and cardiac compressions to deliver oxygen and artificial circulation to an unresponsive person until medical help arrives.
  • Cardiac or chest compressions are the priority in CPR. If you don’t want to do mouth-to-mouth, chest compressions alone may still be life-saving.
  • CPR is a life-saving skill that everyone should learn.
  • This printed information is not a substitute for proper CPR training by an accredited trainer.
The basic steps are:
D – Dangers?
R – Response?
S – Send for help
A – Open airway
B – Normal breathing
C – Start CPR
D – Attach defibrillator (AED).
There is a lot more information so click
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation - CPR Peter Kavenagh 2016-08-16 00:00:00Z 0


Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Aug 16, 2016
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President Daryll invited PE Peter Kavenagh to speak about ShelterBox.
ShelterBox Australia ‘sells’ about 1000 boxes per year for about $1m and schedules them for distribution either directly from its own organisation or (mostly) through International NGOs and charities involved in International Aid works.
About 30% of the boxes are purchased by Australian Rotary Clubs or its members.
Over sixteen years ShelterBox Australia has allocated $14m worth of boxes.
The program is now recognised worldwide and is supported by Rotary International.
Each green box has survival equipment for up to ten persons; shelter in the form of tents or tarpaulins, cooking equipment and blankets or sleeping equipment.
Every shipment of one hundred kits contains one red box containing equipment for a primary school.
There is a constant need for the boxes for Syrian displaced persons in Syria and the country’s neighbours.
Three hundred were sent to Sri Lanka.
Ongoing wars in Cameroon and Nigeria create demand in Africa.
Early this year our Club purchased another kit — Number 14721. It has not yet been deployed.
ShelterBox Peter Kavenagh 2016-08-16 00:00:00Z 0

Absolutely Fabulous — The Movie

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Aug 09, 2016
At this meeting we abandoned the exquisite cuisine and wine cellar of the Queens Park Golf Club and embarked on a temporary menu of Bollinger and cannabinols to attend Absolutely Fabulous — The Movie.
Afterwards we retired to Grill’d for hamburgers.
Writer and co-star Jennifer Saunders squeezes her 30-minute format into 90 minutes providing us with an extended look at her selfish and unaware Edina and Joanna Lumley’s brain-addled Patsy.
It is 24 years since the TV show was made — the same time the Korean War was extended from three years to accommodate MASH.
Ms Saunders said that she wrote the movie in response to a bet; it’s almost impossible to win those bets — the house always wins.
To add anymore here would just be a spoiler but it is noted that everyone enjoyed the movie
Absolutely Fabulous — The Movie Peter Kavenagh 2016-08-09 00:00:00Z 0


Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Aug 02, 2016
His grand-parents arrived from Salina (a small island near Sicily) in 1906.
Emigration was stimulated by the poverty induced by the vineyards being affected by Phylloxera in 1896-7.
His grandfather Giovanni opened a fruit shop at the T&G building in Geelong.
Giovanni’s brother opened the ABC Café in Moorabool Street which survived until the mid-1950s.
John’s father opened the Delphic Café and a sweet shop after his employment at the ABC Cafe ceased when it closed.
John worked in the sweet shop as a youth selling chocolates for the people enroute to the Cinema on Saturday nights.
John has four siblings and four surviving children.
He was educated at St Joseph’s College and The Gordon completing an electrical engineering diploma.
He began his working life with SEC in 1963 and worked for them and Alcoa until 1998.
Afterwards he entered a motel-ownership partnership for two years.
Then sweet retirement.
In 2001 he was invited by Trish Slack to join Rotary Bayside and has served as Secretary and President.
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Youth Without Borders - Cameron Pike

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Jul 19, 2016
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Phil introduced our speaker for the evening Cameron Pike from Youth without Borders and more particularly to talk about the recent weeklong Spark Engineering Camp.
The camp was held over a week with the participants staying at Queens College near Melbourne University. Some of the programs that Youth without Borders hold are international. The mobile Library it runs is in Indonesia.
Another one is in Papua New Guinea.
The students on the camp were from marginal groups like Migrants or low income or out reach and students from non-traditional backgrounds.
There were 50 students this year but they hope to have up to 100 next year.
The camp had many and varied activites that were centered around and educational theme.
Every minutes of the 6 days and 5 nights was filled with entertaining and challenging and educational events.
They had group team building events presentations by the University staff and representatives from business.
They did basic engineering type exercises – Civil and economic and environmental.
This exercise was around earthquakes.
All to build an understanding of this field and to encourage enthusiasm and passion around the subject.
They did Mechanical and Aerospace issues and Mechatronics and Computer Science and Chemical Engineering eg OOBLECK experiment (green gooey Stuff)
Other fields covered in this week were commerce and management and entrepreneurship. Site visits to the Synchrotron and RMIT and the Cave at Monash university. Also “Wet” labs at Melbourne University.
Speakers covered “Mentor in a Minute but most particular there were PhD students with 3 Minute PhD (explaining their thesis in 3 minutes)
Cameron is of the opinion that there was a very real effect on the outlook of these students.
He also thanked the Rotary Club of Bayside Geelong for their generous support in making this event happen.
Youth Without Borders - Cameron Pike Peter Kavenagh 2016-07-19 00:00:00Z 0

Condolances for the Victims in Nice France

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Jul 17, 2016
story thumbnail
The Rotary Club of Bayside Geelong offer our condolences to the victims in Nice France and to their friends and families who are suffering loss at this time.
We also extend our concerns to all the French people who are also feeling this loss.
This is just an Awful Awful event and we wish it had never happened.
In every event like this we all lose.
I am reminded of this quote from John Donne
"No man is an island"
and further into that quote
"any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bells tolls; it tolls for thee.”
We are thinking of you at this time.
Condolances for the Victims in Nice France Peter Kavenagh 2016-07-17 00:00:00Z 0

Bryan Humphrey - International Water Project in Cambodia

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Jul 05, 2016
story thumbnail
Bryan is working up a proposal for an International Water Project in Cambodia to attract firstly a District grant and then a Global Grant from Rotary International.
This is in partnership with the RC of Phnom Penh.
The seed donation sought is $24k from various Rotary Clubs in Australia which will be multiplied at each level of the Grant process.
This seed funding will be comprised of donations of $1k to $2k from each Club.
Cambodia has been a traumatised society; first from the Vietnam War, then the Pol Pot regime and then the Vietnamese invasion.
The goal is to develop clean wells and rainwater storage combined with the education programs directed to the Community to use and maintain the system.
The process will be handled by CAPOD, an International Catholic-based NGO experienced with such programs in the area.
This arrangement will also secure the funds against wastage and corruption.
It is envisaged that such a program will improved hygiene, health and school attendance in the community.
Bryan Humphrey - International Water Project in Cambodia Peter Kavenagh 2016-07-05 00:00:00Z 0

Change Over 2016

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Jun 21, 2016
DG JANE COX — Toast to Rotary
DG Jane requested that we reflect on the good work done by Rotary International.
It’s “Gift to the World” has addressed the problems of literacy, Hunger and polio.
PDG CHRIS SIMS — Response to Toast.
The strength of Rotary is that it is always based locally and an organisation of ordinary people doing extraordinary things and that its impact is multiplied by the number of members.
(RYES) LENA TETAUD — Rotary Youth Exchange Student from RC Marmande RD1690 — RC Bayside Geelong’s Incoming RYES Lena has been with us for twelve months and is returning to France on June 28.
Lena gave a short presentation showing photographs of her at AFL football, on visits and trips with other RYE students and her 18th Birthday at Eureka Tower.
She was seen to be indulging in all the dangerous sports near water.
He parents visited during the time and we saw photos of her family too.
Change Over 2016 Peter Kavenagh 2016-06-21 00:00:00Z 0

Four Speakers

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Jun 14, 2016

JO WHITE — Barwon Health Volunteer Patient Transport

Our Jo began driving as a volunteer twelve months after her treatment ceased.
She had noticed the need for drivers while being treated and was invited to attend the service.
Each Thursday she drives a group to Hydrotherapy at Grace McKellar and services Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsular.
It brings great joy to both her and the patients. A new car with Rotary Logo is about to be purchased.

CAMERON PIKE — Youth Without Borders.

Pres. Judy presented a cheque to Cameron on behalf of the Club.

Cameron explained that Youth Without Borders is an international Not-For-Profit organisation supported worldwide by numerous philanthropic organisations including ROTARY INTERNATIONAL and partnerships with many industrial and manufacturing companies.

In Australia YWB is focused in introducing the concept of Tertiary Education as a possibility for advancement to disadvantaged secondary school students including those from rural, indigenous and refugee backgrounds.

In July this year they will hold their second annual SPARK ENGINEERING CAMP — a week of education and experimentation to inspire the invited children to work as a team and be interested in an outcome — and to predict that outcome — for a procedure that they have devised to solve a problem. WEB ADDRESS

EMILY KINROSS SMITH — RC Bayside Geelong Candidate for NYSF in 2017.

Emily attends Oberon HS and does all the science subjects.

She is interested in Science and looking forward to proceed past the District Selection Process in July and attend National Youth Science Forum in January at ANU Canberra.

She is a successful athlete especially in Cross-Country Running and enjoys her attendance at Venturer Scouts.

She is interested in music (playing) and photography. We wish her well at the Selections.


Alex was our NYSF candidate at ANU two years ago.

Today he is studying Electronic Communication and Computer Engineering at RMIT.

All strength to Rotary for helping start this journey.

Four Speakers Peter Kavenagh 2016-06-14 00:00:00Z 0

Peter Kavenagh — Behind the Badge

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Jun 07, 2016
Ancestors migrated from Ireland 1842
Great Grandfather a goldminer in WA in 1897
Grand Father established a farm at Noorat in 1900
Father had farm in Gunnedah in NSW and then moved to Purrumbete 1943
Peter born in 1950 and was schooled in Camperdown and Ballarat SPC. Ero Ero Ero Rum
Has 2 sisters and a brother
After school dabbled as a farmer and a computer nerd studying at the Computer Power Business College and the Gordon
Married Alaine in 1975; he could not be rejected by the in-laws because he met them at the Altar.
Peter and Alaine have 2 children; Mark is a Psychologist and Luke works as a Data Scientist in New York/San Francisco
Peter spent 15 years in the IT department at CSIRO, 3 years at the Laboratory Animals Facility and the last two years as a Training Officer
He is now on long service leave and planning to travel — especially by TRAINS.
Peter Kavenagh — Behind the Badge Peter Kavenagh 2016-06-07 00:00:00Z 0

Freshwater Creek’s CFA Brigade Headquarters

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on May 31, 2016
The Staff of the CFA Station were introduced by Chairman Les Grossman;
Captain-elect Matthew Gargett,
First Lieutenant-elect Matthew Trickey
Secretary and First Lieutenant Sheree Seiffert.
Lt. Gargett welcomed the RC Bayside visitors and spoke of the operations of the Freshwater Creek CFA.
He thanked RC Bayside Geelong for previous donations.
From our donations purchases of individual kit bags for PPE were made two years ago and last year our donation was used to purchase a new Quick-Fill pump.
  • Their primary area of operations is West of Ghazeepore Rd and South of Mt. Duneed Road
  • They attend fires in other areas to support nearby brigades.
  • The have two Tankers; one owned by CFA and one by the station. It is intended to replace the latter in 2020.
  • Each Tanker holds 3,000 litres of water — filled at all times ready to Turn Out.
  • The Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is provided by CFA as is much of the equipment in the CFA-owned truck. Supplementary equipment is purchased by the Brigade.
  • They have at least three modes of communication: Pagers by Telstra, UHF radio channel for local communication and UHF radio to CFA headquarters or incident-control centre(s).
  • Sometimes they are joined by other brigades to form a five-unit Strike Team to attend to an incident.
  • The Tankers can be refilled in three to five minutes from a lake or dam using a Quick-Fill pump or from a hydrant — of which there are few in their primary area.
  • They are required to raise funds to pay for the brigade’s own resources including the second Tanker.
  • Currently they are raising $5,000 to $6,000 to erect a hose drying pole at the rear of the station. They are about half-way in this endeavour.
  • It will be a concrete ex-Powercor pole 16-17m high fitted with an electric pulley system. This will enable the brigade to dry and drain 30metre hoses quickly so they can repack them ready to Turn Out.
  • Membership has decreased recently to 12 operational members. It is their goal to attract more members next Financial Year.
  • A recent membership drive in the Grovedale area (albeit outside their primary area) did not yield any results.
  • However a Deakin University student has grasped the challenge and is now their Communications Officer. It his hopeful he will attend Officer Training and graduate successfully.
  • The brigade answers 30 to 40 call per year. They Turn Out for every local road accident, grass and scrub fires and some false alarms. Large fires like at Lorne last Christmas season consumed many resources over many days but counted only as one call.
  • When interstate Fire teams require support the CFA promises the requested number of Strike Teams from a determined number of Regions. Then the members volunteer to join the Strike Teams on the interstate trip either singly or as a brigade — at very short notice.
  • The staff then showed RC members over one of the Tankers (Freshwater Creek – 1) explaining the role of each equipment piece.
Freshwater Creek’s CFA Brigade Headquarters Peter Kavenagh 2016-05-31 00:00:00Z 0


Posted by Peter Kavenagh on May 24, 2016

Maureen O'Keefe

After a delicious dinner of Rice, Vegetable curry and Dahl we were treated with an eloquent and informative address from Maureen O’Keeffe — Support Services Manager (and acting co-manager) of Diversitat.

Diversitat is a non-profit organisation promoting harmony, cultural diversity and social diversity in our society.

It was founded by The Geelong Ethnic Communities Council during the 1950’s to cater for post-war immigrants to Australia.

It operates 11 sites in Geelong and Colac with outreach services to Ballarat.

Lately much of its resources have been directed to Asylum Seekers and Refugees resident in the area.

There are about 60 million displaced persons and refugees in the world of which about 250 find their way to Geelong each year — and half of those are under 25 years old.

Diversitat Peter Kavenagh 2016-05-24 00:00:00Z 0

Lena and Yayoi

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on May 17, 2016


Lena gave a presentation and showed excellent photographs of her Australian Safari trip with Rotary Exchange Students from two districts: Adelaide, Cooper Pedy, Uluru, Mount Isa, East Coast and down to the Gold Coast and then down to Melbourne.
She was impressed with the Anzac Dawn Service in a small outback town — a type of commemoration she had never seen before.


Yayoi spoke of her life since leaving Australia.
She graduated from University as a Licensed Chinese Teacher then returned to study and graduated as a Dental Hygienist.
After working in private practice she took up a position with an Aged Care network.
She has travelled to Europe, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, US and Canada.
The Club Members were pleased to reunite with Yayoi and pleased to see the new Rotary-woman from Japan.
Lena and Yayoi Peter Kavenagh 2016-05-17 00:00:00Z 0

Days for Girls - Activity for the night

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on May 03, 2016
Days for Girls – Packing of Kits
Chairman for the night, Tesla Stubna, organised everyone into work stations and there was a hive of activity for the next hour with material being traced and cut, press studs applied, stringing of bags and packing of the kits.
Telsa announced at the end of the evening that we had packed a total 50 kits, which will now be sent off for shipping to Africa.
Job Well Done Everyone
Days for Girls - Activity for the night Peter Kavenagh 2016-05-03 00:00:00Z 0

Geelong Library Visit

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Apr 26, 2016
On Tuesday 26th April approx. twenty members and friends of our Club enjoyed a visit to the new Geelong Library in Johnston Park Lt. Malop Street end.
We gathered on the ground floor of library at 7:00 p.m. and then were taken on a one hour guided tour of all the levels except the top level which being used for a wedding reception.
The spectacular Dome’s levels, named in respect of the Wadawurrung people, the original custodians of the land on which the Centre is built, flow into one another and into the outside world via architectural voids and towering glazed walls.
Each of the five public floors plays an extremely important and unique role and purpose in the overall delivery of world-class library and information services.The levels are known as:

Ground Floor & Mezzanine:

Main Entrance, news lounge, technology, exhibitions and café.

Level 1:

Dedicated children’s & youth floor.

Level 2:

Large print and audiobooks, magazines, multimedia, non-fiction, meeting and discussion rooms.

Level 3:

Heritage reading room, regional archives, local & family history & history reference collection.

Level 4:

Staff Administration. Headquarters of the GRLC.

Level 5:

Major Events

Geelong Library Visit Peter Kavenagh 2016-04-26 00:00:00Z 0

Joint Meeting with Geelong West and others

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Apr 18, 2016
There were three speakers for the meeting introduced by RD9780 Bowelscan Committee Chairman PP Graeme Hawkins.

Ms Kimberley Rice

Kimberley is a member of the District Bowelscan Committee and a theatre nurse working in the colorectal surgery area. Kimberley is committed to the campaign because she lost her father to the disease.
Her advice to “Take the Test” is featured on the Bowelscan 2016 television advertisements that will be shown throughout Regional Victoria on WIN TV.
Kimberley showed photos of the surgeons at work and demonstrated a clever machine that cut (sections) bowel portions and stitches up the remaining tissue as well as playing the proposed TV advertisements.

Mr David Wardell

Colorectal and General Surgeon attending Barwon Health, St John of God and (soon) Epworth Geelong Hospitals.
He showed videos and still photos of a colonoscopy procedure and the removal of polyps known to be the precursors of cancer.
He also showed videos of a cancer tumour being removed from the bowel using keyhole surgery.

Ms Jenny Naughtin

Jenny is a survivor of rectal cancer but leads a difficult life with a colostomy apparatus for the rest of her life.
Her plight is especially poignant as she lost her brother Pat Naughtin to bowel cancer three years ago.
Pat campaigned tirelessly on behalf of the Bowelscan Committee for a year or so after he had been given a terminal diagnosis.
She spoke knowingly of the need for everyone to Take the Test.
Bowelscan Committee Chairman Graeme informed the meeting participants that 2016 is a new era for RD9780 Bowelscan campaign.
This year Rotary will be selling a new-style and more accurate immunological test.
It is more expensive — $15 c.f. $10 previously — but the improved accuracy means that the advice is for most people to use the test every two years c.f. one year previously.
Bowelscan Test Kits will be available from all pharmacies during May and Graeme exhorted all members of all Rotary Clubs to Take the Test AND Get Someone Else to Take the Test.
The Test saves lives every year.
Joint Meeting with Geelong West and others Peter Kavenagh 2016-04-18 00:00:00Z 0

Colin Peebles - Food Bank

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Apr 05, 2016
Pres Judy introduced Daryll Webb as the chairman for the evening who in turn introduced Colin Peebles Corporate Manager of the Geelong Food Relief Bank.
Colin previously worked in the areas of Supermarket and Management fields and this has prepared him well in his role as Corporate Manager of the Geelong Food Relief Bank a position the he has held for approx. 1 year.
The GFRB feed approx. 35,000 people per year in Geelong and surrounding areas. 650 tonnes of food was supplied over the last 12 months, from the two sites situated at Freedman Street North Geelong and the Little Smythe Street location in the old Katos building near Deakin University on the waterfront.
The GFRB is a non-profit organisation which receives support from ALDI, Routleys, McCain’s in Ballarat and Polar in Colac.
It does not receive any Government funding at stage but is working on it.
How can we as a Rotary Club assist??? Pass the message on about the Foodbank to other Rotary Clubs and organisations.
Daryll thanked Colin for his presentation and presented him with a memento of his visit to our Club.
Further information can be found at
Colin Peebles - Food Bank Peter Kavenagh 2016-04-05 00:00:00Z 0

Fun Night

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Mar 29, 2016
Pres Judy welcomed Jo White as Chairperson to begin the Nights entertainment. We were firstly separated into groups of four.
Simon asked some tricky General Knowledge questions and I must ask whether it was “fair to all concerned” as the winning score was four out of twenty, with Lena belatedly declaring that she had scored 5.
It was then declared a dead heat with both Dan and Lena scoring the chocolates.
We were then asked to form a circle with the first person choosing a travel destination with the letter “A”, the next person in line had to repeat the destination the first person had chosen and then choose a destination with the let “B” and so on. We made it to R for Russia.
After the exhaustion of the previous challenge we had to adjourn for a glass refill and some dessert.
Then for the final game the old pin the tail on the Donkey oops Easter Bunny, one from each team.
David Fisher man of hidden talents placed it perfectly to win the game.
The winning team was team 2 comprising John Spiteri, Judy Beasley, Dan Furlan and Deb Furlan.
Our reward more Easter Maltesers chocolates of course – as if we hadn’t eaten enough over the Easter weekend.
Oh well the diet will have to commence next week.
Thank you to Jo and her committee for organising a wonderful night of fun.
Fun Night Peter Kavenagh 2016-03-29 00:00:00Z 0

Joe Returns from Exchange in Germany

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Mar 22, 2016
Joe had an early start 4:30 a.m. to catch his flight at Tullamarine to his destination of Munich via Bangkok and Frankfurt. The luggage however did not turn up at Frankfurt so missed the connecting flight but received help at the airport and was able to catch the next flight.
Some of Joe’s memories about his exchange year were:
Dachau concentration camp with the human ovens and gas showers.
First day at school one of the students drove a tractor to school.
Youth Exchange friends are the best friends you can have as they are going through the same issues.
Rotary Europe Tour was a 3 week tour which covered many European countries.
Attended a 2 week camp which was run by Rotex’s (Ex Exchange Students)
Joe’s Rotary Club in Germany did not offer him much support, however his 2nd Host family looked after him really well and practically took the place of his Rotary Club.
Gibraltar was covered in monkeys. Was bitten by one who was looking for food.
Had 3 host families in total.
He managed to accumulate many Bags which filled the Volkswagen Transporter during his first move.
First Host Family vegetarian came as a shock. Grabbed a snitzel on the way home to survive.
Joe presented a Club Banner from his host Club to Pres. Judy.
Joe’s presentation was accompanied with a well put together PowerPoint presentation.
Joe Returns from Exchange in Germany Peter Kavenagh 2016-03-22 00:00:00Z 0

Amanda Haugh - Interplast

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Mar 08, 2016
Interplast is one of Australia’s and New Zealand best kept secrets.
Interplast sends teams of volunteer plastic and reconstructive surgeons, anesthetists, nurses and allied health professionals to provide life-changing surgery and medical training in 17 countries across the Asia Pacific region.
Interplast does this in partnership with local organisations, including hospitals, universities and local NGOs. Our mission is to ‘repair bodies and rebuild lives’ and we do this through providing surgical services to those who could not otherwise afford or access these, and by building the capacity of local medical systems through our training and mentoring programs.
Interplast is a fully accredited NGO with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), registered by the Australian Charities and Not For Profit Commission and is a signatory to the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) Code of Conduct.
Interplast has been repairing lives in the Asia Pacific for 33 years. Aim is to leave a legacy of skills behind as the team departs, so the local people can benefit from the knowledge gained and perform the surgery themselves.
Some medical people are brought to Australia to be trained with some of the training being performed in Geelong.
David Fisher thanked Amanda for updating us on Interplast’s work and her presentation which included a powerpoint display.
Amanda Haugh - Interplast Peter Kavenagh 2016-03-08 00:00:00Z 0

Lachlan Baensch

Posted on Mar 01, 2016
RC of Bayside Geelong put forward 2 applicants with Lachlan being successful as was his brother Alex a few years ago.
Lachlan attended the NYSF in Canberra with 180 other students from predominately Australia, with some attendee also from Fiji, NZ and South Africa.
Some of the facilities visited in Canberra were the Lockheed Martin, NASA Deep probe network, Australian Academy of Science and the Australia War Memorial.
All major Australian Universities were also present and mounted cases as to why the students should choose their University for Tertiary Studies.
Lachlan’s brother Alex attended NYSF in Perth but the content was similar.
Lachlan was so enthused with NYSF that he will speak at school assemble and in classrooms about NYSF and encourage other students to apply in the following years.
Phil thanked Lachlan for his talk and help at recent Club BBQ’s.
Phil wished Lachlan all the best for Year 12 studies and hoped that NYSF has played some role in his future choice of career.
Lachlan Baensch Peter Kavenagh 2016-03-01 00:00:00Z 0

Don Shields

Posted on Feb 23, 2016
Don is the treasurer of the school and is on a mission to obtain Rotary Club’s help on funding and providing volunteer resources for a project which will improve the yard for the 227 autistic children that attend the  school.
Tonight in the 4th Rotary Club that Don has visited today.
Grovedale Rotary Club sponsored the building of a pool some years ago and Geelong Central RC provided financial and volunteer resources recently in improving the fencing so it is more “friendly and sensory” to the autistic children.
Can Bayside RC help??
It will be discussed at Board Meeting as the minimum cost could be $4000.00.
Thank you Don for your enthusiastic and interesting presentation.
Don Shields Peter Kavenagh 2016-02-23 00:00:00Z 0

BBQ Trailer Working Bee at Robin Hunts

Posted on Feb 16, 2016
Many hands made light work with the majority of Club members in attendance.
We all rolled up our sleeves to repack the trailer and clean up our storage shed.
It will make ongoing repacking of our trailer a much easier task.
Our evening then continued at Town and Country Pizza and Pasta at Waurn Ponds Shopping Centre with good food and fellowship.
It was nice to meet Lena’s mum and brother who also joined us for dinner.
President Judy thanked all in attendance but especially our French visitors. Judy then closed the meeting with the quote “Be a Gift to the World”
BBQ Trailer Working Bee at Robin Hunts Peter Kavenagh 2016-02-16 00:00:00Z 0

Production line of Days for Girls

Posted on Feb 09, 2016

Days for Girls

After a few announcements this meeting was dedicated to helping Telsa and her group to do a sorting and assembling the kits that were the end result of many hours work but her group.
I encourage you to visit this site for a full understand ing of this project and the good it is doing.
Production line of Days for Girls Peter Kavenagh 2016-02-09 00:00:00Z 0

Social Gathering

Posted on Jan 19, 2016
A lovely evening was had by all, when Baysiders, partners and friends travelled to Rotarian Brian Burch’s home in Bellbrae last Tuesday.
A scrumptious BBQ was enjoyed by all which was followed by yummy desserts supplied by the ladies of the club.
There was little interest in playing cricket after the meal, so we moved onto the Blind Auction, where a number of people had brought along wrapped gifts from Christmas.
Lively bidding ensued with auctioneer Brian struggling to control the bidding frenzy.
A healthy $200+ was raised from the auction. Thank you to all who so generously donated items and to those who bravely bought items, sight unseen.
The funds raised will go towards the club’s annual donation to the Freshwater Creek Fire Brigade.
We also welcomed a prospective past member, Judy. It was great to meet you and we look forward to seeing you again soon.
Many thanks to Brian for hosting the evening and to John V. And John S. for organising the BBQ.
Social Gathering Peter Kavenagh 2016-01-19 00:00:00Z 0

Great Western Hotel to start the year

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Jan 12, 2016
It was great to see everyone last Tuesday evening at the Great Western Hotel, for our first get together for 2016.
Everyone enjoyed a tasty meal and there was plenty of socialising.
During the night FUN Committee Chair, Jo White, got everyone working on a motto for our District Conference polo shirts.
There were some very interesting ideas.
Thanks to Jo for organising the evening.
Great Western Hotel to start the year Peter Kavenagh 2016-01-12 00:00:00Z 0

Murder Mystery - At the Wedding Reception

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Dec 15, 2015
What a wonderful finish to 2015 we had on the night of December 15th at the Fyansford Hotel.
An intriguing Murder Mystery was staged in the form of a Wedding Reception, with the poor bride being murdered via a poisoned drink.
Luckily P.I. Camilla C. Lueless from the Clueless Detective Agency, was on hand to sift through all the facts and clues to eventually deduce the murderer as being none other than Finnigan Smalley, so called friend and business associate of the Bridegroom Lord Fenton Smythe-Williams.
It was great to see that all the guests dressed up to the occasion and acted out their parts brilliantly!!!!
A BIG thankyou to Jo and her FUN committee of Simon, Murray and Judy for organising the night.
Well done everyone!!!!!!
Upper Piddlington will never be the same!!!!
Murder Mystery - At the Wedding Reception Peter Kavenagh 2015-12-15 00:00:00Z 0

City of Greater Geelong Workers Christmas Party

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Dec 11, 2015
The City of Greater Geelong Workers Christmas Party was held on Friday December 11th at the Arena.
A BIG thankyou to John Virgona, John Spiteri and Brian Burch for organising and coordinating the catering event and well done to all members, partners, family and friends who came along to help out on the day and night.
It was a great team effort. Congratulations everyone!!!!
City of Greater Geelong Workers Christmas Party Peter Kavenagh 2015-12-11 00:00:00Z 0

Emma Roulston Spice Night

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Dec 01, 2015
We all assembled in Telsa’s kitchen and sampled the dips, chocolate sauces and the very tasty chicken.
How easy to make delicious dips from a plain yoghurt base using the flavours supplied.
At the end of the presentation we had the opportunity to purchase some of the spices that were used in tonight’s demonstration.
Thank you Emma and Telsa. It was an interesting night that also raised approx. $150.00 for the Rotary Foundation.
Emma Roulston Spice Night Peter Kavenagh 2015-12-01 00:00:00Z 0

SPOT the Difference Evening

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Nov 24, 2015
We all assembled in the park opposite the Geelong Yacht Club where Jo and David White were waiting for us.
Each group was given an identical set of Photos and sent on our way towards the Eastern Beach children’s pool.
We then had to walk back towards the merry go round near Cunningham Pier.
The task was to identify where each photo was taken and note what was missing from each photo. Items missing included Parking Signs, roofs of buildings and for 1 group the Ferris wheel. (Only if you looked from the wrong angle said David)
The winners were Murray’s Group. Sorry I cannot recall all members of the group, but congratulations to all of you. (Editor Dan Furlan)
The evening was then completed with a meal at the Wharf Shed.
A fun social evening with a lovely walk along the waterfront and the catching up with all members and guests over the meal.
SPOT the Difference Evening Peter Kavenagh 2015-11-24 00:00:00Z 0

Dr. Murray MacDonald - Seafood Sustainability

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Nov 10, 2015
Murray retired from his position as a Marine Scientist some years ago but then established a marine consulting business.
In mid 2014 this took Murray to the West Coast of Canada where he worked on assessing of red salmon wild stock fisheries to determine eligibility for seafood sustainability certification (also known as eco labelling).
Murray show us very many photos of his experience with each photo having its own story.
While in Canada Murray also supported a family friend whose son has hearing issues and was attending a clinic in Canada.
Murray took the opportunity to also:
Ski the whistler resort in Canada.
Cycled around Vancouver on their many bike paths.
Found a racoon in someone’s front yard.
Went Kayaking in Vancouver.
Visited Mexico and views the Mayan ruins at the Yucatán Peninsula.
Dr. Murray MacDonald - Seafood Sustainability Peter Kavenagh 2015-11-10 00:00:00Z 0

Melbourne (Rippleside) Cup

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Nov 03, 2015
All attendees celebrated the spirit of the Rippleside Cup and took part in horse races across the park.
Despite the failing light both the horses and jockeys were keen to show their talents and run their race.
There were many surprises among the winners with a female jockey (Jo White) having struggled with her mount early in the race finally regaining control in the home straight to win the coveted prize.
Other winners were Murray McDonald who showed great form as a galloper in his first appearance at this course.
A great time was had by all with the Cup Sweep prizes going to the following:
1st Judy Beasley      
2nd Simon Empson
3rd Lena Titaud
Lucky Last John Vergona 
A Melbourne Cup Trivia Quiz was also held. This was a good test for members after a long day at the races.


At the end of the race program the Club joined our Exchange student Lena Tetaud with a birthday cake to help celebrate her 18th Birthday. The Club presented Lena with a beautiful bracelet and card as a memento of the occasion.  
Melbourne (Rippleside) Cup Peter Kavenagh 2015-11-03 00:00:00Z 0

A Cultural Netball Trip to Fiji

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Oct 20, 2015
Ebony is a year 10 student at Sacred Heart College in Newtown and resides in East Geelong with her parents.
On the 27th Sept Ebony departed with 19 other girls for Fiji on a cultural netball trip with St.Mary’s Sporting Club Netball team. Destination was not a major city but a village of 100 people in the Fijian Highlands.
Accommodation was huts with 10 girls per hut. Toilet and shower facilities were interesting.
Had to wear sulu’s which covered legs. Village grew crops fro own use.
Did lose two netball games. The Fijian Girls were very athletic.
They could jump really high and it was difficult to get the ball over them. The Fijian girls also played barefoot.

Had no power in huts, so no electronic devices.

Purpose of Exchange was:

Increase intercultural understanding through immersion in a Fijian community.
Increased understanding of the world beyond school/local community and development issues.
Contribution to another community through skill-sharing, intercultural engagement and educational resources.
Increased ability to engage responsibly in community activity through immersion in a Fijian community, support of classroom activities in the local primary school and participation in netball fixtures.
Increased awareness of ones rights and responsibilities as a global citizen.
Increased interpersonal capacity, self-awareness and critical thinking skills through challenging experiences in a remote environment.
A lengthy question and answer session followed with members asking many questions which were well answered by Ebony.
A Cultural Netball Trip to Fiji Peter Kavenagh 2015-10-20 00:00:00Z 0

Happy Birthday Peter Hynes

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Oct 13, 2015
President Judy welcomed all in attendance and thanked our host Peter Hynes for inviting all to his home to celebrate his 70th birthday.
Peter organised catering and we were all treated to some amazing food with many choices for main course.
This was followed by dessert and then birthday cake and coffee.
All of us had a wonderful social evening.
From all of us in attendance thank you Peter for your hospitality and allowing us all to share in your birthday celebration.
Happy Birthday Peter Hynes Peter Kavenagh 2015-10-13 00:00:00Z 0

Hats Night

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Oct 06, 2015

A Mini Fundraiser for Hat Day.

A Rotary initiative to raise funds for mental health research.
We all wore our Hats with Jo White’s design being declared the winner after votes were tallied. We all paid $1 for the privilege of voting.
All present brought goods to place in the Stall and we all then bought those goods at prices marked.
Any items unsold were then auctioned by an enthusiastic auctioneer Peter Hynes.
At least $100 was raised on the night for mental health research in what was a different but very enjoyable night.
Hats Night Peter Kavenagh 2015-10-06 00:00:00Z 0

Kais Village - Community Rachel Van Zetten

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Sep 29, 2015
Rachel is a Geelong girl who was educated at St John’s Lutheran Primary School, Clonard College and is now studying 2nd Year Medicine at Monash University.  Rachel first visited the Kais Orphanage on a school trip (World Challenge) in 2010.
She has returned as a volunteer whenever able as she believes she is able to make a difference to the lives of the orphan kids.
Kais Village is located in the rural Cambodian town of Treng Trayoeung, in the province of Kampong Speu. It is about 86km out of Phnom Penh, about a two and a half hour journey from the capital. 
History of the orphanage and my involvement “Returning home after working with the UN in Somalia, Soung Santepheap (Sunny) was shocked again by the conditions he found in his home village in Kompong Thom Province in Cambodia.
Joined in 2002 by Karen Butler, KaisKids full time program director, initially Kais Kids provided support to needy families and orphanages in Kompong Thom, Kep and Mondolkiri.
Seeking a permanent home in which to provide comprehensive care, the Kais Village Community was founded in an old farmhouse that was refurbished for 20 children and staff. Situated in Treng Trayoeung village on 7 hectares of land, today the thriving community houses over 40 children and comprises a school, a nursery for our youngest children, accommodation for the older children, a large kitchen & dining room and a medical centre.”
It is now a registered charity in the UK with a board of trustees.
Kais Village - Community Rachel Van Zetten Peter Kavenagh 2015-09-28 14:00:00Z 0

Big Brothers Big Sisters program

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Sep 15, 2015
Christine introduced Felicity Kenyon the coordinator from Big Brothers Big Sisters program who provide mentoring services to young people. BBBS is a program of the Barwon Child, Youth and family care program.

What is the BBBS program ??

BBBS community based mentoring provides young people in need of additional support and friendship, with a caring adult mentor and positive role model. The program is based on the simplicity and power of friendship.

Who needs a BBBG ??

BBBS of Geelong is designed to be of greatest assistance to young people who are in need of additional adult support and may be disengaged from education or training. The young people are aged 12-18 years and live in the Geelong area.

What is a BBBS ??

A BBBS is a volunteer mentor, positive role model and supportive friend. A mentor is someone a young person can trust, talk to, learn from and help build their skills to participate and connect to the community.

How much time will it take ??

Mentors commit to spending quality time with a young person for only an hour a week for a minimum of 12 months.

How do I get Involved ??

To find out more about Big Brothers Big Sisters call 1300 4 MENTOR or contact at Barwon Youth on 52 214466. Also you can click on link:
Big Brothers Big Sisters program Peter Kavenagh 2015-09-14 14:00:00Z 0

Farewell to St John's Group from Zimbabwe

Posted on Aug 30, 2015
Due to the above cancellation the Farewell luncheon for the St John’s Choir Group from Zimbabwe on the 30th August became our official meeting for the week.
The farewell Luncheon was held at the Riverview BIG 4 caravan Park with pizza’s courtesy of Frank Iannuzzi’s “The Mobile Pizzaria” (Past Bayside Member and PHF).
Desserts were supplied by Bayside Members with more than enough choice for all.
The Choir sang 3 songs as a thank-you for Bayside’s support of their tour. It must have sounded impressive as the crowds came running from all areas of the caravan park.
Nicole Smilevski and Mark Furlan did a wonderful job of coordinating the Australian end and not to forget all Nash’s work at the Zimbabwe end to make it all happen.
Pres Judy thanked the group for the visit and cultural exchange. We will miss you all but may catch up again sometime.
Have a safe journey home to Harare.
Farewell to St John's Group from Zimbabwe Peter Kavenagh 2015-08-29 14:00:00Z 0

Welcome to St John's Tour Group from Zimbabwe

Posted on Aug 18, 2015
It was an early start to the evening with Bayside Rotary members arriving at 4:30 p.m. to setup the kitchen/dining room and then get the salads and desserts organised.
Other members got the BBQ’s firing both in the kitchen and the outdoor BBQ area.
At 6:00 p.m. St John’s Tour Group began arriving and in no time the 30 students and teachers were fed with 15 hungry Rotarians following not far behind.
Pres Judy welcomed the Tour Group and wished them well for their stay in Geelong.
We then enjoyed Pavlova as our dessert.
The school captain thanked Bayside for the dinner provided. The group then made its way to the Ten Pin Bowling Centre in Reynolds Road Belmont where all had a wonderful time.
Welcome to St John's Tour Group from Zimbabwe Peter Kavenagh 2015-08-17 14:00:00Z 0

Lena Tetaud - Our French Exchange Student

Posted on Aug 11, 2015
Pres Judy then introduced our chairman for the evening Peter Kavenagh.
Peter stated that he is very committed to Youth Exchange which he believes is an awesome program. 
Worldwide 5,000 – 6,000 kids are experiencing Youth Exchange. What a great way it is to develop worldwide contacts from many countries and develop better relations between countries.
Peter then introduced Exchange Student Lena Tetaud and asked what can we learn from Lena ??
Lena lives in the city of Marmande with a population of approx. 17,000.
Marmande is located 35 km north-west of Agen, on the southern railway from Bordeaux to Sète A noted producer of tomatoes, a festival dedicated to tomatoes is held annually in July. It is also a wine producing area but not very renowned.
Gararock music festival is held every year and about 80,000 people attend.
Lena then showed a Powerpoint display of her mother’s house and her father’s house.
Lena’s hobbies are mostly music, she plays the saxophone and piano.
Lena’s sports are rowing, surfing and snow sking.
Lena attends a local regional school with 3,000 students and studies economics, science and music.
The Prime Minister is Manuel Valls and the President is Francois Hollande.
France has a population of 65 Million.
That concluded Lena’s presentation with many questions being asked by members present.
Lena then finished up with a recital of the French National Anthem with her saxophone. Well
done Lena !!!!!
Lena Tetaud - Our French Exchange Student Peter Kavenagh 2015-08-10 14:00:00Z 0

District Governor Jane Cox

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Aug 04, 2015
Pres Judy then introduced DG Jane Cox.
DG Jane stated that our club does much more than just BBQ’s. We have an outbound and an inbound student this year as well supporting the other Youth projects of NYSF, RYPEN and RYLA.
We also have a major involvement in the Days for Girls Project.
Last Year Kaniva and Nhill Rotary Clubs handed their charter back, they were unable to continue due to lack of numbers. Always remember that membership retention is as important as new members.
DG Jane then presented Centurion Certificates to all from Bayside that had qualified prior to June 30th 2015.
DG Jane’s Rotary District Conference 9780 dates are March 18th – 20th 2016. The conference will be held on the waterfront.
Pres Judy then introduced Jo White, who got us organised with our fun footy games.
District Governor Jane Cox Peter Kavenagh 2015-08-03 14:00:00Z 0

Lena Tetaud - Our French Exchange Student has arrived

Posted on Jul 29, 2015
On Wednesday 29 July Lena arrived at Tullamarine after a harrowing journey over 48 Hours. She was welcomed by Telsa, Mark and Peter.
Her flight from Toulouse was delayed and consequently she missed her connection in London.  After rebooking her on another flight the next day British Airways provided her with a Hotel room.  It was a new experience to be in London and an anxious wait for the next day and to again arrive at Heathrow to board her flight half way around the world.  The flight was via Singapore arrovomg at Sydney.  At Sydney she had to make her way to the Domestic terminal and board another flight to Melbourne. 
Now because Sydney was not her original plan of course her luggage did not arrive with her.  Another obstacle!  Fortunately a quick visit to Luggage services at Tulla. She was assured that it would be delived to her new home that same day.   True to their word it was delivered by courier that evening.   
She has settled in now and with a number of initial administrative things done she is now looking forward to starting school at Oberon.
Also attending her first Rotary Meeting on Tuesday where all the club members are looking forward to meeting her.
Lena Tetaud - Our French Exchange Student has arrived Peter Kavenagh 2015-07-29 00:00:00Z 0

Committees Night

Posted on Jul 21, 2015
As it was our committee’s night we formed into our committee groups for the rest of the evening for some planning and discussion for the 2015-16 year ahead.
Youth Services – Phil Quick
Lachlan Baensch was successful in his interview process and will attend NYSF
Inbound exchange student from France Lena Tetaud arrives Tuesday 28th July and hopefully will attend next week’s meeting.
Community & Vocational – Daryll Webb
Letter received from St Mary’s Football and Netball Club asking for support for a netball team that will be visiting Fiji on a Cultural Exchange.
Robert Van Zetten and daughter Rachel have requested support for a Cambodian Orphanage project that they are involved in.
A workplace visit to the new premises of FW Tile Town in Torquay Road Grovedale to be organised in the near future.
What’s new in your workplace to be continued into the new Rotary year with each member being invited to speak.
Membership, PR and Fun – Jo White
Some interesting facts from the recent Club Survey. Most members happy with the way the club is functioning.
DG Jan Cox’s visit on 4th August will be a footy theme night.
The club is open to accepting new members please contact us if you are interested. 0418882022
Committees Night Peter Kavenagh 2015-07-20 14:00:00Z 0

French Inspired Theme Night

Posted on Jul 14, 2015
Well what a wonderful night was had by all who attended the French inspired theme night held at Simon and Sarah Empson’s home last Tuesday night. It was a taste of what’s to come when we welcome our French Exchange student Lena.
Although numbers were down, it didn’t deter those who were there to dress in French costume and kick up their heels and enjoy the delicious French champagne and red wine on offer.
Thanks to everyone who brought along the wine and the scrumptious array of French inspired food – we nibbled on bikkies and cheese as an appetiser which was followed by French onion soup (from the kitchen of master chef John S.) served with Jo’s crunchy baguettes.
For second course we tasted delicious quiches and salads (provided by Peter K., Murray and Judy) and to top it off we were treated to Telsa’s gateau cake and profiteroles. During the evening Director of Membership, PR & FUN, Jo, presented us with a questionnaire to fill out and Foundation Director David presented Murray with his Centurion mug and club annual report. After tea Telsa formed the group into 2 teams to play some informal fun games such as the French maids’ race, building French landmarks and translating French into English.
Many thanks to Telsa for organising and coordinating the evening. We look forward to the next theme night. Who would like to take a turn at hosting????
French Inspired Theme Night Peter Kavenagh 2015-07-13 14:00:00Z 0

ICE- Snr Sergeant Tony Francis

Posted on Jun 30, 2015
Peter Hynes introduced Snr Sergeant Tony Francis who has served in the police force for 27 Years. 18 months ago he started on the ICE journey of trying to minimize it in the Geelong area.
The Govt cannot fix the problem on its own, neither can the Health system, nor can the Police. It needs to be a joint effort of the three mentioned plus the community all working together.
ICE is a behavioral changer, usually leads to violence. It makes you feel like superman. 6% of Australians use drugs the highest in the world.
A hit on ICE is cheaper then alcohol which is taxed heavily. 1/10 gram sells for $50 to $60. It will give you 12 Hours of good time.
Let our town reach its full potential and prevent this ugly drug’s devastation. Our town’s ICE FIGHT. There’s no place for ICE.
Many questions were asked of Tony and ICE. We all learned more than we previously knew about ICE.
Chairman Peter thanked Tony for his informative presentation and presented him with a memento of his visit to our Club.
Peter Hynes then handed back to Pres Judy.
ICE- Snr Sergeant Tony Francis Peter Kavenagh 2015-06-29 14:00:00Z 0

Celebration Dinner

Posted on Jun 23, 2015
We have been “Lighting up Rotary” and now moving to “Be a gift to the World”.
DGE Jane Cox proposed the toast to Rotary International and reminded us that the main object of Rotary is Service to the World.
PDG Chris Sims responded to the toast on behalf of Rotary International and reminded us that some in the world are not as fortunate as us and quoted us Past RI President John Kinne’s theme “The Future of Rotary is in Your Hands”.
Rotarian Jane Myers spoke about an international project in Ballamataan Nepal that she was a part of. Midwifery skills were taught to local medical staff. Six Rotary Clubs involved, Bayside Geelong plus 2 more from Victoria, two from New Zealand and one from Nepal.
Jane and her group then presented at a break out session at the RI Conference in Sydney in 2014. Jane has kept in touch with the group in Ball and looks like another trip will happen in the near future.
PP Jo White than presented a power point display of the “Year that Was”. It was a timely reminder of what we achieved over the year and of course the fun we all had participating in very worthy causes. “Rotary is fun while serving the community was very apparent” in the “Year that Was”.
Celebration Dinner Peter Kavenagh 2015-06-22 14:00:00Z 0

Freshwater Creek Fire Brigade

Posted on Jun 16, 2015
The members of the Fire Brigade gave an interesting insight into the history and the workings of the two truck fire Station.
The station is run entirely by volunteers and like all service clubs they are also struggling to attract new members.
New members must attend training and reach a level of certification prior to being able to ride on the fire trucks and attend emergencies.
The presentation was followed by a tour of the station, with many Rotarians eagerly going back to their childhood and gleefully climbing all over the Fire Engine. No one was backward in getting their photo taken on the engine either.
Freshwater Creek Fire Brigade Peter Kavenagh 2015-06-15 14:00:00Z 0

Blood Bank

Posted on Jun 09, 2015
The was no formal meeting this week instead members were all booked into give blood.  This author was excused at the last minute with flu but others who could did donate some of their blood.  Rumour has it that there was no 'blue" blood amongst them.
Blood Bank Peter Kavenagh 2015-06-08 14:00:00Z 0

Changes in the Workplace - Daryll Webb

Posted on Jun 02, 2015
Daryl presented to us a view of his workplace which is at National Tiles
He gave us many pictures of his colleagues and presented an overall view of this place, including history and culture.
Talking about the importance of the workplace including the social impace.
He had many photos to which he talked about.
Thank you Daryll
Changes in the Workplace - Daryll Webb Peter Kavenagh 2015-06-01 14:00:00Z 0

CPR Night

Posted on May 26, 2015
Need to up update CPR training regularly.
We watched video where someone collapsed and as person who found them had no CPR
training and panicked and did most things incorrectly the person could not be revived even
with the arrival of the ambulance.
Take two of the above video where the person on the scene had some knowledge and didn’t
panic, gave basic CPR and with the arrival of the Ambulance the person life was saved.
Remember any CPR is better than no CPR.
CPR Night Peter Kavenagh 2015-05-25 14:00:00Z 0

Phil Quick - Workplace story

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on May 12, 2015

Phil was born and bred in Lara 7th of 8 children. He is married to Karen with 2 kids Ben & Jenna. Jenna is also a member of Bayside Rotary Club and an ex exchange student.

Phil is a Qualified Plumber who now works as a Project Manager for D&E Air conditioning, currently working on VCCC the new cancer hospital in Parkville.

Joined Rotary in 2010 after Bayside had sponsored Jenna on Youth Exchange Spent 6 months in Antarctica as a maintenance plumber

He is the Incoming Chairman of 9780 Youth Exchange Committee.

Phil spoke about the current project he is working on which is the new cancer hospital in Parkville known as the VCCC (Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre).

It is a 1 billion dollar state of the art Hospital, the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. D&E Air conditioning (My Employer) have a 100 million contract to install the air conditioning and ventilation to the facility.

It is a 20 floor building, 14 floors above ground and 6 under. 4 floors underground parking, the 1 floor back of house offices maintenance etc. 1 floor radiography bunkers and offices, ground floor reception retail. 1st floor accommodation for relatives of patients, levels 2-6 clinical floors, wards, theaters, etc. level 7 plant room. Due for completion later this year, open for patients June 2016.

Phil was able to show us a video of the site being built.

Click here to see the videos

Phil Quick - Workplace story Peter Kavenagh 2015-05-11 14:00:00Z 0


Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Apr 21, 2015


Require Volunteers for 2 BBQ next Weekend 1st and 2nd May.

Friday 1st May is the Vines Road Community Market (Under Cover) Hours 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. All facilities provided by community centre. We are just required to supply the meat and onions.

Saturday 2nd May is the Torquay Safeway BBQ 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Volunteers required.


Saturday 2nd May is the Torquay Safeway BBQ 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Volunteers required.

Membership and PR and Fun

A pop up Rotary Banner will be purchased so we can use at all our events leading to greater community awareness of our club.

Blood bank 5:15 p.m. till 8:00 p.m. 9th June is reserved for Bayside RC. Need to make your own booking.

Committees Peter Kavenagh 2015-04-21 00:00:00Z 0

Lauren and Cassie Gravett

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Apr 14, 2015

Lauren and Cassie aborted their holiday and hope of work in the UK, to follow a calling at Sienreap Village, 60 Kilometers from Phnom Phen, where their search for a coffee hit led them to starting a cafe, sourcing local coffee beans and providing work. Their profits help to educate local girls.

Hearts to Harmony is a Non-Government Organization (NGO) based in Siem Reap,Cambodia. Their aim is to enhance the lives of individuals in pursuit of studying and creating a healthy and safe environment for them.

They provide education scholarships from primary schooling through to university studies.

Their outreach program consists of regular health workshops, assistance with dental care, and monthly food packages to all our families in rural Siem Reap.


Lauren and Cassie Gravett Peter Kavenagh 2015-04-14 00:00:00Z 0

Meeting With Jo

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Apr 07, 2015

No meeting this week but instead a “Cricket Team of 12”gathered at the Lara Sports Club for a social night and some fine food.

The chef was no other than the Incoming President of Lara Rotary Club Chris Kinley.

Thank you Chris for the great meals.

Meeting With Jo Peter Kavenagh 2015-04-07 00:00:00Z 0

Australian Volunteers International (AVI)

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Mar 31, 2015

President Judy introduced Chairman Peter Kavenagh who in turn introduced Dr Mark Kavenagh
from Australian Volunteers International. (AVI)

Mark was educated at Belmont High School, Melbourne Uni (Major in Psychology) Monash
Uni (Post Grad) then back to Melbourne University for a Doctrate in Psychology (Education).

Currently Mark works as the Child Protection Advisor within AVI.
Involved in over 25 countries in world from Africa to South East Asian Region.

It can be a 6 mth – 2 Year Placement. Voluntary Involvement, however airfares and Visa costs as well as living expenses and accommodation allowance is provided. 24 Hour Health and Emergency Support is also provided.

AVI is closely associated with the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

As an AVI volunteer you will require:

  • Qualifications or relevant experience within your area of expertise
  • A desire to help develop the capabilities and skills of others.
  • Respect for different cultures
  • A willingness to listen, and learn from other people.
  • The ability to adapt to changing situations.
  • Resourcefulness resilience, flexibility and a sense of humour.

If you apply be prepared to go through an extensive interview process. As a volunteer you will contribute to positive change.

For further information see the website:
Mark’s presentation concluded with many questions being asked. This showed the level of interest by members and guests.

Australian Volunteers International (AVI) Peter Kavenagh 2015-03-31 00:00:00Z 0

Committees and Conference Report

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Mar 24, 2015

DISTRICT 9780 CONFERENCE – MARYBOROUGH Friday 21st - Sunday 23rd March 2015

Last weekend 4 Bayside Geelong Rotarians and their partners took up the invitation to “Take the Journey to light Up Our World” when they attended the 2015 District 9780 Conference which was held at Maryborough and was hosted by the Rotary Club of Maryborough.

Throughout the weekend we were challenged to not only take the physical journey to Maryborough, but to also take the inner journey, to prepare ourselves to light up the four aspects of our Rotary “World”.

Committees and Conference Report Peter Kavenagh 2015-03-24 00:00:00Z 0

Compined Meeting with Corio Bay Rotary Club - Paul Kearns

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Mar 19, 2015

Mr. Paul Kearns Principle Urologist at Barwon Health and surgeon.

Paul gave an interesting talk with PowerPoint Display on the Men’s Health Topic of prostate cancer.

All men 50 and over should at least have the PSA Blood test and the at least once every 3 years.

Just because you may have a higher reading does not mean you have prostate cancer.

Higher reading could be as a result of an infection.

Men should go to the Doctor immediately they have any worrying symptoms “down there” as most of the time it is not cancer. If it is cancer then the earliest that cancer detected the better chance of it being treated and cured.

Compined Meeting with Corio Bay Rotary Club - Paul Kearns Peter Kavenagh 2015-03-19 00:00:00Z 0

Alex Kinross-Smith

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Mar 10, 2015

Chairman Phil Quick introduced Alex Kinross-Smith our student who we sponsored to attend the NYSF in Canberra in 2nd week of January 2015.

Alex felt it was a great preparation for VCE and University.

The highlights of his experience were

The Opening Ceremony,

"Curiosity is one of the best traits of humans."

He studied fossils and had Scientists speak about them.

Also He had dinner with these same scientists and had the opportunity to speak with them one on one over dinner. It opened eyes to wider career choices within science such as Engineers, Archaeologists and IT Scientists.

Companies such as CSIRO were represented. This most impress me - a CSIRO employee!

Some of these sessions were in the Canberra Science dome which was a wonderful setting for the young mind.

President Judy also mentioned that was one in a long line of Students that Bayside has sponsored to attend the NYSF.

Alex Kinross-Smith Peter Kavenagh 2015-03-10 00:00:00Z 0

Days for Girls Activity Night

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Mar 03, 2015

No guest speaker this week but a hands on exercise for “Days for Girls”. Telsa made us form a production line and began assembling fully completed “Kits”. I believe about 20 kits were completed in the 20 minutes.

Days for Girls Activity Night Peter Kavenagh 2015-03-03 00:00:00Z 0

Progressive Dinner

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Feb 24, 2015

This delightful gathering began with a warm welcome from Telsa, always the perfect hostess. A lovely selection of entrees was provided with lots of happy chat and a “punch” or two.

We continued on to the Furlan’s, only “500” metres down the road. Burchie wanted to know who did the measuring! The Furlan family welcomed us to their beautiful home. They had prepared a lovely main meal for us, Steak Diane, Sri Lankan Chicken curry and accoutrements.

After dinner Mark and Nicole told us about the plans to bring a group of 30 youngsters, (the HME Zimbabwe Choir) to Victoria for a “musical” tour. Club members were able to offer lots of advice on handling the tour.

Our final stop was at the Kavenagh's. We were welcomed by a large clan of cats. President Judy cut the cake in honour of Rotary International’s 110th birthday. A lovely selection of desserts were on offer to members.

Some Rotarians were seen raiding the snake bowl and contorting their faces for some while after. A wonderful evening of fellowship and fun for all. Many thanks to our hosts and hostesses.

Progressive Dinner Peter Kavenagh 2015-02-24 00:00:00Z 0


Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Feb 17, 2015

President Judy asked us to consider our Action Plan.

Fill in parts of the form during our committee meeting and in particular our committee’s goals.

We then gathered in our committees and discussed our future plans for this Rotary year.


Phil Quick YOUTH.

Working on hosting a Inbound Exchange Student to be shared with another Rotary Club.

NYSF, RYLA and RYPEN all being investigated.

Daryll Webb Community & Vocational.

Easter Egg hunt on 5th April at Bellarine Estate Winery.

Barwon Health require helpers. If able to volunteer then please advise Daryll ASAP.


Goals for the year are as per our Club’s Rotary Handbook Page 12.

Some fundraising is being planned to support goals.

Simon Empson Membership and Fundraising.

Goals as per the handbook are sound.

Committees Peter Kavenagh 2015-02-17 00:00:00Z 0

Rotarian Ken Beall - RC Vernon British Columbia – My Rotary in Kenya Experience.

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Feb 10, 2015

Ken who spoke of his experiences over a 1 month Rotary Trip to Kenya

Ken a member of the RC of Vernon British Columbia in Canada is a photojournalist, married with 2 children and some grandchildren who now lives an énviable nomadic’ life of 6 months of the year in Canada and 6 months in Australia.

Due to his academic, and physical background, Ken was invited to go on a month long Rotary Trip to Kenya to act as the videographer, photojournalist and computer technician; a trip which was to check on past Rotary projects and to set up some computer labs and libraries in schools and also look into future projects.

Ken taught us that JAMBO was Swahili for Hello.

First project was to load operating systems on lab computers. If the computers do not work then they are broken down and recycled. Even the plastics are used to make fence posts. Nothing is wasted.

Ken then visited a University and noted many of the books in the library were donated by Rotary.

A visit to OI Pejeta which is a non-profit wildlife conservancy in Kenya supporting endangered species, tourism and community outreach. Then on to a boarding school where only some of the kids had mattresses on their beds. By the time Ken left he had ensured that all beds had mattresses.

Rotarian Ken Beall - RC Vernon British Columbia – My Rotary in Kenya Experience. Peter Kavenagh 2015-02-10 00:00:00Z 0

Phil Hayden – My Kokoda experience

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Feb 03, 2015

Phil is a local resident who has 6 children and 14 grandchildren. He has 46 years of experience as a Primary and Secondary school teacher. Phil is a member of Lions and started the “Men’s Shed” in Leopold.

Phil is big on making every day count and has paddled the Murray River each year for 10 years, participated in marathons, Lorne Pier to Pub and in 2012 aged in his early 70’s walked the Kokoda track.

Phil went with Australian Kokoda Tours a company run by an ex student of his Michael O’Malley.

Phil spoke of the experience in preparation for the walk, participation and the ultimate achievement of completing the walk. Phil also told us that the Geelong police through their community programs had taken some youths who were at risk on the Kokoda walk with great success in changing their lives. He reminded us that the Police were always looking for funding for these programs and any donations would be welcome.

Further information for anyone interested can be obtained from the website

Phil Hayden – My Kokoda experience Peter Kavenagh 2015-02-03 00:00:00Z 0

Committee night

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Jan 27, 2015

President Judy spoke about the successful combined meeting with Torquay Rotary Club.

Thanks to John Spiteri for all the work he has done on the car raffle.

Thanks to Telsa for her work on the “Days for Girls”. The packs will be soon sent overseas.

The Club’s proposed Vision and Mission statements were displayed on the overhead display.

President Judy and the board have put in a lot of work with the Visioning and Mission statements.  Also there were a template of Club Prioities for the meeting to examine and digest.  

More to follow

Committees again set their priorities  for the remainder of the Rotary Calendar year.

A highlight will be the arrival of the Zimbabew youth concert tour in August

The tour is called the Hakuna Matata Experience - More to follow

Ride the Ballarine on Sunday 19th April is becoming exciting.

Committee night Peter Kavenagh 2015-01-27 00:00:00Z 0

Bayside Geelong and Torquay Rotary Clubs - The Challenge Match

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Jan 20, 2015
story thumbnail

What a great night Bayside Geelong and Torquay RC's had last Tuesday night, for their Annual Get together at Brian Burch’s property at Bellbrae. Thank you Brian for your hospitality.

The weather was perfect, for a change, and the evening was well supported by both clubs. The friendly cricket match was quite entertaining, with Torquay, narrow winners by 2 runs.

The pizzas made by a friend of Bayside RC, Frank Iannuzzi, were enjoyed by all. Pizzas were followed by lots of delicious desserts prepared by both clubs. A big thank you to those people who brought the desserts from both clubs.

It would have been great to have had a few more auction items, but the ones brought along netted over $200, which was a good effort. Thank you to all who donated items.

The total funds raised on the night was $500, coming from the night fee, Auction and coin toss at the bottle. This was a great result and will be most beneficial to the Freshwater Creek Fire Brigade, to purchase much needed equipment.  Many thanks to members of both Clubs for supporting the evening and we look forward to our next get together in 2016, when Torquay Rotary Club will be the hosts.

Yours in Rotary Service

Judy Beasley
President RC Bayside Geelong

Bayside Geelong and Torquay Rotary Clubs - The Challenge Match Peter Kavenagh 2015-01-20 00:00:00Z 0

Christmas Meeting Break up

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Dec 16, 2014
story thumbnail


A very enjoyable evening was had by all who attended, on the 16th December 2014, when we held our Hawaiian Night, as our last meeting for 2014.

Everyone looked very colourful with their hawaiian shirts, dresses and leis. The most colourful shirt award would have to go Darryl!!!! Well done. Many thanks must go to Phil and Karen Quick for opening their home to us and thank you to all, for the delicious meats, salads and desserts we indulged in.

It was also wonderful to see Jo and David call by and join in with us. You are so positive Jo, and we are all thinking of you and wish you well.

Christmas Meeting Break up Peter Kavenagh 2014-12-16 00:00:00Z 0

COOGG Workers and Families Christmas Party

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Dec 12, 2014

Well done to everyone who was able to attend and help out at the COGG Workers and Families Christmas Party. Food preparation and serving of the food all worked like clockwork, thanks to the hard working volunteers and the excellent organisation by John V. and Brian B.  It is a big effort for a small club, and once again, the Bayside Team pulled together and did it well. We have had some very positive feedback from the COGG saying they were very pleased with the assortment, quality of food and serving. So well done everybody!!!!!

COOGG Workers and Families Christmas Party Peter Kavenagh 2014-12-12 00:00:00Z 0

Lesley Shedden - ROMAC

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Dec 02, 2014
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ROMAC has been in operation for over 25 years. Rotarians volunteer their time and expertise to run this Rotary program that encompasses all the Districts of Australia and New Zealand. Assisted by many eminent Australian and New Zealand surgeons who generously donate their time free for the treatment of our patients, this humanitarian program has provided over 350 children from more than 20 developing countries with urgent medical treatment that has given them new hope.
Lesley reminded us of the important work done by ROMAC provided some updated facts on the work they are involved with. The patients are in the age range from 0 to 15 years and have medical issues which in some cases have caused them to be shunned by families. ROMAC is totally funded by Rotary and in 2013 funded treatment of 47 new patients.
The support is provided by ROMAC with funding, the medical staff who are on a pro bono basis, and also volunteer host families and drivers transporting patients while in Australia.
The treatment provided by this important Rotary funded program is not only life saving and changing but also restores dignity to many patients.
Simon thanked Lesley for her presentation which was well received judging by the many questions from the audience.
For further information please refer to the website.

Lesley Shedden - ROMAC Peter Kavenagh 2014-12-02 00:00:00Z 0

Joe Kelly getting ready for Youth Exchange in Germany

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Nov 25, 2014
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Peter Kavenagh introduced our outbound Exchange Student Joe Kelly.
Joe presented his power point presentation on Australia. It was a very comprehensive info
session on Australia, full of statistical information.
All in attendance learned something about Australia and certainly the Rotary Clubs in
Germany will also.
Do you know that 90% of Australian iron ore is exported ??? The Nullarbour Golf course is
1495 Kilometres in length ????
Joe hopes to learn a new language while he is away and to discover the real Germany and
not the tourist version.
Joe departs for Germany on 16th January 2015. We wish him all the best for his youth
exchange adventure.

Joe Kelly getting ready for Youth Exchange in Germany Peter Kavenagh 2014-11-25 00:00:00Z 0

Days for Girls Activity Night

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Nov 11, 2014

This evening was a working bee for Days for Girls project.

Telsa had us all organised with jobs ranging from cutting out material, tracing shapes and sewing.

It was a very successful night with a lot of work being done.

Thank you to all who attended including our guests who came well prepared. Some photos below showing the activity and even some of the men discovering some hidden talents.

Image surprise  Image

Days for Girls Activity Night Peter Kavenagh 2014-11-11 00:00:00Z 0

Bon Fire Night

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Nov 04, 2014
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Thanks again go to Brian Burch for allowing us to enjoy the surrounds of his beautiful garden while at the same time enjoying the warmth of the bonfire in what turned out to be a lovely relaxing evening with members and guests enjoying some self catered salads and desserts.

Many members and guests got in to the spirit of the evening with a variety of hats worn to mark the occasion.

A special thanks go Brian Burch for preparing and lighting the fire, John Virgona for his words of advice and Daryll Webb for his supervision.

Bon Fire Night Peter Kavenagh 2014-11-04 00:00:00Z 0

District Governor - Geoff James

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Oct 28, 2014

DG Geoff was our keynote speaker and delivered a presentation on “27 Steps to Rotary Enlightenment”
DG Geoff and Meryl also educationally entertained us with a song "I am, You are, We are Rotarians". It was an excellent rendition and enjoyed by all.
Meryl James then spoke of the Rotary Aquabox as her Rotary project to support for the year her husband Geoff is District Governor. President Judy thanked Meryl and on behalf of the Club presented her with a cheque for Aquabox for $1,000.

District Governor - Geoff James Peter Kavenagh 2014-10-28 00:00:00Z 0

Ken Wilks Spirit of the Heart Awards 2014.

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Oct 19, 2014
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President Judy Beasley opened the meeting, introduced herself and welcomed everyone to the Ken Wilks Spirit of the Heart Awards 2014.  This day is also a celebration for Light Up Rotary Day.

On the tables you will find some brochures and information outlining some of the wonderful work that Rotarians do. The RC Bayside Geelong is one of 34,000 clubs around the world, with over 1 million Rotarians working together whilst having fun, to make the world a better, safer and healthier place. Rotary International’s Major project has been the Eradication of Polio from the World. Through our hard work and diligence, we are now only a few years away from eradicating polio for good – we are so close

Chairman of Community and Vocational Committee Daryll Webb to introduce our first speaker Dr John Oswald OAM who spoke to us about the work of Interplast.  Dr Oswald provided a presentation of the wonderful work he and the volunteers had achieved via Interplast over the last 30 + Years. (Click Link)

The award recipient was then announced

Augustino Moedu was a very proud and humble recipient of the award and said it gave him recognition for all the struggles he had, firstly in the refugee camps and then establishing himself again when he arrived in Geelong. Now working at Diversitat he is a dedicated employee and worthy ambassador of the Karen Community


The Transport Accident Commission(TAC) have been supporting RC of Bayside Geelong as the proud sponsor of this award for some years and Hamish Heard said that the TAC was very proud to be able to support this award as their contribution to the worthy recipients.

President Judy on behalf of RC of Bayside Geelong extended sincere thanks to TAC for their sponsorship and continued support for years to come.

Ken Wilks Spirit of the Heart Awards 2014. Peter Kavenagh 2014-10-19 00:00:00Z 0
Club Visioning with Warren norton and Linda Carr Peter Kavenagh 2014-10-14 00:00:00Z 0

A Taste of travel to the land of the Bible.

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Oct 07, 2014
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You are travelling on plane from Hong Kong to Tel Aviv on El Al airlines. Aboard the plane there are Jewish people going home.
It is just before Passover when they will clean out their houses. In the hotels the whole building is cleaned including the kitchen and all the food is cleaned out and restocked.
For us there is apprehension. We are going to a new land. Our flight has been delayed and we hope that we can have enough sleep to catch with our tour group in Tel Aviv.
When we land what do we see? We see a land of contrasts. From the beach such as that at Joppa or the Jordan River, the sea of Galilee, the wilderness region which is now been able to produce food such as the sweetest tomatoes, or the Dead Sea.

A Taste of travel to the land of the Bible. Peter Kavenagh 2014-10-07 00:00:00Z 0

Margaret Lannen (Health Promotions Officer for Breast Screen for the region)

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Sep 30, 2014
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Margaret said that the Breast Screen clinic is there to promote awareness and the screening of potential breast cancer patients.
Cancer is caused by abnormal cell growth of which the most common is breast cancer.
It cannot be prevented but if caught in early stages it can be controlled and in many cases cured. It begins in the ducts and nodules of the breast.
Statistics show that 1 in every 8 Australian women will get breast cancer. 75% of women are over 50.
Early detection is best. Any changes in the breasts need to be diagnosed and investigated.
Ways of protecting against having breast cancer is to maintain a healthy weight, regular exercise and limit alcohol consumption.

Margaret Lannen (Health Promotions Officer for Breast Screen for the region) Peter Kavenagh 2014-09-30 00:00:00Z 0

Dr Murray MacDonald

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Sep 23, 2014

It was our privilege tonight to hear from our own member Murray MacDonald who shared with us his interesting life journey since retiring in late 2012. This journey has taken Murray to several countries around the world and involved both work and pleasure.

This was the first part and installment of his retirement.  Covering work in Perth and Canada so for him retirement looks like more work.

Dr Murray MacDonald Peter Kavenagh 2014-09-23 00:00:00Z 0

Skype Connection – Taona Nyasha Muchochomi New Gen Friend - Zimbabwe

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Sep 09, 2014

We connected by skype with our new gen friend Taona Nyasha Muchochomi in Zimbabwe. It has been some time since Nash returned to Zimbabwe. He is currently working in sports management as well as doing some volunteer work in the local community. Nash is pleased with the results of the Shungu art show held on 5th September in Geelong. The proceeds from the sale of artworks will be donated to charities in Zimbabwe.

We were all very pleased to talk again with Nash however despite repeated attempts By our resident IT experts the Skype connection was poor quality and we had to discontinue our conversation. Nash is hoping to return to Geelong in about two years to continue his career in Australia.

Presentation Alex Kinross-Smith - National Youth Science Forum student

Alex told us that he is studying science subjects at Oberon High School and is also studying Mandarin on Saturday mornings. He is interested in science as he likes to know how and why things work. Alex said that the forum will give him the opportunity to mix with other like minded people and provide a broader outlook which will help with his career ideas.

We congratulate Alex on his selection and look forward to hearing from him when he returns from the Forum.

Skype Connection – Taona Nyasha Muchochomi New Gen Friend - Zimbabwe Peter Kavenagh 2014-09-09 00:00:00Z 0

Tony McManus Chairman - Headspace (Barwon)

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Sep 02, 2014

Presentation by Tony McManus Chairman Headspace (Barwon)
headspace Barwon provides health services tailored to young people aged 12 to 25, offering support with: General Health, Mental Health, Alcohol and Drugs, Sexual Health and Employment support.
Headspace Barwon provides young people with access to GP’s, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Counsellors, Occupational Therapists, Youth Workers, and Education and employment specialists.

Due to increased demand for services and insufficient government funding the headspace Barwon Fund has been established to assist Headspace Barwon to deliver youth friendly support and services to young people in the local Barwon region.

Tony’s presentation was very informative and provided a valuable insight into the services provided in the community by Headspace and the need for additional funding.

President Judy thanked Tony for his presentation and gave him a cheque for $1,000 from Rotary Club of Bayside Geelong for the Headspace Barwon Fund.

Tony McManus Chairman - Headspace (Barwon) Peter Kavenagh 2014-09-02 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary Banner Quiz

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Aug 26, 2014

Rotary Banner Quiz

Telsa organised a quiz based on the many banners the Club had received over the years. There were many different styles and types of banners which created plenty of discussion amongst members. The winner of the quiz was our newest member Jenna Quick. Congratulations Jenna.

Thank you to Telsa for sewing all the banners and running the quiz.

Rotary Banner Quiz Peter Kavenagh 2014-08-26 00:00:00Z 0

Warren Norton – “Club Visioning Process”

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Aug 19, 2014
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Warren provided a very succinct presentation regarding the new Rotary “Club Visioning Process”. By the number of questions it was very thought provoking and something for further discussion at Club level.

Below is an extract from the website which explains the process.

Extract from Website

The visioning process is designed to help a Rotary club create its own vision and to discover for itself the steps necessary to achieve that vision. The result is unique to each club because this is not a vision decided by the Rotary District or by Rotary International. The result is a vision designed and endorsed by the club’s own members.

Warren Norton – “Club Visioning Process” Peter Kavenagh 2014-08-19 00:00:00Z 0

Carol May “Days for Girls”

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Aug 12, 2014

Carol presented us with the background of the “Days for Girls” project and her involvement with a number of other  volunteers aiming to fulfil the goals of “Days for Girls”

Carol gave us a demonstration of making the kits and explained how we could either be involved as an independent group, or as part of an existing group of ladies supporting the project .

Days for Girls was founded in 2008, when Executive Director Celeste Mergens prepared to travel back to Kenya to continue working with orphanages and communities in the wake of great political and economic upset. One night she awoke with a burning question: “Have you asked what the girls are doing for feminine hygiene?” When she asked the assistant director of the orphanage she was working with,  the answer was shocking: “Nothing. They wait in their rooms.” 

Carol May “Days for Girls” Peter Kavenagh 2014-08-12 00:00:00Z 0

Guest Speakers – Ralph Menchise and Tessa Davies from Anam Cara House

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Aug 05, 2014

Anam Cara House assists people of all ages for respite care, short term care and end of life care.

It was established by Diane Wright when she saw that people preferred a home life environment to spend their last days.

However this was not possible in some homes due to expert care required and there is no respite for the carer. So due to the assistance of Father Dillon, Anam Cara House was established in the St Mary’s Parish House Geelong. Now five years later, Anam Cara House continues to providing broad-based, non-denominational care in a home environment.

The management consists of a board of 9 with Lloyd Gosling as chair. It has a small group of paid staff and approximately 80 volunteers who undergo special training in palliative care. 

The house not only caters for residents which are known as guests but also provides a place of respite for the families caring for a loved one.

We at the Rotary Club of Bayside Geelong also concur and as a result President Judy presented a cheque for $500 as a contribution towards  the marvellous work of Anam Cara.

Guest Speakers – Ralph Menchise and Tessa Davies from Anam Cara House Peter Kavenagh 2014-08-05 00:00:00Z 0

Dan Charles – Run To Better Days 2014

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Jul 29, 2014

Dan Charles spoke to us about the three week long venture called Run to Better Days 2014. This is a three week program based in Melbourne which aims to generate action towards the fight to end global poverty.

Over the three week period their team of young athletes will speak to schools, universities and community organisations about we, as members of an affluent society can do about the problem of extreme poverty. The “Run” aspect of the event involved a team of runners , running in a relay format, the entire 264 kilometres around Port Phillip Bay – in one day.

The Run To Better Days aims to :-

1. Raise $20,000 for both “The Malaria Foundation (AMF) and “Medecins Sans Frontieres “
Doctors Without Borders (DWB).

2. Challenge young people throughout Australia to consider that we as a developed nation
can and should do more for the world’s poorest people.

Dan Charles – Run To Better Days 2014 Peter Kavenagh 2014-07-29 00:00:00Z 0

Sarah Edwards - Salamanca Primary School - Philippines

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Jul 22, 2014
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<p>Sarah introduced us to Salamanca Primary School last year and gave us a brief introduction to the school again telling us where it was; the island of Negros which is a boat trip from Cebu one of the main cities in the Philippines. </p> <p>Sarah then pointed out that since then the principal had “passed away” from Hepatitis D.  Because her <em>field is virology she was able to reassure the community of the safety of continuing to keep the school</em> open as it was not a readily contagious disease.  She had some photos of the new school principal.</p> <p>Sarah had a photo of her along with our box of books and supplies that was sent last year and conveyed the absolute delight that staff expressed with its arrival.  Although delivering a volley ball without a volleyball net was an oversight. </p> <p>                      </p>

Sarah Edwards - Salamanca Primary School - Philippines Peter Kavenagh 2014-07-22 00:00:00Z 0

Geelong Food Bank – Helping Many People in Geelong Who Are Doing It Tough

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Jul 08, 2014

Our guest speaker Jonathon Clarke from the Geelong Food Bank gave an interesting presentation on the work of the Geelong Food Bank outlining the increase in demand on their ever stretched resources to satisfy their client needs. The Food Bank is currently supplying food to a number of welfare agencies as well as schools for those in need. The demand is forever increasing with their biggest issues being funding and warehouse space for the food received for distribution.

Jonathon moved to Geelong from Melbourne over 4 years ago, and was involved in public awareness campaigns and marketing.

Did you know that 85,000 meals are provided each day in Melbourne, for those that are homeless and hungry. Unlike Melbourne, the situation in Geelong is underground and is not visible unless you have a discerning eye.

With these qualifications Jonathon is more than qualified to take on the Geelong Food Bank. The Food Bank began through providing breakfast meals for school students. Jonathon  set up a breakfast program at Whittington Primary School. Now the program provides a 2 course meal for breakfast, fruit for morning tea, a 3 course meal for lunch and the students are then given vouchers so they can be given food to take home for tea. Apart from the breakfast program at schools Jonathon also provides food at the Outpost and sometimes cooks there as well. The Outpost is now at the Geelong Bus Terminal. People are seated on café style seating and many are outside waiting for meals. Unfortunately, there are no cooking facilities there so the food has to be cooked elsewhere and then brought in and reheated.

Geelong Food Bank – Helping Many People in Geelong Who Are Doing It Tough Peter Kavenagh 2014-07-08 00:00:00Z 0

Marriage Equality - Sharon Faulkner

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Jul 01, 2014

Telsa welcomed Sharon who is a former member of our club to talk about her personal experience with GLBT.

Sharon began her talk by introducing us to her family- good healthy boys all growing up within the family all doing things that children do.  Play, study, talk, sport and more.  Her main point and a chilling point was that our government will not let one of her children marry the person of their choice.  It was emotional.

Sharon went on to talk about one of her son’s “coming out” and letting her know the anguish that he had experienced and the realisation that if he chooses a partner who is of the same sex then he would not be able to marry that person.  There cannot be a marriage or a public recognition of that event.  Why? Because it is illegal to marry a person who is deemed to be of the same sex.

Sharon’s point was to highlight that one’s sexuality was not a choice, that it is something that is innate in a person

Sharon encouraged us all to approach our local Member for Parliament to express our support for equality in marriage.  She believes if enough people do that then it will influence or hasten the right of a person to select and marry the person of their choosing.

She also believes this is a basic Humanitarian Right.


Marriage Equality - Sharon Faulkner Peter Kavenagh 2014-07-01 00:00:00Z 0


Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Jun 24, 2014

Bayside Geelong Rotary Club’s recent Changeover dinner was fairly jumping with special awards!  Well done to all members for throwing your weight behind the many programs you’ve partaken of this year and thank you to DG Ken McInerney for the awards.

• 2013-14 PRESIDENTIAL CITATION for actively working to Engage Rotary, Change Lives

The club needed to participate in 3 categories of projects with at least 3 activities in each, by the end of March. We qualified with distinction by having 4 or more activities in each.


For setting strategic goals to Engage Rotary, Change Lives this year and in years to come. Goals needed to be placed on Club Central; explained, costed and manpower hours calculated. At least 15 were needed by the end of May and as we are a small club and do many activities and projects with 100% member assistance, it wasn’t an arduous task.


I wish to acknowledge the work done by all of our members, and I’ve attempted to make reference to that each week. But there’s one lady whose enthusiasm, commitment and devotion to all things Rotary, has really shone this year:

• She’s a delivery person for Bowelscan

• She has been on the Board for the Careers Expo for many years

• She’s involved with ‘Look Good, Feel Better’ – giving a helping hand and a morale

boost to cancer sufferers

• Through Nutrimetics she’s involved with the E3 group – Enlighten, Empower, Educate, very similar ideals to Rotary’s

• We all know how she loves to organise activities and fun times within Rotary, and she’s just done that with the very successful ladies membership drive last weekend

• She’s a PP, PHF and Five Avenues of Service Citation recipient

Jo said to me once “Other than family and work, Rotary’s my other love”.

She makes me feel very humble.

Telsa Stubna

BRAGGING RIGHTS Peter Kavenagh 2014-06-24 00:00:00Z 0

Club Assembly

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Jun 10, 2014

Club Assembly

President  Telsa  acknowledged  Dan’s  frequent  updates on the RI convention and encouragement for members of the club to attend (Thanks Dan) The Bayside Rotary Club  had  a  great  attendance  with  President  Telsa,  PE  Judy,  PP’s  Chris  and Dan plus Peter K and Jane attending. 

Everyone agreed it was an inspiring experience and come back very enthusiastic to move forward in the next Rotary year.    
“What  an  inspiring  time  I  had  at  the  Sydney  Convention.  The  Friendship  Hall  was   bursting with Rotary related exhibits, some of which I thought would be great for Bayside RC to consider.

I really enjoyed helping pack food parcels for the Indigenous communities they were going too and the overseas communities. Dozens of young people  whom  were  also  helping  just  wanted  to  ‘roll  their  sleeves’  and  get  the  job  done- truly inspiring. I did inquire about the possibility of our club being involved in a similar project. 

Some of the National costumes were awesome and I particularly found the information and the project goals of some organisations such as stop hunger now and days for girls particularly interesting and once again something Bayside RC could discuss  and  be  involved  in”

Club Assembly Peter Kavenagh 2014-06-10 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary International Convention in Sydney

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Jun 08, 2014
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Polio was the highlight at this year's Rotary convention in Sydney, Australia.

First there was the record-breaking climb across the  that raised enough money to protect 240,000 kids from polio. On 30 May, two days before the official opening of the convention, 340 participants ascended the bridge, eclipsing the record previously held by Oprah Winfrey for most climbers on the bridge. Waving 278 flags, they also broke the Guinness World Record for most flags flown on a bridge.

Then it was announced that the , Rotary's public awareness campaign for polio eradication, set a  for largest photo awareness campaign. More than 100,000 people from 170 countries have uploaded their photos, including Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Bill Gates, Archie Panjabi, Jackie Chan, and many more.

But the biggest news was the $101 million pledged to polio eradication. opened the convention on 1 June with a commitment from his government of $100 million to the PolioPlus campaign. Two days later, , executive vice chair of Chrome Group, announced a $1 million gift to The Rotary Foundation to help end polio.

Rotary International Convention in Sydney Peter Kavenagh 2014-06-08 00:00:00Z 0

Rotary International Convention in Sydney

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Jun 01, 2014


It all started with the first plenary session


Then the Premier of New South Wales said a few words of encouragement.  It was good to know that he thought enough of Rotary to provide free transport to all participants during the convention.

The Prime Minister then welcomed us and in recoginition of the contribution that Rotary has done for the eradication of Polio and to help complete the task he promised $100 Million Dollars.  This was an amazing surprise and humbling to think that Rotary committed to this project and are very close to achieving this goal.

See Our Photo Gallery

Rotary International Convention in Sydney Peter Kavenagh 2014-06-01 00:00:00Z 0

Australian Red Cross - Rachel Gleeson

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on May 27, 2014
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Chairman David introduced our guest Speaker for tonight Rachel Gleeson from the Australian Red Cross.

“This year is the Australian Red Cross century celebrations (1914-2014) and Rachel whom works within the area of community engagement informed us of the interesting history that this wonderful organisation is celebrating.

International Red Cross has been around for 150 years and was originally founded by a Swiss Banker in 1859.

The target of this organisation is to focus on the most vulnerable in our society and throughout the years although the organisations has new ways to help people it has the same motto of ‘people helping people’.

Starting with the horrors of war those many years ago the Australian Red Cross Branch started around World War 1 and in 1920 we saw the first Blood Transfusion service commence.

The three recognisable symbols that we see all around the world- the red cross, the red crescent and the red diamond unites and mobilizes the power of Humanity. Today such as the blood service we see the Australian Red Cross still involved in patient transport,

Telecross (a phone call a day to make sure your OK), and a leader in International Aid throughout the Asia Pacific area.

The Humanitarian is the quarterly magazine of the Australian Red Cross.

Rachel reminded us of the gift of giving blood and shared that 1 in 3 people will need a transfusion of a blood product- with the majority being due to Cancer followed by trauma.”

Thank you Rachel

Australian Red Cross - Rachel Gleeson Peter Kavenagh 2014-05-27 00:00:00Z 0

Youth Exchange Updates

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on May 13, 2014

President Telsa introduced our potential candidate for International outbound Youth Exchange Joe Kelly

Joe introduced himself to club members with a wonderful smile and welcoming manner – living in Highton and attending Belmont High School. Joe also works at a local café in the mornings and plays football with Sth Barwon. Supported by his Dad and sister Joe hopes to go to Switzerland if he is successful and on the weekend travelled to Halls Gap with Phil, Jo and Carlos for the selection weekend at district level.

President Telsa asked Carlos our inbound student from Germany to share his experience of Safari.

'Rock to Reef 2014’ started at in Bordertown with a Western Theme night which was great fun, next day the bus made its way to Coober Pedy where the group stayed underground and visited mine shafts. From here the bus travelled to the Centre where the group climbed Uluru and for Carlos a highlight. Next they travelled to Kings Canyon and then across to the Great Barrier Reef where they snorkelled and saw amazing fish and corals. Great Keppel Island was very relaxing with great food and beautiful scenery. The Gold Coast brought lots of fun at the famous Movie World and the beach was gorgeous. In Sydney the highlight was the meal at the revolving tower restaurant. From here they travelled back to Melbourne- 3 weeks of the best experience so far on his exchange!

Youth Exchange Updates Peter Kavenagh 2014-05-13 00:00:00Z 0

Richard Dove - GSE 2007 – Russia - Life After GSE

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on May 06, 2014

“Richard Dove is the Multicultural Liaison Officer of Melbourne West for the Victorian Police and has been in the Police force for over 24 years.

Richard started his presentation with presentation of the many Banners that he had received whilst on the GSE trip in 2007 and this was kindly received by Pres Telsa and the club.

Richard shared stories of many kind people he met whilst away and how these great experiences introduced him to many cultural  practices that were held in high regard in Russia and Siberia which included the customary warm welcoming of guests with Vodka- this ice breaker seemed to be universal all around the country as was the custom of having ‘Sauna’s’.

This bitterly cold climate did not reflect the warmth of the many individuals and Rotarians that shared parts of their professional and family life with him. This experience left Richard with a great respect and understanding of the life and culture in the cities that they stayed. 

Richard now in his work is the first contact to large migrant groups, refugees, asylum seekers and other minority groups whom find themselves in Australia and his work is to smooth the transition of these peoples in many different ways that the Victorian Police Force would be involved. 

Since GSE Richard has worked on some great projects including “Us Karen” which is a book that was launched and has been very successful. Richard’s work continues with this community but he also has been able to focus on his love of writing and was a winner in a Poetry competition and went to the South of France on a writer’s tour. Richard recited his winning poem to us all and we all agreed it was a fabulous poem.” 

Chairman Jo Thanked Richard for such an entertaining presentation.

Richard Dove - GSE 2007 – Russia - Life After GSE Peter Kavenagh 2014-05-06 00:00:00Z 0

A Visit to Belmont Library - Anne Stewart

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Apr 29, 2014
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The RC of Bayside enjoyed a vocational night with a visit to Belmont Library.  We all met at 7 pm and had a warm welcome from Anne Stewart whom hosted our visit and started with a wonderful information session. 

Anne started with the website that is available for all to access and informed us that at Belmont Library there were over 104 thousand members and around 1000 people come thru the Library doors on a daily basis. 

Free Wi- fi access to members is extremely popular as are the many other services using the net.

Anne explained to us the Geelong Library Systems ‘Reading the Future” goals from now to 2017. These include a focus on Literacy and by making the Library inclusive(longer opening hours- outside of business hours), Transforming the way the Library works by increasing skill and bridging technology from the past to the future (including the new Library complex in Geelong City). 

Many of the services are so popular including the Book Club kits, Home Library services, E- Membership, Internet searches for Library items from home computer/devices- with sms to notify when book ready, Collection highlights, In-Library activities and the Family History collection is very popular for researching family trees and history. 

The E – Membership allows huge access and download ability to e-books, audio books, magazines and newspapers like the Geelong Advertiser every Day!

We ended our visit with a comprehensive tour of the Belmont Library with lots of Questions answered by Anne.  Daryll thanked Anne and the club than went out for a Social Dinner.

A Visit to Belmont Library - Anne Stewart Peter Kavenagh 2014-04-29 00:00:00Z 0

South of the Border

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Apr 22, 2014

A meeting with a Difference

Rotary Club of Bayside Geelong go South of the Boarder!

President Telsa welcomed all attending members and guests Karen Quick, Pam Spiteri and Diane Webb.

A great night was held by all at the Taco Bill in Corio street Geelong as meals were prepared members socialised and spent time enjoying the fiesta surroundings. Jo presented Simon and John Spiteri with "choice" for their birthdays! 

A discussion was had on the Christ church community meals roster which will need more commitment from members whilst many will be away attending the Sydney Convention on the 2nd of June. 

A wonderful evening was had by all -full of friendship-fellowship and fun.


South of the Border Peter Kavenagh 2014-04-22 00:00:00Z 0

Convention and Committee

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Apr 15, 2014

Telsa spoke of the many presentations at conference in Bordertown.

 The Hieu Van Le Story.

Mr Hieu Van Le  (AO) Lieutenant Governor of South Australia and Chairman of the South Australian Multicultural and Ethnic Affairs Commission (SAMEAC)was inspirational.

Hieu Van Le arrived in Australia in 1977 as one of the “boat people” from Vietnam

Another Story
The Svalbard Global Seed Vault

Polio "Just this close"


Click more for more details


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Aquabox - Rotary Club of Eltham - Peter Roden

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Apr 08, 2014
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"Aquabox is a project of RC Eltham. About 240 distributed each year to disaster zones in Australia and overseas. Each has sufficient supplies of activated carbon filters and chlorine sterilising tablets to prepare about 1100 litres of potable water. The 80 litre contents are purified in about 90 minutes.


The boxes are back-filled with other supplies useful in an emergency: tools, rope, a blanket, mosquito net, crockery and cutlery.

There are two variants; the family-box has emergency supplies and the clinical box has extra water clarifying supplies. 

RC Eltham is now investigating the possibility of shipping Aquaboxes prior to disasters to various sites; this would allow for cheaper freight."

Aquabox - Rotary Club of Eltham - Peter Roden Peter Kavenagh 2014-04-08 00:00:00Z 0

Margaret Dunlop - Rotary Exchange Student

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Apr 01, 2014

Margaret spent one year in Bregenz Austria and described the rural area that she lived. Her host family introduced her to the many foods of which potatoes and Bread were large components. Margaret described the food as “Fantastic” 

Every day she would leave home at 6.30 to start her school day at 8am. 

Some of the many highlights were the chance to go skiing in the Austrian Alps, a visit to Vienna on ANZAC day, ‘Euro’ tour with other students and visiting the famous Disney Castle. 

Margaret shared that having had this experience has now opened up many opportunities for her including the potential to study overseas. 

At the moment even whilst studying her IB program at Kardinia International School she has found the travels have benefited her studies. 

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Committee Night

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Mar 18, 2014

The F Troop - Friendship, Fellowship, Fun and Membership - Jo White

- A flyer will come out to members this week for next meetings program.  This is also a great opportunity to invite any potential members, friends and partners.

- Simon is doing some research into the Barramundi Fish Farm for a potential visit.

Fundraising - John Spiteri

- Please check for your availability for upcoming BBQ’s

Youth - New Generation - Peter Hynes

- Promotion of all our Youth Programs will be organised through out the Geelong Secondary School system.

Vocational - Daryll Webb

- A visit is being confirmed to Belmont Library on the 29th of April but will be confirmed in the coming weeks. 


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Review Night

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Mar 11, 2014

President Telsa welcomed our guest tonight AG Tony Stewart (RC of Highton) whom spent some time discussing using the Avenue of Service goal tool to assist with identifying the club’s goals for the upcoming Rotary year.

This tool ensures that a balanced service effort by addressing at least one goal for each avenue of service.

AG Tony felt that this gave all members the opportunity to contribute and was happy to answer many of the questions that arose from this discussion.

President Telsa used the website visuals to show us all how this information would be entered and be reflected in our clubs profile.

AG Tony also discussed Literacy month which is March and the partnership between RI and other organisations to the “Dolly Parton Imagination Library”-which organises a sponsorship program that allows access to books to children whom are in circumstances where normally this would not happen.

AG Tony also discussed membership in Rotary and the many changes that this may bring in the future to keep many programs alive. Wonderful examples of this are the Christchurch Meals Program (under PP John Spiteri), RC of Ocean Grove’s Battery Program and the mentoring program which RC of Belmont and the Chamber of Commerce. All of these are fine examples of joining forces.

President Telsa thanked AG Tony and as a club we reviewed the past, current and future goals using the Avenue of Service tool summary. Much discussion was had as members all contributed to this vital planning and evaluating.

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Adelle Chenoweth - Volunteering in Africa

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Mar 04, 2014
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Chairman John Virgona introduced our guest Adelle Chenoweth to present her recent trip to South Africa.

Adelle spoke passionately about her time with the children whom were so welcoming and appreciative of the help from 20 Health Science students from Deakin University. 

Involvement included assisting with structuring lessons and offering suggestions in subjects such as sport. Adelle discussed the children’s diet which seemed to lack vegies and fruits but was very high in carbohydrates thus lacking basic nutritional requirements.

It seemed there was much that could be done with the children but it is always dependent of resources and teacher training. Adelle shared how rewarding it was to be able to provide guidance to the teachers and also help in the class room. Adelle thanked RC of Bayside Geelong for the financial donation.

Adelle and many others were able to “buy a plot of land” in Africa for $14.00 to assist the local population- for contribution and further information please go to

Chairman John Thanked Adelle for her informative presentation.

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Brian Burch Celebration

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Feb 25, 2014
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From all reports the night organised by our F Troop to acknowledge and celebrate Brian Burch’s incredible contribution to Rotary spanning decades was a fabulous night. It was hosted at by Jo and David White’s.

President Telsa presented Brian with a certificate of Appreciation and Recognition for his hard work, reliability and dedication to our Rotary club and Rotary International.

 A “snap shot” of President Telsa’s Presentation speech.

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Sarah Edwards - Elementary School, Salamanca, Toboso, Negros Occidental, The Philippine,s

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Feb 25, 2014
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‘Salamanca Elementary School in the Philippines.
Sarah discussed her connection to this isolated village where her mother lived before moving to Australia some 30 years ago.

Over this time Sara’s mother and the family have always supported family and others in the village with regular care packages! Sarah became interested in the small school and was shocked that many children do not go on to complete high school education in this area and many do not attend regularly the primary school campus.

Sara’s goal is to ensure that the children attending receive a ‘quality’ education starting with resources. With the help our club Sara was able to deliver a gift of sporting equipment and some stationary supplies when she visited.

The children and the teachers were overwhelmed with these donations badminton sets, volley balls, football etc.

Sarah passed on the thanks from the school and how much they appreciated the help.

The next project Sara is concentrating on will be books to ensure all the children have exposure to as much resource as possible and will pass on any details in the future.

A beautiful story and a wonderful school judging by the below picures



Sarah Edwards - Elementary School, Salamanca, Toboso, Negros Occidental, The Philippine,s Peter Kavenagh 2014-02-25 00:00:00Z 0

Committee Night

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Feb 18, 2014



-Working on confirming dates for our proposed Library visit-still to be confirmed but aiming for late April.

-A food back request has been received and we will invite all involved to come to a meeting to talk with us.



Shine on Awards on May 4th will be held at Kilmore and at this stage Daryll will be going with Michael but any interest in coming please see Daryll.



Fund Raising

-Discussion in respect to new home for the BBQ trailer- (Thankyou Robin), freezer, stock and potential working bee in the next few weeks. A shed will be purchased and discussion on access.

-Looking at buying a Marque which we will brand with Rotary- for wet weather events.

- Potential Car boot sale.




-The donation to The Highlands Foundation is going very well – thank you all for your contribution.

-Research is being done into “Aquabox”.(Rotary club of Eltham)

-Sophie will be reporting to the club soon.



Carlos’s 5 minutes

-Went Rock Climbing and will keep doing this- lot of fun!


-Swimming most weeks

-There are now 5 other German exchange students at school and he is really enjoying his German Language class as they get a big chance to help out other students.


Friendship/Fellowship- F Troop




-Thank you to Robin and too all this week for the preparations for the Float for "Pako Fiesta" this weekend. Jenna has made up a wonderful sign Post to put on the Float and we will all meet at the car park in front of “ Furniture for You” on Pakington street this Saturday morning at 8 am

- Plan for other F Troop events are being confirmed and members will be notified.

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Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Feb 11, 2014

President Telsa acknowledged the wonderful work Jo and Simon had been doing at organising meetings and planning for the Pako festa Float.

Peter Kavenagh updated us on Shelter Box- showing a couple of recent videos on the big screen and we were able to track prior Shelter box donations to see where in the world they went.

Murray MacDonald gave an impromptu talk about his trip to the USA/Canada and was very impressed by an educational initiative to assist students with learning difficulties, saying it could be a project we assist with if it comes to Australia.

ShelterBox Peter Kavenagh 2014-02-11 00:00:00Z 0


Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Feb 11, 2014


Sam Dunne and Jane Myers updated members on the project in which Bayside Rotary Club had generously donated monies towards.


Over 100 Health professionals trained in three regions of Mongolia and at this time the project continues under the supervision of in country Project Manager Andy Mayer with three hospitals now offering formalized Childbirth Education to pregnant women attending the hospital.

This vital work “Saves Lives, Saves Money and ensures women are exposed to critical education to impact on Mother/baby mortality and morbidity with in this third world health care system.

MATERNAL HEALTH TRAINING PROJECT MONGOLIA. Peter Kavenagh 2014-02-11 00:00:00Z 0

Martin Stow - MS Ambassador

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Jan 28, 2014
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Marilyn introduced our guest tonight Mr Martin Stow whom is a MS Ambassador, Rotarian with Geelong Central Breakfast Club and a MS patient. Martin spent many years working as a “Bobbie” (Policeman) in England before coming to Australia but over the last few years has been busy with Presentations and his own on line Training Business.

MS- Australia

“Accept it, deal with it and get on with it”

Martin Stow - MS Ambassador Peter Kavenagh 2014-01-28 00:00:00Z 0

Committee Night

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Jan 21, 2014
<p>Once again our committees were hard at work planning and implementing actions for this Rotary year</p> <h3>Foundation </h3> <p>Adele is currently in Africa doing her volunteering and will report to the club soon.  Centurion and water project are underconsideration.</p> <h3> New Generations</h3> <p>Looking at National Youth Science Forum, RAKE and continuing with Youth Exchange.  </p> <h3>Fundraising</h3> <p>A really busy BBQ schedule and a few other "irons in the fire"</p> <h3>Membership</h3> <p>A Pako Festa Float is being organised a Bollard walk and a Progressive Dinner all for Fun Friendship and Fellowship.</p> <p></p> <p> </p>
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Welcome to the New Year of Rotary

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Jan 14, 2014
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A very successful social evening was had by all at Irish Murphy's

 A number of huddles and conversations were had not only in catching up on what each person had done over the Christmas break but also planning for the coming Rotary year.

Congratulations to Holly Vanderpol for being the Dux of Geelong High School

Congratulations also to Jo White for her nomination for AG for District Membership

Welcome to the New Year of Rotary Peter Kavenagh 2014-01-14 00:00:00Z 0

COGG Catering Event

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Dec 13, 2013
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Hello friends, relations, partners, ex-members & Paul Harris Fellows,

By now you may know that Bayside Rotary had another very successful fundraising event in catering for CoGG's Xmas party on Friday night.

The lead-up and preparation involved is no mean feat and the club wishes to once again express it's thanks for your selfless generosity in helping either on the night, and/or on the Thursday night at Oberon High School.

It really does help to ease the pressure of what would otherwise be a very tiring job.

We love having you along to help out and to enjoy your company, as we all work to raise funds to help the less fortunate.

May you all have a merry Xmas with friends and families, happy knowing that you've put 'service above self'' once again.

Kind regards, on behalf of Bayside Geelong Rotary Club,

President Telsa Stubna


COGG Catering Event Peter Kavenagh 2013-12-13 00:00:00Z 0

Peace Scholar - Inspector Charles Allen

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Nov 26, 2013

A great night was held by all members attending the Rotary Club of Geelong East’s celebration of The Rotary Foundation Month with featured speaker Rotary Peace Scholar Inspector Charles Allen is a Police Service Area Manager of Greater Dandenong.

His responsibilities include the management of 218 serving police within his area, and overseeing of the social and cultural challenges of the most multicultural area in Victoria with its 156 different ethnic and religious groups. Inspector Allen spoke on the subject of Peace and Conflict resolution within the Greater Dandenong area and shared experiences arising from him having being awarded a Rotary Peace Fellowship. This Fellowship gave Inspector Allen exposure to both advanced theory and practical experience in urban, national and international peace issues and conflict resolution. Inspector Allen is very passionate about his job and is a worthy recipient of the Rotary Peace Fellowship. He also demonstrated how he has used this knowledge and experience in his current role as well as kept in touch with Peace Fellowship Alumni to continue to exchange ideas.

It was great to share the evening with our new friend Henry Fitzell, ex Williamstown Rotary Club, who attended our meeting the week before.

-Geelong East generously allowed us to sell tickets for Adele Chenoweth's African cause and we raised $114. Keep your fingers crossed for the 1st December draw.

Peace Scholar - Inspector Charles Allen Peter Kavenagh 2013-11-26 00:00:00Z 0

Committee Night

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Nov 19, 2013

Again the committees have been hard at work.  we are again considering the Christmas Family Appeal for a large family and all members are requested to contribute

Western Heights College have requested support with a Literacy Award.

An entry in Pako fest this year sounds exciting with an international flavour.

Christmas at the Boat Shed - Dinner and Dance something to look forward to.

 The club has a new exchange student and Carlos was welcomed to the club.

Lots of fundraising in the run up to Christmas.

For more information click

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Trailer Night

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Nov 12, 2013

Thank you to Brian for offering his home to be able  to attend to the BBQ trailer and to Jo for organising the Pizza

The Trailer received a massive clean up by a couple of men with their Gerni with by far a much larger group of men giving directions. 

Anyway the result was a clean trailer and some male bonding. After which pizza was enjoyed by all members. 


Trailer Night Peter Kavenagh 2013-11-12 00:00:00Z 0

Guyfaux Night at Brian Burch's

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Nov 05, 2013
It was a great night and a very big thank you to Brian Burch for all the work he did in getting the area ready for us all.

The F Troop (love the new name and will have to send to DG Ken). You are great and love you all to bits, thanks for the salads and all the support!!

Would also like to say thank you to John Virgona for being there early to start the BBQ, we do appreciate you John!

I mentioned to John before everyone arrived that we couldn’t have done it without them and his comment was, “well we are all part of the club”……

What a great attitude, that is why, we, Bayside, is so fantastic. How fortunate are we to be part of this wonderful team of people.

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Genevieve Stout - The Living Years

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Oct 29, 2013

Genevieve Stout author of the ‘The Living Years And Me’ series of books is passionate about the importance of documenting family information after the death of a dear friend.

The benefits of documenting information eases the burden of coping with loss and opens up lines of communication and cherished information.  It is in place for future generations to reflect on also.

The Living Years was written to make it easy for people to document information about themselves with prompts throughout the book and often it is the simple information about a person that is neglected but also important to gain the full picture of that person.

Genevieve handed out a few questions for us to answer- what is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you?- with many members sharing their answers. Genevieve brought her books for everyone to see and you are able to contact her via the web or 0400 647 771.

Genevieve Stout - The Living Years Peter Kavenagh 2013-10-29 00:00:00Z 0

Sad News - Igor Lorget

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Oct 28, 2013

Dan announced that one Rotary Exchange Student Igor Lorget from Slovenia, who was hosted by the Club 2002-3, had last week been killed in an air crash. His ultralight craft had hit power lines while on a photographic assignment.

He is remembered for his fruitful Australian exchange and his sense of humour.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family at this time. 

Sad News - Igor Lorget Peter Kavenagh 2013-10-28 00:00:00Z 0

Don Shields, RD9780 Insurance Officer and Risk Management Officer

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Oct 22, 2013

 This week's guest speaker was Don who is the Rotary District 9780  Insurance Officer and Risk Management Officer.  He gave us some words of advice on:-

Risk Management (RM)


Systematic process to assess, reduce, avoid and/or take account of risk of potential damage, injury or death associated with an activity.


Besides Health & Safety of all those involved RM protects the reputation of the Club and its attraction for new members. It protects Club Directors from litigation.


Always — RM must be ongoing and vital and be constantly reviewed to improve the process.


Project Organiser(s) and checked by a third person.


Rotary National Insurance Committee has template forms which may be used as-is if suitable or modified to a particular use.


On the Web: Rotary 9780 / Club Support / Insurance.

Is a summary of the prepaid insurances provided by District and notes a variety of Inclusions, limitations and exclusions. There are templates for a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) which should be prepared for EVERY event. ALL THE ANSWERS for ALL THE QUERIES are on the RD 9780 Web Site. 

Don Shields, RD9780 Insurance Officer and Risk Management Officer Peter Kavenagh 2013-10-22 00:00:00Z 0

CPR Refresher and Steven Yewell - Mayoral Candidate

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Oct 01, 2013

President Telsa with a kit from Ambulance Australia introduced the CPR Refresher course and with the help of a printed pillow case (of lungs and heart ect.) A CD assisted members to renew this vital skill as it went through the needed response and techniques.

President Telsa introduced our guest speaker Stephan Yewdall from Geelong West RC and shared with us his Rotary journey. What an amazing history and now a
candidate for Geelong Mayor. All members enjoyed Stephan’s eloquent talk. 

CPR Refresher and Steven Yewell - Mayoral Candidate Peter Kavenagh 2013-10-01 00:00:00Z 0

KWSOTH - Ken Wilks Spirit of the Heart

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Sep 30, 2013
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After months of preparation by the Vocational Service team of Daryll, Christine, Phil together with co-opted members Marilyn, Judy and Murray, the day had finally arrived. Seven nominees had been interviewed and had been invited to attend an afternoon tea to celebrate their nomination. The day of the Ken Wilks Spirit of the Heart Award had finally come.

There is a buzz of excitement and expectation as the nominees enter the auditorium with their invited guests. There are also representatives from the employee groups Encompass Community Services and St Laurence Community Services.

Daryll goes to every nominee and their guests and gives them all a warm welcome.

There is a video camera in place from Rotary Media to capture all the action operated by ADG Tony Stewart.

MC Philip Quick opens the proceedings with the Rotary Club of Bayside invocation. He then introduces President Telsa who welcomes everyone to the function as well as special guests ADG Tony Stewart, PDG Chris Sims, Peter Jurisic from St Laurence Community Services and Michele Butcher, Cara White and John Crawford from Encompass Community Services. President Telsa also acknowleged the generous sponsorship by the T.A.C.

Daryll gives an outline of the Ken Wilks Spirit of the Heart Award and begins with a quote from Anna Healey the guest speaker at the Southern Region Shine On Awards 2010. “Disability is the community’s inability to understand the capability of the individual.” He then spoke about the Award and the person it was named after none other than our very own Ken Wilks.

Daryll introduced the panel and a citation was read out for each of the nominees. Each nominee was asked to come forward and receive their certificate and have their photo taken with Ken Wilks.

A delicious afternoon tea of sandwiches, cakes, fruit and cheese platter together with tea and coffee followed.

Then it was time to announce the recipient of the Ken Wilks Spirit of the Heart Award but not before some words from last years recipient Kerryn McGlinchy. Kerryn told everyone that since the award she had found extra confidence in her job and the workplace atmosphere had been changed as a result.

The winner is Michael Chan nominated by St Laurence Community Services.

Michael was so overjoyed he was lost for words but thanked everyone for this opportunity just to be recognised.

Peter Jurisic was asked to come forward and accept the Perpetual Trophy on behalf of St Laurence Community Services.

Michael was asked to draw the raffle and three overjoyed winners were found.

Daryll presented some gifts to Phil as MC and to the presenters and thanked all the panel.

President Telsa closed the proceedings with closing remarks.

KWSOTH - Ken Wilks Spirit of the Heart Peter Kavenagh 2013-09-30 00:00:00Z 0

Footy Fever

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Sep 24, 2013
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Jo explained the activities for the night having the teams made up from the four tables –The Whittens, The Richards, The Abletts and The Colemans – each team selected a captain for the table and Umpires Judy and Murray and official Scorer Simon were introduced as the first quarter round of games began.

The team colour game saw the winner John S using science and lung capacity and scored the first quarter win for the Whittens.

The second quarter of Handball tested the skills of all and challenged the umpire’s decision making.

Half time break and a quick hydration check moved us into the third quarter of "celebrity heads" 

Scores were totalled as we moved into the final quarter of theme songs with some amazing renditions of football songs.

The tally on the scoreboard proved the Whittens the winners and the team of John S, David, Chris and Jane were presented with consumable medals.

Brian was also declared the winner of Barefoot Bowls and was given his long awaited trophy

Jo thanked her amazing team and shared the fun of organising the nights events and President Telsa also thanked the fun committee for such an entertaining night


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Committee Night

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Sep 17, 2013


Jo White - A letter was received from South Geelong Primary School regarding the presentation of the 2 ipads purchased by Bayside Rotary. Daryl advised Telsa will present the ipads this Friday afternoon.  An application form has been sent to the Ballarat South Rotary Club requesting 30 books relating to their annual raffle.


David Fisher - has contacted Adele regarding assistance to her fund raising venture. We will provide assistance on 12 October but at this time waiting confirmation from Adele, e.g. What facilities can Mitre 10 provide and what assistance Adele requires from Bayside Rotary.


John Spiteri - reminded everyone of the upcoming BBQ dates. Please refer the previous Bollard.  Relay for Life.  We will require assistance. Planning required for food and rosters. Spread over two days and one night shift. Assistance required for the Christ Church BBQ on 26 September. Have not yet heard back from ChristChurch.

New Gen

Peter Kavenagh - Youth Exchange – A student from overseas means being hosted by a family. Host families do not need to be part of the club. A decision does not need to be made until February/March 2014. RYLA will be held in October .Thank you card received from Shungu Inc.-Nash hoping to bring musicians to Geelong. Details on Shungu website.

Committee Night Peter Kavenagh 2013-09-17 00:00:00Z 0

A meeting with a Difference---run by our New Generation and Rotary Radio

Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Sep 10, 2013
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Jenna Quick explained that the format of the meeting was going to be a little different tonight and started with a healthy fines session.


Who is wearing Jeans and sneakers together tonight??????????

Who is a non – FACEBOOK user ???????

Chairman Jenna Quick then introduced our speakers Ron Cockell and AG Tony Stewart from


Ron said it was around 2 years ago since he was at Bayside Rotary Club introducing the concept of Rotary on Community Radio. Ron said it had come a long way since then and the program now runs once a month where he is joined by Tony and Cathy Ryan the First Tuesday of the Month.

A meeting with a Difference---run by our New Generation and Rotary Radio Peter Kavenagh 2013-09-10 00:00:00Z 0


Posted by Peter Kavenagh on Sep 03, 2013
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Chairman Chris introduced our Guest speaker Lisa Kingman from Timehelp

Lisa Kingman is the founder of Timehelp and has over 20 years experience helping businesses and community organisations develop strong and beneficial relationships. Lisa lives in Geelong with her two children and founded Timehelp in the Geelong region 10 years ago when she saw the need for volunteers in schools. Lisa is no stranger to Rotary having grown up in a Rotary Family.
Timehelp is Australia’s premier intergenerational volunteer program in schools. The mission is to connect two generations; young people and retirees for education, well-being and community benefits. Now in three states- Victoria, NSW and WA all funded by donation(different sources) and was started originally in Geelong from Alcoa funding. Lisa asked Isobel Bowls a current volunteer to talk about her experience as a volunteer with Timehelp. Isobel shared how fulfilling this was for her and how much she gained from the initial volunteer preparation and now the continual opportunity to work with children in many different ways

Learn about the impact this volunteering program has made-
For more information on volunteering-

TimeHelp Peter Kavenagh