Posted on Sep 26, 2017
After an earlier meeting with the Board DG Ray congratulated the Club for its involvement in projects within and outside Rotary.
RI Governor Ian Risley has directed that Rotary involve itself in sustainable projects; if every Rotarian in the world plants a tree this year 1.2m trees will be started. D9780 has 1,745 members and can plant that many — or more — trees to fulfil the goal.
Rotary has three major programs to foster international understanding:
  • Rotary Youth Exchange. Our district has sponsored approximately 20 students per year for 50 years — 1,000 students have seen Australia and taken home their new views and experiences.
  • Vocational Training Teams. One or two teams of about six to ten have been hosted here each year
  • Rotary Peace Scholarships. Each year students are supported at a University to study Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution. Presently we have a Rwandan student studying in Queensland. She will be at District Conference in April.
The success of a Club is no longer being measured by Attendance but with the Club’s engagement with the community. It is hoped that when this can be quantified each Club and District will be able to attract sponsors to assist.
District Conference in April at Mt Gambier will feature James Morrison musician extrordinaire.

Deidre Herbert — End Trachoma 2020

It is usual for DG’s partner to champion a project. Deidre Herbert’s project is End Trachoma 2020.
The WHO has a global goal to eliminate trachoma by 2020, and recommends all affected countries adopt a simple and effective strategy known as the SAFE strategy.
This incorporates: Surgery, Antibiotics, Facial cleanliness and Environment improvement. Australia is the only developed country to still have this problem which exists among the indigenous community.
The RC Melbourne has directed a large budget for personnel and transport to treat this problem.