Aileen chairperson for the night welcomed Telsa to talk about the Days for Girls Program.

Telsa said that the program began by Celeste Mergans in USA.
She found that in most African countries when most girls menstruate, they are shunned by their community and not attend school and they are not aware of the dangers to their health and wellbeing.

So, she designed a girls hygiene kit that can be used by teenage girls at the time of menstruation.
If is important that the kit contains material that is strong, and reusable once washed and uses very little water to clean. Over 2.5 million girls in 144 countries have benefited from the kit.
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It would be helpful if everyone could make it along to this evening, please.
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Each kit contains a shield, liners folded into 3, face washer, 3 pairs of knickers, soap and information sheets.

Each kit lasts for 3 years. Since using the kits school absenteeism has decreased to 3% from greater than 10%.

We have some of our members and friends of Rotary assist with the program.
Peter and Alaine Kavenagh, Bev Birch, Jan Berry, Diane Webb, Pam Spiteri on a regular monthly working meeting. However, the regular helpers are about 20 but usually only 7 or 8 attend the workshop as others sewing in their own time from home.
People bring their own sewing machines and overlookers. We need somewhere where we can store material and other goods for the program.

Each kit costs $10 to produce. All fabrics must be bright.
They must be washed, ironed, and dyed if the colours are too light.

The members then helped to pack a kit ready for distribution as per the photo.

Aileen presented Telsa with a gift thanking her for the presentation. President Jo said it was important that members know where the money we make is donated too and who we support, she also thanked Telsa.