Our Donate Life Day was very successful at the Waterfront Market on Sunday.
Thank you to Geelong Central Rotary Club for allowing us to set up an information table at their Sunday market and speak to the community about the importance of organ donation.
Ian Aranyosi brought along his Sprint Care dressed for Donate Life and it created a lot of interest from the public, and children enjoyed jumping in the seat and having mum’s and dad’s take photos.
It was a long but enjoyable day with Andrea & David Patterson also Grandson William. Telsa Stubna, Shirley Marendaz, Peter Kavenagh & Jo White helping Ian Aranyosi get his sprint car unloaded and set up ready to meet the people.
Speaking to people we found many were under the impression that they were a registered donor, but after a quick online check, finding out they were not, so were encouraged to register on the spot. I would suggest to everyone, confirm you are registered, and if you are not, simply go online to the Donate Life website  and register today, it’s a simple fix. 
Forty people signed up to become organ donors on Sunday, that’s a lot of lives that will  be saved.
Good Job Everyone!