Chris spoke about Polio Eradication, a global initiative of The Rotary Foundation (TRF).   When Paul Harris died in 1947 there was an inpouring of donations to TRF that enabled the international network to be developed and strengthened. At its peak the disease would paralyse or kill over half a million worldwide every year. it was decided by TRF that we must eradicate the disease by immunising every child until the virus has gone. Annual giving and the Centurion program (individual donations of $A100.00 per annum) are two ways Rotariansand Clubs can donate to this worthy cause.


Chris then explained the TRF model of District, Global and Packaged Grants, and the funding and types of projects for each classification. The new model known as the Future  Vision Plan will become effective on 1st July 2013. The aim is to target 80% of grants for long term, high impact , sustainable projects designed to increase ownership at club and district levels and enhance Rotary’s image in the global community. TRF has identified six areas of focus for the new grant structure that will continue to reflect the humanitarian and educational objectives of TRF mission. D9780 Clubs will need to become ‘qualified’ by attending District training seminars and completing a Memorandum of Understanding.  There is a detailed explanatory article, page 27 November issue of RDU.

Telsa thanked Chris and said she had listened to several dissertations about Rotary’s Foundation programs, by Chris, and that they have always been extremely informative, interesting and jam packed with new information.