Larissa thanked the club for allowing her to go to RYLA.

It was lifechanging. Now think more about different topics.
Each day had reflections on leadership and every reflection went back to the learning on the first day when they arrived at Kangaroobie and to RYLA.
She shared that they had a catch-up last week in Ballarat where they shared presentations that they had made to the Rotary clubs.
Each day began with a 7:45am breakfast and then seminars and activities throughout making it a full day.
She enjoyed the public speaking activity on the first night where she had 1 minute to speak on a chosen topic designed to learn about each other. Normally this would be a problem but now after RYLA she had gained so much confidence.
Having a camp mum and dad was a great thing and ensured that everyone mixed and got along together.
The RYLA dinner when Jo, Dan and Deb attended was another highlight. They had to do a talent act at the dinner with Wonderwall as a theme song. It showed the unmistakable bond that they had as a group.
There were 7 guys and 14 females which made an interesting group.
She found all leaders were approachable and available throughout the day.
Larissa said that she came back from RYLA motivated with tools and strategies to break down problems into small parts which made a daunting task possible.