Posted on Jun 26, 2018
Pres. Peter K.
Peter opened the meeting with a reference to the year being a Year of “Making A Difference”.
He welcomed the Guests: PDG Christopher Sims and Christine, AG Judy Beasley, PHF Jan McGowan, PHF Bev Burch, NYSF student Tom Broadman and Mum Coralie Nash, RIAC student Anthony Zanghi and his Dad, Ben. Peter K also welcomed past members and current members. Peter Hynes introduced his guests.
Judy toasted to RI as Assistant Governor and Past DG Christopher Sims responded to that toast.
Judy also presented to the club citations from Rotary International (See Below)
Peter K then Presented the Annual Report which can be viewed at this location. CLICK HERE  (It can take a while to download).
PHF recognition then followed.
First was a Sapphire for Jo White as Peter K said it was for all her work on the committees over the last 5 or so years.  She constantly looked after the club while looking after Club Membership and Public Relations and Fun and also Historian and Photos.
Second was a Sapphire for John Spiteri but as this was the second Sapphire for John, it is called a Double Sapphire. This was particularly for all his work with fundraising over the last 5 years.
Thirdly and most importantly a PHF was given to Judy Beasley.  Judy has been constantly supporting and directing a committee during all her time in the club but of late she has been President for a two year stint along with her current big role as Assistant Governor. Well done Judy
We also wish her well as the wife of District Governor Nominee Nominee Phil. We know that support is large. Phil is Nominee Nominee for a few days longer. (Yes double word)
Jo White gave a brief explanation about the Centurion process and the reasons for it and the benefits to the projects that that money supports. She then awarded those members who had contributed over $100 with some praise and a small gift of appreciation.
“The Year that was”.
Jo then produced a PowerPoint that reflected on the activities and events that Bayside had performed during the year.  This included lots of photos.
Jo’s PowerPoint on the last slide introduced the gathering to the fact that The Rotary Club of Bayside Geelong has been in existence for 21 years.  So it is having it’s 21st birthday.  Past Presidents who were present were introduced and photographed and then there was the cutting of the cake.  Of course there was the wonderful rendition of “Happy Birthday.”
New President
Lastly our MC Simon Empson called the AG Judy to induct our new president Peter Hynes. The badge of office, the collar, the theme banner and the Charter were ‘gladly’ handed over by the now immediate Past President Peter Kavenagh.
Peter’s Maiden speech
Peter Talked about how Polio is in its final stages and will be complete in as little as 5 or 10 years. Rotary will have to consider what major project or flagship it will follow up with.
New President Peter H talked about a rebirth of Rotary with some excitement of the direction it might take.  This can be new and exciting
 A good night was had by all