What a wonderful finish to 2015 we had on the night of December 15th at the Fyansford Hotel.
An intriguing Murder Mystery was staged in the form of a Wedding Reception, with the poor bride being murdered via a poisoned drink.
Luckily P.I. Camilla C. Lueless from the Clueless Detective Agency, was on hand to sift through all the facts and clues to eventually deduce the murderer as being none other than Finnigan Smalley, so called friend and business associate of the Bridegroom Lord Fenton Smythe-Williams.
It was great to see that all the guests dressed up to the occasion and acted out their parts brilliantly!!!!
A BIG thankyou to Jo and her FUN committee of Simon, Murray and Judy for organising the night.
Well done everyone!!!!!!
Upper Piddlington will never be the same!!!!