Posted on Sep 26, 2017
Father is visiting Australia having established contact with David Butler at St Bernard’s Parish in Belmont.
Together they have contrived a scheme suitable for a Rotary International project to provide a water supply to the village of Nabbunga in Uganda.
The proposed project is to use solar pumps to pump water through a 50mm pipe from a reliable well to Nabbunga which is on a hilltop.
This means pumping the water over 4 km laterally and upwards to a height of 330 metres.
Some of the pipes will be underground and most will be above the rocky ground that surrounds the village.
From Nabbunga water can later be provided by gravity feed for up to five other villages also.
As well as the piping required to traverse the distance, one more buffer tank and an end-of-trip storage tank must be built.
These will be 100 Cubic Metres and 50 Cubic Metres respectively.
The larger buffer tank can also be used to provide water to more villages by gravity feed in separate projects.
It is proposed that each water outlet will be provided with a small kiosk where the water is purchased by the villagers.
The scale of the project is estimated to cost $116,000.
Such a project is feasible using Australian fund raising, District grants and International grants.
It is proposed that a partnership agreement be established with the RC Kotera in Uganda to create the eligibility for International grants.
David Butler will continue to negotiate with Rotary to initiate the project.