Chairman Chris introduced our Guest speaker Lisa Kingman from Timehelp

Lisa Kingman is the founder of Timehelp and has over 20 years experience helping businesses and community organisations develop strong and beneficial relationships. Lisa lives in Geelong with her two children and founded Timehelp in the Geelong region 10 years ago when she saw the need for volunteers in schools. Lisa is no stranger to Rotary having grown up in a Rotary Family.
Timehelp is Australia’s premier intergenerational volunteer program in schools. The mission is to connect two generations; young people and retirees for education, well-being and community benefits. Now in three states- Victoria, NSW and WA all funded by donation(different sources) and was started originally in Geelong from Alcoa funding. Lisa asked Isobel Bowls a current volunteer to talk about her experience as a volunteer with Timehelp. Isobel shared how fulfilling this was for her and how much she gained from the initial volunteer preparation and now the continual opportunity to work with children in many different ways

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