In my want for 100% meeting I am claiming that for this meeting. It is 100% the two small execptions are the two health pro’s not appearing.  They not only have a good reason but also our thoughts go with them in their jobs.
Peter opened the meeting with some discussion around whether we have a motion on the books related to our donation.
Since there is no evidence of the same then a motion was moved to donate $2,000 to the cause.
See previous Bollards for information around sky hydrants.
We then talked about social media and its use along with Face book and how we can use it at this time.

Barwon Health

Judy then talked about the changes to an option for us with other clubs to apply for a one off grant for the
Barwon Health Foundation to use for equipment that might be able to be used for combating Covid19
Pres added that there was a need for bedside equipment like ventilators Personal Protective Equipment
(PPE) blood pressure thingys. Also they were talking about wellbeing activities.
At this point all discussion was interrupted by the arrival of Jane everyone very excited to see her! David
slipped in the back door with no video.

We moved on to how much to contribute with a view to our shrinking bank balance, with the final decision put at $500 and Carried.

Jane update

Up is only that she is still working in Qatar and hoping to return home in the next couple of months.
In answer to the question is Corvid19 an issue there simple answer was yes.

Whip around

A quick whip around on all families looking for all to be safe. A number of people from families around the

Conor’s report (Youth Exchange - Germany)

School life, progress and activities:

School has closed due to COVID-19 so I haven’t done much to do with school other than school work I have been given.
On the 15th of April, just before school is meant to go back after Easter holidays.
The German Government is going to decide whether to open schools when school is meant to be back or if they’re going to keep them closed.
I do hope they will open them so I can hang out with my mates again, but I do kind enjoy not waking up at 6:30am most weekdays.
I also think they may not open them because they don’t want to risk getting lots of kids infected.

Social activities and friends:

Well because of COVID-19 I haven’t done too much in the last few weeks.
I did get to hang out with my mates before we were recommended against meeting up with other people.
Also my host sister who was in Mexico for her exchange came back on the 26th of March instead of coming home in June/July.


Still unhappy that Europe Tour was cancelled as I would probably be in Italy or France right now, but I can see why.


I haven’t really had any highlights because it’s all been pretty boring in quarantine (or self-isolation), but my host family have taken us all on small hikes and walks and today we drove to a castle and I really enjoyed that.
We walked around it and went through the first gate but the second gate was closed so we couldn’t go further but I really enjoyed it.


The language has been difficult but I’m getting there slowly but surely

Daryll’s Dog

I am not sure if we have a new member but Daryll introduced us to his dog.
Yes a canine! Most of us thought the wine was a better option! (Sorry Daryll and don’t tell the Dog!)


Judy suggested themes each week. Lots of suggestions.
Some a little extreme but the idea will be take will be taken up.
Settled on a wine night on Friday


A letter of thanks for our donation last year.


Upgraded so we can have long meetings


Judy suggested that Bunnings have compensated a club so we should follow up

Wine o’clock

Friday at 4:30 (we think every Friday)
BYO Joke
BYO wine
BYO Happiness (Did I put happiness after the wine)
Meeting closed after much more social discussion