Posted on Feb 28, 2017
Chairman Judy Beasley introduced Sue Swan to talk about Geelong Mums.
Geelong Mums started in 2014 modelling its service on that of St Kilda Mums.
Another offshoot is Eureka Mums in Ballarat.
It was initiated by Kate Kent. Its role is to collect essential materials for babies and toddlers from individual donors and to prepare the items in packs that are then distributed by social service agencies in Geelong and in the region to disadvantaged families.
In 2014 they provided goods to 370 families. In 2015 — 900 families. And in 2016 —3000 families.
This exponential growth is continuing in 2017. There are now 450 volunteers associated with the service including those that check nursery items for safety and some who repair items before they are shipped out.
Donations received are used to purchase new items especially baby cots & mattresses that are difficult to source because many older versions are deemed unsafe.
Items collected for use and reuse include:
Nursery Equipment and Clothes
Child clothing up to 16 years.
Books and Toys especially for babies and toddlers.
It is the goal of Geelong Mums to provide new or as-new items to help uplift the recipients who do not see many high quality goods.
Sue fielded questions from Simon and others.
Judy B. Thanked Sue for her presentation.