Posted on Jul 11, 2017
The speakers came in tandem they were Dr Karen White who elaborated on
  • Strive 2 Strive is an exercise program to encourage cancer survivors to ‘get back into life’.
  • The provided venue is free, private and comfortable to clients.
  • It is a 12-week program two days per week.
  • One day each week is exercise under individually-guided supervision and the appearance of a guest speaker.
  • The second day each week is a social meeting at a coffee shop preceded by a a long walk together.
  • Recently Program #25 started with 17 persons.
  • There have been 300+ graduates, 2/3 of whom CONTINUE TO EXERCISE.
  • Donations to Thrive 2 Thrive are now tax deductible.
  • Seed money for the program was provided by GMHBA. Other Corporates have made donations in cash or in-kind.
  • Cost of the program is about $7,000 per 12 weeks.
The next speaker was  Angela McDonald. She is a cancer survivor and joined the program in 2012 as a participant and afterwards as an officeholder.
  • Angela recognised that the program relieved the ‘weak and tired’ feelings’ after therapy.
  • That the exercise program matches the ability and intent profiles of the patient/client.
  • This leads to a heightened confidence-to-cope for each client.
  • An enhanced social interaction and fulfilment for each client is developed by sharing his/her story with others who have shared his/her journey.
  • Angela now walks and RUNS regularly to maintain her exercise regime.