Posted on Mar 13, 2018

Geelong Rainbow Inc. is an umbrella group for groups in the LGBTIQ community
Group formed in January 2017; much of 2017 taken up with the marriage equality debate and plebiscite.
Thank you RC Bayside for your assistance at the BBQueer at the Geelong Queer Festival recently
Funds from the BBQ will be used for a Safe Spaces project where businesses (principally) will be encouraged to provide a safe space in times of crisis — similar concept to the Safe Schools project.
Geelong Rainbow Inc. and its associated groups provide counselling, meet-up groups and social opportunities for those who openly recognise their sexuality AND for those who are struggling to recognise their sexuality, gender and communication with their families and the community.
They also provide support groups for the families of those associated with the LGBTIQ community.
Andrew accepted a cheque from RC Bayside; proceeds from the BBQueer and a small donation.