Simon comes from a naval family with many members serving in blue.
He was born in Malta while his father was posted there on HMS Forth.
Many years later he served on HMS Defiance — a ship renamed from HMS Forth.
Simon served in the British Navy 1973-1982 and emigrated to Australia and transferred to the Australian Navy to serve 1982-85.
In the UK his rank was Sr. Petty Officer and worked as a Weapons Officer using his technology and computer skills to launch missiles and hide from the population in Scotland.
In Australia he had similar roles and used his electronic skills to survey the seabed around Australia and New Zealand.
No doubt his maps are still being used by our Collins submarines when they go to sea!
Simon has lived mostly in the Geelong region in Australia and transferred to civilian employment to IT, IT Security and IT Risk Management roles at various companies in Australia — mainly financial institutions and banks.
He spent many years in Scouts as a Leader while his children were involved in the movement.
Later he joined Rotary in Bendigo before transferring to our Bayside RC of Geelong.