President Telsa welcomed our guest tonight AG Tony Stewart (RC of Highton) whom spent some time discussing using the Avenue of Service goal tool to assist with identifying the club’s goals for the upcoming Rotary year.

This tool ensures that a balanced service effort by addressing at least one goal for each avenue of service.

AG Tony felt that this gave all members the opportunity to contribute and was happy to answer many of the questions that arose from this discussion.

President Telsa used the website visuals to show us all how this information would be entered and be reflected in our clubs profile.

AG Tony also discussed Literacy month which is March and the partnership between RI and other organisations to the “Dolly Parton Imagination Library”-which organises a sponsorship program that allows access to books to children whom are in circumstances where normally this would not happen.

AG Tony also discussed membership in Rotary and the many changes that this may bring in the future to keep many programs alive. Wonderful examples of this are the Christchurch Meals Program (under PP John Spiteri), RC of Ocean Grove’s Battery Program and the mentoring program which RC of Belmont and the Chamber of Commerce. All of these are fine examples of joining forces.

President Telsa thanked AG Tony and as a club we reviewed the past, current and future goals using the Avenue of Service tool summary. Much discussion was had as members all contributed to this vital planning and evaluating.