Jo White informed us of her plans for Mexican dancing at our Hat Night, organised to raise awareness and funds for Rotary Health. At the 11th hour the dancers had to cancel so Jo had the unenviable task of arranging different entertainment. (I had expected that she would ‘lead the show’ with a few dance steps, but no!) We began by disintegrating and devouring a piñata, poor little fellow. Jo then presented a fascinating slide show of MUSA, a life size underwater gallery in the Bay of Mexico, featuring 400 steel and cement sculptures of people, buildings and cars, bolted to the sea floor and forming an artificial marine reef. With Jo’s usual passion, we were treated to ‘close ups’ of the individual models beautiful faces. The purpose of the reef is 2-fold in that it is a tourist attraction for divers, and it helps protect the fragile coral. Fish can safely swim within the structures and coral is regrowing as anticipated. Look it up online for more detail!