Our Christ Church Free BBQ for the needy was on Monday and work commenced at 3pm, thank you team for giving your time and making a difference to some less fortunate of our community.
We feed about 60 guests with many seconds and take-aways as well.
It felt good to be able to offer extras and not run out of supplies.
Jan, Ruth and Bayside members also ate, and we were each given a chocolate heart from Jan as thanks
Thank you to Dan for organising and PK for delivering and setting up the trailer.
Alaine stayed to butter the bread with helpers Ian, Judy E, BB, Daryl, Shirley and Telsa.
The salads and other food stuffs were delicious thanks to Ian, Daryl, Jo, Judy E and Telsa.
Cash was received for purchases from Andrea and Dan, thank you guys.
We now have a set of washable plastic cups and plenty of metal knives and forks, with special thanks to Ben White.