Samaritan House is the only dedicated shelter for homeless men in Geelong.
A successful model has been developed that provides an evening meal, shower facilities and a bed for the night.
The House thrives on mostly donated food and provides an address for job seekers as well as assistance in seeking a job.
The House has two houses.
One is the original 4-bed house that is used for clients starting work and sleeping overnight without supervision.
The main house has nine beds and is the activity hub for the work done for clients.
It is a goal of Samaritan House to find permanent housing for about two-thirds of the regular clients.
This is best achieved if employment can be found also.
The House works closely with service organisations, church groups, social welfare referees, DHS, the Department of Corrections and Centrelink.
The clients often have alcohol and drug issues. Some have acquired brain injury and mental health issues.
House rules prohibit the use of alcohol and drugs on site and smoking is permitted only outside the building.
A group of 70 volunteers principally from Church groups rotate through each week to cook, maintain the House and supervise the clients at night.
A generous benefactor is the Bisinella Family that has contributed to renovation work at the houses.