Posted on Aug 30, 2015
Due to the above cancellation the Farewell luncheon for the St John’s Choir Group from Zimbabwe on the 30th August became our official meeting for the week.
The farewell Luncheon was held at the Riverview BIG 4 caravan Park with pizza’s courtesy of Frank Iannuzzi’s “The Mobile Pizzaria” (Past Bayside Member and PHF).
Desserts were supplied by Bayside Members with more than enough choice for all.
The Choir sang 3 songs as a thank-you for Bayside’s support of their tour. It must have sounded impressive as the crowds came running from all areas of the caravan park.
Nicole Smilevski and Mark Furlan did a wonderful job of coordinating the Australian end and not to forget all Nash’s work at the Zimbabwe end to make it all happen.
Pres Judy thanked the group for the visit and cultural exchange. We will miss you all but may catch up again sometime.
Have a safe journey home to Harare.