Michael Palmer, Rotary Youth Exchange

Chairman Kaye introduced Michael Palmer, Bayside’s Rotary Youth Exchange 2001, who travelled to Sweden for the year.

Holly Vanderpol, National Youth Science Forum

Judy introduced Holly Vanderpol, Bayside’s NYSF candidate who went to Canberra in January this year 

Damien Martucci, Rotary Youth Leadership  Award

Damien Martucci, our soon-to-be graduate from RYLA introduced himself to our club 



Michael Palmer

Bayside’s Rotary Youth Exchange 2001,

He travelled to Sweden for the year.

•    He initially needed encouragement to become involved, but is now appreciative as he can see the many benefits and values learned by his exchange
•    Went from average C grade student to one who strives for 110% in life
•    Was out of comfort zone, which he says builds strong character
•    Stayed involved with Rotary on return & went to RYLA where he gained leadership skills and confidence
•    After finishing high school, did Law at Deakin Uni, quickly learned to work the system and achieved great results
•    Worked in retail as security guard and was able to put back into community with fundraising programs, having learned this importance through Rotary
•    Travelled overseas with Brooke, still had the travel bug from exchange days!
•    Articles at Melbourne Law firm but decided he didn’t want to continue with Law
•    Financial Ombudsmen Service, NFP Organisation to keep industry fair. Great cause and rewarding work using same values gained through Rotary involvement
•    Married Brooke, Swedish Host family attended – great bonds formed on exchange
•    Now at Barwon Medical Local, Govt. funded, proactive, connects health with local needs, improves health with preventative healthcare programs, Headspace youth program, after-hours care as alternative to hospital outpatients.

•    Go to  docgeelong.com.au  for info.


Holly Vanderpol

Bayside’s NYSF candidate

She went to Canberra in January this year. Holly said it was a great experience and they met some exciting and inspirational speakers.

Professors and scientists, Australian scientists are doing some great research and Holly’s fellow students helped inspire her to focus on education and to strive for the highest results.

She presented a slide show to explain some of her experiences and the places she visited, including the Art Gallery, Parliament House, A.N.U., Institute of Sport: Astrophysics area, freefall & earthquake experiences.

Holly thoroughly enjoyed her time, wants to stay involved with Rotary, and hopes to go into Medical Research in future.

She presented Pres.Peter with a gift and report, and thanked Judy for her continued support in difficult circumstances, offering her a gift and bouquet of flowers.

Judy wished her all the best in her future endeavours.


Damien Martucci

Our soon-to-be graduate from RYLA

He introduced himself to our club, saying he’d lived most of his life in Geelong.

He attended Kardinia College and enjoyed a cultural/educational trip to Thailand in year 9 where he visited some hill tribes.

In year 12 he decided on Cert.3 P.E., changed to Ballarat Uni for a 6 month course, then decided upon a traineeship. He is now with our very own Dan Furlan at Barwon Computer Solutions.

Damien is looking forward to the RYLA program, saying it will be beneficial to his life skills. We wish him good luck at RYLA and with his traineeship