Dr John also provided an update on Lese Oalai in PNG which is supported by our Rotary Club together with Rotary Club of Geelong and Torquay and now others in Australia.
Lese Oalai is in the gulf province of PNG and gets remarkably wet.
Lucy Loko whose family comes from there and is involved with their culture with a relation who is the supreme chieftain of the village and was the chief interpreter with the Fuzzy Wuzzy angels in WWII.
The school has no classrooms and most lesson are done under a tree.
It was established in mid-20th century and has no windows, supports have fallen and the community does not have the finance to rebuild.
They have 6 pit toilets to cater for 1000 children which is not enough and provides no privacy.
The project is replacing the pit toilets with composting toilets and an adequate water supply.
The Rotary club of Manly NSW and Taylor Bridge Qld have taken up the challenge.
He also spoke about a water project to bring water to the village and school with a cost of US$300000.
The classrooms are going to be in kit form by builders in PNG.
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