What is Regionalization?
Lesley answered the question for us.  It is about a restructure to better inform people what we do in the community.
How interesting it is that we all seem to be on the same page.
We all understand that people (the community) just don’t seem to get who we are. Ask the question who or what is Rotary and even today people will answer the question. It’s a men’s club for older wealthy business owners. It is not!
Although everyone will see a group of men and women of all different ages cooking sausages at Bunnings to raise funds for their community every weekend.  
It is a lot more. 
Look at this website.
   Look at Shelterbox
   Look at Days for Girls
   Look at our Annual Reports
   Look at the Stories Menu item
Lesley’s presentation was easy to follow, and most members had comment of agreement not too many questions, as all was explained well. Thank you, Lesley.
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