Posted on Apr 10, 2018
Emma spoke at the Club about her fundraising and planning to build a school for children from a slum area of Katmandu.
Emma had taken time-off from journalism in 2014 to work a volunteer.
This school had been started in 2002 and was run by a team of local volunteer teachers and was the subject of an article submitted at that time. Emma returned in 2015 after the destructive earthquake that wrecked the school and caused serious damage to Kathmandu.
Over the next three years she raised money in Australia and internationally to rebuild the school and re-establish the service it provided.
With the assistance of Crowd Funding, NGOs and fundraising through events in Australia the school reopened in May 2017.
Her fundraising of over thirty thousand Australian dollars was completed in November 2017.
The school provide free lessons and lunch for children 4 to 8 years-old to start them on the path of literacy and numeracy so they can attend a government school later.