RC of Bayside Geelong put forward 2 applicants with Lachlan being successful as was his brother Alex a few years ago.
Lachlan attended the NYSF in Canberra with 180 other students from predominately Australia, with some attendee also from Fiji, NZ and South Africa.
Some of the facilities visited in Canberra were the Lockheed Martin, NASA Deep probe network, Australian Academy of Science and the Australia War Memorial.
All major Australian Universities were also present and mounted cases as to why the students should choose their University for Tertiary Studies.
Lachlan’s brother Alex attended NYSF in Perth but the content was similar.
Lachlan was so enthused with NYSF that he will speak at school assemble and in classrooms about NYSF and encourage other students to apply in the following years.
Phil thanked Lachlan for his talk and help at recent Club BBQ’s.
Phil wished Lachlan all the best for Year 12 studies and hoped that NYSF has played some role in his future choice of career.