President Peter Hynes opened the meeting and after acknowledging the apologies of John Virgona, Judy Eyles and Leanne Zanghi, he  introduced Acting Senior Sargent Sean Drew who was our speaker for the meeting.
Sean briefly introduced himself as being a Human Source Controller for the Geelong area but it does include as far afield as Warrnambool.
Sean would like to start the John Birrell Award for the region.
This award system will be supported quite significantly by the police department.
He suggested a panel of 3 people who will then be the judges.
They would so the nomination process as well as the selection and processing of the nominee.
He gave the example of a previous winner of a similar award and described the qualities that she delivered and show. This included leadership and dedication, safety and Integrity among other qualities.
The recipient would need to show dedication to Road safety and a large appreciation of Road Trauma and the issues that victims would have.
They would also look at successful prosecutions and application to the position.
How well do they engage with their stakeholders.
He talked about the person taking development opportunities and particularly self-improvement. This would also include community involvement not to mention a strong work ethic
The person who this award was named after was
  • A Returned Soldier
  • A police Pathologist
  • A Police Surgeon related to Collisions (not accidents)
  • He raised awareness of the need for a 0.05 standard for drivers
  • And also pushed for the seatbelt laws in Victoria
This made him a very worthier person to have an award named after him.
As a part of the winnings would be a financial amount of money that would be donated to a charity of the recipients choice. The charity would be connected to road trauma somehow. e.g. driver training or SES or the like.
There would be a trophy of some sort for the recipient.
Recognition would be published on Facebook as well as any other option we have
President Peter then thanked Sean for his presentation.