Phil introduced our speaker for the evening Cameron Pike from Youth without Borders and more particularly to talk about the recent weeklong Spark Engineering Camp.
The camp was held over a week with the participants staying at Queens College near Melbourne University. Some of the programs that Youth without Borders hold are international. The mobile Library it runs is in Indonesia.
Another one is in Papua New Guinea.
The students on the camp were from marginal groups like Migrants or low income or out reach and students from non-traditional backgrounds.
There were 50 students this year but they hope to have up to 100 next year.
The camp had many and varied activites that were centered around and educational theme.
Every minutes of the 6 days and 5 nights was filled with entertaining and challenging and educational events.
They had group team building events presentations by the University staff and representatives from business.
They did basic engineering type exercises – Civil and economic and environmental.
This exercise was around earthquakes.
All to build an understanding of this field and to encourage enthusiasm and passion around the subject.
They did Mechanical and Aerospace issues and Mechatronics and Computer Science and Chemical Engineering eg OOBLECK experiment (green gooey Stuff)
Other fields covered in this week were commerce and management and entrepreneurship. Site visits to the Synchrotron and RMIT and the Cave at Monash university. Also “Wet” labs at Melbourne University.
Speakers covered “Mentor in a Minute but most particular there were PhD students with 3 Minute PhD (explaining their thesis in 3 minutes)
Cameron is of the opinion that there was a very real effect on the outlook of these students.
He also thanked the Rotary Club of Bayside Geelong for their generous support in making this event happen.