Welcome to members,

Welcome to New Gen Friends of Rotary Mark Furlan and Jenna Quick and Holly Vanderpol.

Welcome back to Phil Quick whom President Telsa re inducted back into the club after being away in Queensland last year, Phil was presented with Dinner badge. Holly was also presented with her dinner badge.

Dan Furlan was asked to introduce his son Mark whom was to be inducted as a New Gen Friend of Rotary tonight-

“Dan said that Marks introduction to Rotary started young as even as a young child he often came to meetings due to family circumstances at the time and grew up with the concept of what Rotary was all about.  

In 2009 Mark was nominated for International Youth Exchange and in 2010 spent a year in Canada. Since this time Mark has continued his involvement in some shape or form” President Telsa inducted Mark into our New Gen Friends of Rotary.

Committee night followed

Committee Reports:

Foundations Report-David Fisher

Half the members are contributing Centurion

A guest speaker is being organised for Late September –October

Our yellow pig awaits your 5 cent pieces


Vocational Report-Daryl Webb

Invites for the Ken Wilks Awards have gone out

A Request for funding has gone to TAC

Following up a Travel Voucher


New Generations-Peter Hynes

A letter has gone out to school to invite applicants for Canberra 2014

New Gen Friends will do the overnight stint at the Relay of Life BBQ with Brian supervising.

The September 10th meeting will be run by our New Gen Friends and also a Trivia night in November.


Membership/Fellowship – Jo White

Many things planned so check the club runner calendar


Fundraising –John Spiteri

Our goal is $30,000 this Rotary year.

A busy time coming up from October to December