DAYS FOR GIRLS: one of Bayside’s long-standing programs.
Over ten years or so, RCBG has produced 1552 kits for distribution to underprivileged communities around the globe.
At a value of $20/kit that would equal $31,040 going out into the world.
What is the value of a better education due to being able to attend school while menstruating, to help defuse the stigma and shame the girls often feel, to improve their health education and to develop their own sewing enterprises.
Kits take about 5 hours to complete, from sourcing the fabrics, buying, washing and ironing, cutting sewing and overlocking, more ironing, sorting, counting, packing, delivering or posting.
There’s also the on-line ordering or local purchasing of other items which go into the kits. I’m forever grateful for the help received from Rotarians and their partners, as well as members of the community.
Recently Australia pledged 16,500 kits to the World Vision Canada Refugee Project, to which we gave 100. This year they went to Burundi, last year to Somalia. Recently we sent 50 kits of 2000 pledged to the Carter Foundation for Timor Leste.
The Sago Network has sent 1300 kits to PNG this year and RCBG sent several hundred to PNG for The Loko Foundation, with Lucy Loko’s shipping container.
Previously we supplied hundreds of kits to Zambia, some of which I was able to deliver in person to the medical staff in the photos above.
This financial year DfG Australia has distributed 45,448 kits to the Oceania Region: Australia, PNG, Philippines, Timor Leste, Vanuatu, Fiji, Indonesia, and Tonga. Another 670 were purchased from DfG Enterprises in Kenya and Zimbabwe.
Worldwide, DfG is celebrating the fact that they have now distributed 3 million kits; a tremendous milestone!    
Thankyou for being a supporting part of this project.   Telsa Stubna, Team Leader.