Joe had an early start 4:30 a.m. to catch his flight at Tullamarine to his destination of Munich via Bangkok and Frankfurt. The luggage however did not turn up at Frankfurt so missed the connecting flight but received help at the airport and was able to catch the next flight.
Some of Joe’s memories about his exchange year were:
Dachau concentration camp with the human ovens and gas showers.
First day at school one of the students drove a tractor to school.
Youth Exchange friends are the best friends you can have as they are going through the same issues.
Rotary Europe Tour was a 3 week tour which covered many European countries.
Attended a 2 week camp which was run by Rotex’s (Ex Exchange Students)
Joe’s Rotary Club in Germany did not offer him much support, however his 2nd Host family looked after him really well and practically took the place of his Rotary Club.
Gibraltar was covered in monkeys. Was bitten by one who was looking for food.
Had 3 host families in total.
He managed to accumulate many Bags which filled the Volkswagen Transporter during his first move.
First Host Family vegetarian came as a shock. Grabbed a snitzel on the way home to survive.
Joe presented a Club Banner from his host Club to Pres. Judy.
Joe’s presentation was accompanied with a well put together PowerPoint presentation.