This week's guest speaker was Don who is the Rotary District 9780  Insurance Officer and Risk Management Officer.  He gave us some words of advice on:-

Risk Management (RM)


Systematic process to assess, reduce, avoid and/or take account of risk of potential damage, injury or death associated with an activity.


Besides Health & Safety of all those involved RM protects the reputation of the Club and its attraction for new members. It protects Club Directors from litigation.


Always — RM must be ongoing and vital and be constantly reviewed to improve the process.


Project Organiser(s) and checked by a third person.


Rotary National Insurance Committee has template forms which may be used as-is if suitable or modified to a particular use.


On the Web: Rotary 9780 / Club Support / Insurance.

Is a summary of the prepaid insurances provided by District and notes a variety of Inclusions, limitations and exclusions. There are templates for a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) which should be prepared for EVERY event. ALL THE ANSWERS for ALL THE QUERIES are on the RD 9780 Web Site.