I have heard it said, what is trachoma?

It is an infectious eye disease that is caused by the bacteria Chlamydia that can lead to blindness if untreated.
Australia is the only developed country in the world that it still exists, and it is so easily treated by
  1. Education campaigns like End Trachoma and
  2. Good hygiene, washing hands and faces regularly, using clean towels and face washers.
To help stop the spread, educating people why they shouldn’t be sharing these items.
So, when each member of the family has their own special bag it can make a difference
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Well, this will be my last weekly president’s massage and happy to report on the great evening we all had last Tuesday.
We were all kept very busy packing the family bags for End Trachoma.
Toothpaste, soap, deodorant, shampoo, face washers and hand towels, a plastic soap, toothbrush holder and a comb for both mum and dad, and then sets each for the children all together a beautifully hand sewn bags made by Telsa’s Days for Girls team.

What a fabulous project to support the End Trachoma program.
Thank you to friends of the club Barb and Philip Vallance and new friend Cath Murphy, plus members Andrea Patterson and Telsa Stubna that organized everything from planning, purchasing and being very patient with us as we put wrong things into wrong bags, but we got it, finally.
And thank you Judy Beasley, Daryll Webb, Judy Eyles, for helping to finalize the project. Well done to all concerned.
Wonderful to think we continue to give our support to eradicate this terrible disease and to share with all the importance of doing so for our indigenous communities.
Finally on the 11th September our packs will be delivered to the transport company in Bacchus Marsh ready for transporting to Katherine N.T.