Posted on Aug 28, 2018
Pres. Peter Hynes got the meeting rolling by welcoming Nash back to Bayside.
Nash then proceeded to give us an update on what he has been up to since leaving Australia a number of years ago.
He has started a Sports Management Company called Kyros Sports which seems to be doing well.
It is the largest in Zimbabwe.
It helps many Students with the last project looking after 64 Students on an excursion to South Africa and UK.
At a Grass roots level they are responsible for about 4000 kids and about 24 coaches.
Nash is the national manager for the U18 rugby team.
This team went to USA but alas Nash was unable to travel on this occasion
One of his Rugby 7’s Team went to Florida He is helping 12 year olds with gaining scholarships which can take them to South Africa and in fact one of these students has been recruited to Melbourne Storm.
He has been managing Exhibition Games with players that will probable travel to the next Olympic games.
He gets lots of Corporate support with his company as they are supporting the students of Zimbabwe.
As an example they have one of the largest if not the largest competition in the world with over 180 teams/clubs involved.
His goal is to have sustainable sport which will be turned into a profitable enterprise.
He has lots of support from the Government ministry of Sport Lots of the games he is involved in has live streaming viewing and he encourages you to look for these events.
He would like everyone to follow him on Facebook on Kyros Sports or his website
President Peter thanked Nash and offered him encouragement on behalf of all of us.