Ancestors migrated from Ireland 1842
Great Grandfather a goldminer in WA in 1897
Grand Father established a farm at Noorat in 1900
Father had farm in Gunnedah in NSW and then moved to Purrumbete 1943
Peter born in 1950 and was schooled in Camperdown and Ballarat SPC. Ero Ero Ero Rum
Has 2 sisters and a brother
After school dabbled as a farmer and a computer nerd studying at the Computer Power Business College and the Gordon
Married Alaine in 1975; he could not be rejected by the in-laws because he met them at the Altar.
Peter and Alaine have 2 children; Mark is a Psychologist and Luke works as a Data Scientist in New York/San Francisco
Peter spent 15 years in the IT department at CSIRO, 3 years at the Laboratory Animals Facility and the last two years as a Training Officer
He is now on long service leave and planning to travel — especially by TRAINS.