“ Jo acknowledged Nyasha for the inspiration and delight he has been to the Bayside Rotary Club and how all the members are sorry too see him go and when we orgnanised the gathering tonight we were not sure if it would be a celebration or a farewell and although the later it now seems only for a short while as Nyasha sorts out things to be able to return. Nyasha was than presented with a gift that was a little hard to break into ........an Akubra hat wrapped in the Aussie Flag (a big Thankyou to Jo for sourcing and obtaining this for Nyasha)This was presented by Jo to Nyasha and it fitted a treat and looked very handsome.

Nyasha then spoke of his time here, the enjoyment he has had and the friends he has made, plus Baysiders that seem to be a lot younger than what they are (Thanks Nyasha). Nyasha than spoke of the contact he has already made with the Rotary club of Harare (capital of Zimbabwe) to introduce some Youth programs to them and perhaps becoming a sister club with Bayside Rotary Club of Geelong. Although sorry to be leaving and having his studies interrupted their is more hope to his return in a few months.

It was a great night of Friendship and Fellowship and was enjoyed by everyone attending.”