Chairperson, John Virgona, introduced our very own Kaye to give us an up date on their travels to Europe

Holly Vanderpol - National Youth Science Forum candidate

Gladie-  Former French Exchange Student

3 Little Birds Market
Kaye spoke of their recent Eurpoean trip, ably assisted by comments from President Peter. She showed a PowerPoint of interesting photos from Paris and Denmark, explaining it was their 1st European trip. She was fascinated by the beauty and architecture of Paris; Peter loved the numerous and well photographed chimney pots. They were met in Denmark by Fred Jesperson Youth Exchange 2010-11, and his Mum Lennie. Hi-lights included:
 Legoland with it’s 64 million blocks, including models of Copenhagen, The Palace, a North Sea oil rig, a Scottish fishing village, trucks, aeroplanes and numerous others.
 Hans Christian Anderson library at the tourist centre
 Egeskov Castle built on tree stumps in water, for added security
 Historical Viking town of Jelling, with its Viking tombs
 Boat trip on a fjord in Copenhagen
Peter explained a little of the economy, saying the Danes pay 60% tax on wages but have free education and health services. It’s a beautifully maintained country and they loved sharing time with the Jesperson family, who extended the welcome to all Bayside members.
John Virgona thanked Kaye and Peter, adding that we look forward to the 2nd edition, re The Sweethearts musical tour.

Holly Vanderpol

Judy introduced Bayside’s National Youth Science Forum candidate, saying the program will run in Canberra in January. Holly is a Geelong High student who said she loves debating and all things science. She went to Ararat for the 1st stage of application and thanked us all for nominating and supporting her. Holly hopes to study Nuclear Science or Bio Medical Research.President.


 Peter asked Gladie to the lectern. She told of her vast Australian travels with her family, then her extended trip to Adelaide and surrounds. She’s loved being back in Australia catching up with us all again, and plans to return next year for a working holiday. On her return to France (this Sunday), she will be studying psychology at the Sorbonne for 4 years.

3 Little Birds Market

Murray MacDonald thanked all who attended the ‘3 Little Birds Market’ BBQ last Sunday, saying we made an excellent profit. Special thanks was extended to Brian and John V for all their preparation and to Peter K for the use of his business vehicle for towing the trailor.