Pres Judy then introduced our chairman for the evening Peter Kavenagh.
Peter stated that he is very committed to Youth Exchange which he believes is an awesome program. 
Worldwide 5,000 – 6,000 kids are experiencing Youth Exchange. What a great way it is to develop worldwide contacts from many countries and develop better relations between countries.
Peter then introduced Exchange Student Lena Tetaud and asked what can we learn from Lena ??
Lena lives in the city of Marmande with a population of approx. 17,000.
Marmande is located 35 km north-west of Agen, on the southern railway from Bordeaux to Sète A noted producer of tomatoes, a festival dedicated to tomatoes is held annually in July. It is also a wine producing area but not very renowned.
Gararock music festival is held every year and about 80,000 people attend.
Lena then showed a Powerpoint display of her mother’s house and her father’s house.
Lena’s hobbies are mostly music, she plays the saxophone and piano.
Lena’s sports are rowing, surfing and snow sking.
Lena attends a local regional school with 3,000 students and studies economics, science and music.
The Prime Minister is Manuel Valls and the President is Francois Hollande.
France has a population of 65 Million.
That concluded Lena’s presentation with many questions being asked by members present.
Lena then finished up with a recital of the French National Anthem with her saxophone. Well
done Lena !!!!!