Anthony talked about
  • Attending lots of meetings and seeing lots of variations on how the meeting is run and how the club does things.
  • There is a move to less formality.
  • Advised us on dealing with Corporate Affairs and advised if over $10,000 then an application to them might be required. Renewable every 3 years.
  • The need for a public officer
  • The concept of WHY Rotary and not WHAT Rotary.
  • A friendship exchange to India where polio can be highlighted as the success story of Rotary (almost).
  • Aiming for a net gain of members.
  • Some clubs are doing really well with member numbers.
  • Rotary Central.
  • Leadership is important. RLI is being revamped this year and will be scheduled for 2019.
  • We need to look at our bylaws and get them updated.
  • We need to think about Rotary Legislation and to understand that “we” can make changes.
  • Raffles. South Ballarat is fine but we need to be aware of legal issues when running raffles.
  • The South Ballarat raffle is two cars (CX5 and CX3)
  • Global Grants. He is going to look at dealing with the “How” on writing grants. The actual process is on My Rotary website.