This week we had guest speakers from Highton Rotary Club, David Sinclaire and Brenton Rudd). They provided information on a couple of unrelated projects that their club are involved in;

Disaster Aid International’s Sky Hydrant water purification project

We were given information on Highton Rotary’s efforts to get a concerted Geelong Rotary clubs project of the ground to purchase multiple filtration units (6) for $ 5000 each, fully installed by Disaster Aid Australia. They are working with the SkyJuice Foundation to bring safe, clean, drinking water to communities in many countries that need safe drinking water.
  • The SkyHydrant water purification unit produces safe drinking water without the need for power or chemicals
  • The SkyHydrant is a low cost, lightweight (16 kg) portable and easy to deploy in the field
  • Operating functions are simple and manual, with virtually no consumables
  • Safe water for less than $1 per person per year
  • Designed to produce water for 500-1000 people as stand alone unit, or can be configured for larger capacity.
  • A single unit can produce up to 1000 litres per hour.
  • Clean drinking water can be produced from the majority of non-saline surface and ground water.

Chef for a Month

The second presentation was “Chef for a month” program for kids which is a programme funded and facilitated by Highton club in conjunction with 6 local schools and the Gordon.
Two grade six students from each school attend a short course (4 afternoons).  The children are introduced to such things as good eating habits, hygiene and food handling, allergy awareness and group participation and cooking.