Posted on May 02, 2017
Jacqui was born in Geelong and teaches at Highton Primary School. Jacqui reluctantly joined Facebook about 12 months ago after pressure from her children.
She found there was a whole new world of people out there.
“Humans in Geelong” was set up to allow good news stories to be published on the internet.
Word soon spread and stories focussed on people taking action with aims to inspire.
They consist of a small group of people who receive and post stories on to their website and facebook page.
They have a following of over 5,000 people and have posted over 100 stories to date.
They have had an official launching and are holding an event later in the year to publicise their Facebook page and what they do.
They also have a volunteer photographer and by October 2017 would like to have published 150 stories and have 10,000 followers.
To fund the site and the forthcoming event they will seek community grants from Bendigo Bank and City of Greater Geelong.
They are currently looking for team members, especially writers.
The interest in the subject was demonstrated by the number of questions from the audience.
Chairman Judy thanked Jacqui for her interesting talk and presented her with a gift of appreciation for her presentation