Telsa welcomed Sharon who is a former member of our club to talk about her personal experience with GLBT.

Sharon began her talk by introducing us to her family- good healthy boys all growing up within the family all doing things that children do.  Play, study, talk, sport and more.  Her main point and a chilling point was that our government will not let one of her children marry the person of their choice.  It was emotional.

Sharon went on to talk about one of her son’s “coming out” and letting her know the anguish that he had experienced and the realisation that if he chooses a partner who is of the same sex then he would not be able to marry that person.  There cannot be a marriage or a public recognition of that event.  Why? Because it is illegal to marry a person who is deemed to be of the same sex.

Sharon’s point was to highlight that one’s sexuality was not a choice, that it is something that is innate in a person

Sharon encouraged us all to approach our local Member for Parliament to express our support for equality in marriage.  She believes if enough people do that then it will influence or hasten the right of a person to select and marry the person of their choosing.

She also believes this is a basic Humanitarian Right.