Our Raffle was drawn on Tuesday 1st December.  Thank you to everyone that supported it and help raise the money needed for our community projects.

The winners were:
1st Prize Winner: Simon Empson ticket # 98 - $250 voucher from Jewellery by Sergio
2nd Prize Winner: Lisa Davis ticket # 8 - $250 voucher from Chris Kelly Car Service
3rd Prize Winner: Brett Coleman ticket # 310 - 7piece Comforter Set
4th Prize Winner: David Schorback ticket # 180 - Jamie Durie Bamboo QS Sheet Set.
5th Prize Winner: Diane Lauder ticket # 373 - Handmade Children’s Quilt
6th Prize Winner: Ian Aranyosi ticket # 464 - 3piece Canningvale Towel Set
7th Prize Winner: Peter Hynes ticket # 393 - Kitchen Cannister Set
8th Prize Winner: Aileen Brown ticket # 215 - 12-piece Lustre Glasses set
9th Prize Winner: Willow Aranyosi ticket # 54 - Nail & beauty Set
10th Prize Winner Lauren Salajan ticket # 267 - Aerial 21inch Tennis Racquet

All winners will be notified by Raffle Link - The Monster Raffle raised $1653.75 well done everyone.