Pres Judy welcomed Jo White as Chairperson to begin the Nights entertainment. We were firstly separated into groups of four.
Simon asked some tricky General Knowledge questions and I must ask whether it was “fair to all concerned” as the winning score was four out of twenty, with Lena belatedly declaring that she had scored 5.
It was then declared a dead heat with both Dan and Lena scoring the chocolates.
We were then asked to form a circle with the first person choosing a travel destination with the letter “A”, the next person in line had to repeat the destination the first person had chosen and then choose a destination with the let “B” and so on. We made it to R for Russia.
After the exhaustion of the previous challenge we had to adjourn for a glass refill and some dessert.
Then for the final game the old pin the tail on the Donkey oops Easter Bunny, one from each team.
David Fisher man of hidden talents placed it perfectly to win the game.
The winning team was team 2 comprising John Spiteri, Judy Beasley, Dan Furlan and Deb Furlan.
Our reward more Easter Maltesers chocolates of course – as if we hadn’t eaten enough over the Easter weekend.
Oh well the diet will have to commence next week.
Thank you to Jo and her committee for organising a wonderful night of fun.