Lauren and Cassie aborted their holiday and hope of work in the UK, to follow a calling at Sienreap Village, 60 Kilometers from Phnom Phen, where their search for a coffee hit led them to starting a cafe, sourcing local coffee beans and providing work. Their profits help to educate local girls.

Hearts to Harmony is a Non-Government Organization (NGO) based in Siem Reap,Cambodia. Their aim is to enhance the lives of individuals in pursuit of studying and creating a healthy and safe environment for them.

They provide education scholarships from primary schooling through to university studies.

Their outreach program consists of regular health workshops, assistance with dental care, and monthly food packages to all our families in rural Siem Reap.



Programs Include:

Bicycle program of 1 bike per family

Food and Rice Program. After 6 months only rice is supplied. By then family is supplying own vegetables.

Philosophy is to give them a hand up not a handout. Set them up as a micro business so they can support themselves. No pensions in Cambodia.

Support “Days for Girls Project” in Cambodia “TNAI SAMRAP SREY”, Green Geckos Street Kids Project.

It is amazing what these 2 young ladies have been able to achieve.

PP Telsa thanked Lauren and Cassie for their presentation and presented them with a Rotary Gift 20 “Days for Girls” kits were also presented.

The Club’s older computer with carry case was also presented as it was still suitable for Word processing tasks.