As it was our committee’s night we formed into our committee groups for the rest of the evening for some planning and discussion for the 2015-16 year ahead.
Youth Services – Phil Quick
Lachlan Baensch was successful in his interview process and will attend NYSF
Inbound exchange student from France Lena Tetaud arrives Tuesday 28th July and hopefully will attend next week’s meeting.
Community & Vocational – Daryll Webb
Letter received from St Mary’s Football and Netball Club asking for support for a netball team that will be visiting Fiji on a Cultural Exchange.
Robert Van Zetten and daughter Rachel have requested support for a Cambodian Orphanage project that they are involved in.
A workplace visit to the new premises of FW Tile Town in Torquay Road Grovedale to be organised in the near future.
What’s new in your workplace to be continued into the new Rotary year with each member being invited to speak.
Membership, PR and Fun – Jo White
Some interesting facts from the recent Club Survey. Most members happy with the way the club is functioning.
DG Jan Cox’s visit on 4th August will be a footy theme night.
The club is open to accepting new members please contact us if you are interested. 0418882022