The Cofvid 19 virus has certainly caused incredible havoc in our society. This is our first "Zoom" meeting as a result of the advised separation or social distancing. 
Yes I have to admit that President Peter Hynes came to the meeting twice. Once for the video and a second time on a separate device for sound. Well done Peter for ingenuity.
The meeting started quite slowly with almost everyone attending. Only small hiccups.
We had an 86% attendance for this meeting with is the highest we have had in a long time but I am looking for a 100%
It was good to see so many turn up for the meeting and although new it seems that Zoom worked well the 40 minute limit was far too short.
Once the meeting started I was able to warn people of the short time slot so we considered the first item was to upgrade our Zoom access to be a longer time allocation.
So the first item considered was to get an upgrade to unlimited times for our future meetings. This was timely to consider as the “Zoom” people were offering a discount for Rotary clubs.
All approved and subsequent to the meeting this editor has upgraded the package!
The next item Telsa spoke to was the making of masks in response to a initiate from the Sunbury Rotary Club. This was considered to have too many difficulties at this time and since the action needed seems to be changing by the hour then it was considered prudent to not take it on at this time.

Telsa also talked to the Geelong International initiative to support the Disaster Aid Australia – Sky Hydrant program. Our club is committed to this program.  That commitment is $2,000.

Jo talked about contact. This is contact with other people who maybe alone. Obviously Isolated and doing what is required of them but the consequence of this Isolation is in fact Isolation. She mentioned that we as a club can do something and has asked that we bring this idea to the next meeting with a view to being constructive with Contact. We must not forget that we (Rotarians) are mostly in the age group that will be challenged by Covid19. What options do we have? How can we contribute?

President Peter H through me (His internet was letting him down!) wanted to mention that the Grant is running slow but still he hopes for some significant progress in the next month or two. More next week.
Meeting closed (quite suddenly when our time was up!)