Well as they say a change is as good as a holiday, so this week our 6.45pm mix & mingle prestart to our meeting, was replaced with a 9.30 am start at the Transfer Station in Druro St North Geelong, better known as The Tip.
We were all there bright and early including past member Robin Hunt, and friend of the club Bev Burch.
All in our very attractive, high vis jackets ready to meet our tour guide, Greg Price.
As Greg shared his knowledge with us you soon realize why they refer to the centre as a Transfer Station and not the tip anymore.
It is now really a sorting area for recycling that will be transferred to different companies for reuse.
Even when an old fridge arrives, most components are stripped and reused in some way, even down to the gas.
Did you know, there is a free recycling service at the tip, including cardboard, plastic, polystyrene, computer equipment, paint, televisions, BBQ cylinders, oil, household and mechanic, and old clothing to name a few.
I was very impressed with the recycling of clothing, as sometimes a piece of clothing isn’t good enough for the Opp shop but what do you do with it?
You soon realize there is something missing from what I remember from past visit, there is no smell.
Greg was speaking about the importance of cleaning your recycling plastics, washing out milk containers and foil meat tray, so there is no smell either in your household bin or at the Transferer Station = less flies and smell.
When people jump and say but that is wasting water, he had a simple answer for that as well, they are the last things you wash when you are doing the dishes, because there is always something that can’t go in the dishwasher.
We finished the tour in the Shop, as you do after any tour.
Worth a visit if you are looking for garden pots but bring cash no eftpos there.
Then over the road for very nice coffee and great eats at the Seasons Café, worth a visit is you haven’t been there.
Great to have Diane Webb join us for coffee after the tour, she is still on her crutches, and not quite ready for a 5k polio walk but doing very well.
The Seasons Café is part of the genU organisation and where we purchase our ready cut onions from each month for our BBQ, good friendly staff and the Italian vanilla slice was defiantly worth the calories.
I think everyone enjoyed the morning, thank you Telsa for putting this together, and good to see what Geelong is doing to reduce landfill, but as Greg said, it must be up to the individual to do his part.