Although very wet and windy the Bunnings BBQ went ahead as planned.
Not too many people around in the morning but the happy band of campers kept it all going well with a welcoming smile to those that did venture out.
I heard BB decided to go for a walk and fix the problem that is always there on a wet day, the gap between the to gazebos.
Coming back with his purchases of a roll of plastic and fixings, went to work to make it a dryer environment for all. I heard it worked well.
Then Aileen decided she had stood in water far too long, so another trip inside returning with a mat to stand on, well done team.
The sun came out in the afternoon and the PM team reported that it was slow but constant, but on a positive note, gave a little extra time for cleaning.
Not too sure that is a good idea Ian with shoulder surgery coming up again on Thursday, but I’m sure the next team will appreciate the shinning surfaces.