Posted on Feb 13, 2018

Tom Boardman

Tom recently returned from NYSF at Canberra and spoke of the highlights.
  • One of 200 students interested in STEM
  • Many exciting activities, exciting students with unusual hobbies, energetic supervisors and enlightening lecturers and tutors.
  • Welcoming lecture from Dr Brian Schmidt — Nobel Laureate for detecting Dark Matter.
  • Visited RAIJIN — Canberra’s Super Computer.
  • Lots of entertainments and fun
  • Confirmed his goal to study Engineering
  • Made many friends that he will cherish.

Johanna Fischer

Johanna is an Exchange Student from Germany and attends St Ignatius College at Drysdale.
She recently attended the District Mini-Safari and spoke of the contrasts between Germany and Australia.
  • On arrival the SIZE of Australia is difficult to appreciate. The many countries of Western Europe occupy a total space of about 60% of Australia.
  • Contrasting weather between countries; no freezing temperatures or snow here and 25 degrees plus in Germany is a heat wave.
  • Missing good Bread & Cheese. And Vegemite is NOT like Nutella!
  • Difficult to understand the jargon and slang despite a good knowledge of English. (e.g. Tea meaning Dinner)
  • School is different; no uniforms in Germany.
  • Strong emphasis on pastoral care in school here with continual encouragement to be a leader.
  • The mini safari was during the recent very hot weather and much emphasis was placed on water based activities; swimming, canoeing, boating.
  • Visited Warrnambool, Mt Gambier, Cape Bridgewater, Port Campbell, The Apostles and Loch Ard Gorge.
  • Many of the International students on the trip have agreed to attend a reunion later this year in Denmark (after they return).

Anthony Zanghi

Anthony was introduced and he expressed his desire to attend Rotary Adventures in Citizenship.
This is a trip to Canberra in May to observe the mechanisms of Parliamentary Government and meet some of the politicians involved.

Claire O’Callaghan

Claire was introduced by her sponsor Peter Hynes and he told of her opportunity to attend RYLA — Rotary Youth Leadership Award — in April this year.
Claire is a second-year Apprentice Joiner at TENON.