We were very fortunate this past week to have Lauren Salajan as our guest speaker with the topic of WHERE DO THE PROBLEMS START, referring to some of our young people at present.
Lauren is a Cyclical phycologist, and at present working with primary school aged children, 5-13 years of age.
Many questions and comments through Q&A time and it was obvious the passion that Lauren has for her work.
A delightful young mother of 2 herself, Lauren understands the daily balance of work and family.

Some of the issues these children have is Depression, Lake of Resilience, Obsessions and Suicidal Tendencies.

I can remember at that age all I was interested in was having fun feeling safe in my home and knowing I was loved.
What has happened?
Lauren runs information classes for the parents, covering the 3 things that are important to a child’s wellbeing.
Food Sleep & Exercise, those were the skills that we learnt from our parents, but in some cases, not so today it seems.
Another area of focus is screen time and phones that children have.
It should be one hour of Screen Time to One Hour of Green Time.
Where some children are involved in sport and other activities after school, some are not, and their time is spent on their phones.

The question was asked, what was the effects of lock down with these children.
Some good, some not so good as you would expect, as with us all.

The attitude of some children today is, I must be entertained, and I must be rewarded.
Some, have a good balance between those 3 simple things, but when you are a busy parent it becomes difficult.
Whose job is it to pass on these skills, Lauren and some retired schoolteacher in the room agreed that the school curriculum has become overcrowded.
So shouldn’t be at school, but some parents do not have the support or the skills that Lauren spoke about, and she is filling that gap for those people.

I feel it is a sad situation, have we got too busy to raise a family and give them the skills to go forward and pass on to the next generation.
Quite a thought-provoking topic.

Stay well!